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  1. What a beating of a week. My penny stock account is down 51% from its high on 2/10
  2. Yep. I would have been a seller today if I could trade it.
  3. I went through this with another OTC split. Schwab didn't get the name changed and I couldn't trade the first day after the split. Of course that one sank all day as I watched. So, looks like I'm holding TSNP/TSNPD/HUMBL
  4. Damn. Well, the fud worked on me. I'm always taking profits before i go down on a sinking ship.
  5. Well, that news seems like it sucks. Tried offloading it at .1 but ended up chasing it all the way down to .07
  6. Been invested in MVIS for a long time. The last few days have been wild. AH today was insane.
  7. Schwab is great for trading all types of stocks with no fees, but their app and web trading tools aren't very good. I make all trades through Schwab and use Webull for their charts. Webull works great for everything expect for OTC securities because the quotes are on a 15 minute delay. So it's a pain using Schwab for OTC charts. I'd love to see Schwab switch over to the ThinkorSwim interface.
  8. Tips on getting live quotes for these OTC stocks? It seems like the few places I've checked show delayed quotes.
  9. This batch was definitely a letdown. It didn't look or taste like Nomura. At least they let us know a day or two before the release. That was cool.
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