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  1. Not thrilled with the thought of Shaka trying to juggle playing time for 13 scholarship players next season
  2. 5 legit NBA players in the starting lineup. With the best shooter in Texas history coming off the bench. Man... what could have been
  3. Please stop with the back to back NIT champs bullshit. According to closet dweller Lunardi, we went fuckin dancing this year! https://www.burntorangenation.com/2020/3/18/21185605/texas-longhorns-ncaa-bracketology-joe-lunardi-first-four
  4. If you’re ordering a $12 margarita to-go you’re doing quarantine embarrassingly wrong
  5. Those god damned libruls hoaxed him so good he had to declare a state of emergency
  6. Wait, is this a librul hoax or a state of emergency?
  7. Firing the guy in the midst of a pandemic doesn’t seem like good PR
  8. Silver lining is ample pool/grill time next week. *checks weather* FUCK. Fuck this fucking virus and fuck Baylor
  9. Shaka owes COVID-19 a big thank you
  10. we have 3 healthy guards. Hepa and Baker available to come off the bench. we're gonna get creampied
  11. Downtown Austin is going to be a breeding ground over the next two weeks. The social distancing warnings will not be heard and kids will continue to party out of spite for all of the cancellations that are taking place. If I was a 60+ year old, I'd stay faaaaaarrrr the fuck away from 20 somethings for the next few months.
  12. Our testing numbers are going to be skewed to the point of uselessness if and when we ever get a testing system operational. I'm convinced hundreds of people in the U.S. have already died from this, with the cause of death being determined as the flu.
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