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  1. It will be structured as a business, yes. What I’m unsure of (and need to find out) is for example I sell $20k of timber and put all of it right back into the property. Which bracket does that fall under, and can that be offset by the “loss” of the expense of improvement?
  2. Quoted for truth. Doesn’t matter what happens. Ever. OU still sucks.
  3. Mine has a little spot in the back left corner, but I figure it will come around before long. Go blackstone. Do NOT go to lowes/home depot/wally/etc. The models they sell aren’t as good. Might be a 36” 4-burner, but the material quality is a bit less to curb cost. Similar to how samsung, etc make a cheaper version of tv for wally and the likes. Go to an Ace, or similar. Better yet, find the model you want on the blackstone site, then find somewhere that sells that model. Plan on using most of a tank to season. I got seasoned, and about 5 nights of cooking off the first tank. Maybe 3 weeks or a hair less off the second, but I also let it heat up and burn off each time after for 20–30min. I got the standard 36” with hood. It was $20 more at Ace over the big box stores, but the quality is better. The one I looked over at both lowes and home depot were not great. To the point I was reconsidering it all. Then did a quick google, found some info, went to Ace, and you can see how that went from the pics above. Used it about every night since, with the exception of the 2 nights a week I’m out. Part of me is thinking I should have got the enclosed cabinet. Not with the air fryer shit, but just enclosed with a couple drawers. Price difference wasn’t worth it ($400ish) but it would be nice if it were possible. Kind of kills portability. Not that a 36” is easily portable, but it could be if really needed. Little harder with it enclosed. Duck fat. Is it worth it? Fuck. Yes. I’ve done all kinds of shit on it. Check out the enchiladas in my pics from a month or so ago.
  4. Just so happens I’ve found a good forester, and have some good info. The most helpful thing I was told was for the first 12 months of ownership, don’t pull off any timber. Allegedly if you’ve owned the property less than a year, you would have to pay capital gains vice standard income.
  5. I’ll see if I can dig up some of my previous work from that. I think I have them somewhere still.
  6. Brent Venables fucked the Olsen twins… … before they were famous.
  7. I’ll look into a forester. That’s a good idea. The place I got hold of earlier deals in walnut and maple exclusively.
  8. Y’all nailed it. I just had to figure out the right type of place to call. Found a place that isn’t too far from the property, and got some very basic info. It doesn’t answer everything, but enough to move forward.
  9. I'm looking at moving farms. Current prop is 6 hours away, looking for something much closer, doing a 1031 exchange cause fuck taxes. One spot I'm looking at is completely undeveloped. It's at the top of my range, so doesn't leave much left from the initial budget to improve much (utilities are to the prop entrance, with first 600ft into the property being included by the utility companies. So if I burn up all the required capital, It'll be a bit longer before I can put a cabin on it. However, it does have a fuckton of black walnut trees scattered around the prop. I quit counting around 60, and saw a couple dozen more. And this was without going deeper into one of the bigger stands. These were just viewable from the edges. Prop is mostly open in the middle, surrounded by a large stand of trees to the east, north, and south. The trees I'm counting are all mature, at least 20" diameter (most are more), 60ft+ tall, and straight as can be. So my question, after trying to get an idea from the google machine, is this: What is a general, lower end, expectation per tree for selective cut timber from a lumber mill? I saw anywhere from $1200 - $15k per tree. My realtor noticed as well. We were talking about it too, and he seemed to think that a selective cut for the walnut would cover a pretty damn nice cabin. However my experience in dealing with that is pretty limited. You want me to work out farm/pasture rental deals, manage ponds/food plots/etc, I'm your guy. Timber value, not so much. Never been in a spot where that was a desired outcome. I know black walnut is a highly desirable species, thus the better price, but I really don't know much about it all. Not even enough to know if that is something to take into consideration, or even a possibility. Anyone know anything that can help?
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