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  1. Well that was a damn open finish right there. Wow.
  2. C'mon man, Bry just wanted to make sure his hat was disabled too! He wins, and that hat's now a personal trophy.
  3. I'd say the last thing you want in this situation is to be 1U with Rory right in front of you, and hearing the roar as he ties.
  4. Can’t see the hole, er forrest, for the trees.
  5. Going back and looking at the entire field, I just reaslized Fatrick didn't even qualify. Queue Fatz Domino...
  6. Looks like -2 is the best on the course, and in the house, for the time being.
  7. The way the head is in the pic, kinda makes it look wild. Almost AT-AT like. Neato.
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