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  1. Yes, that was awful. First they have to find out you’re leaving via ESPN. And then because it was all BS. “I just got the opportunity 24 hours ago.” So you switching agents to Jimmy Sexton, interviewing with Bama while you’re in Houston prepping for the NCG and Saban waiting to announce his retirement until a couple of days after said NCG was all just coincidental stuff that happened? This was already done. Sexton just used the two days to get his other guys raises. Clearly Deboer wasn’t a Boy Scout as the “leave it better than you found it” didn’t enter the equation. Other than Penix, the NFL dudes on that roster were already there and your recruiting was, shall we say, lackluster. Literally signed zero in-state players. Really looking to setup those relationships for the long-term, eh coach? You slammed the door on Grubb ever getting a chance because he was gonna have the same message you did and no one in that locker room was going to buy it. (And the previous experiences promoting assistants has not gone well at UW historically). Just say thanks for selling out, I’ve enjoyed my time here, good luck and be out. When 25% of the guys show up and those that did are tweeting “crocodile tears” after, I’d say your message didn’t quite land. Look, I get it, there’s probably only 7 places that don’t lose their HC to other CFB opportunities (UT, Bama, UGa, LSU, Mich, Ohio State and USC - I would have included ND and OU but recent history suggests otherwise). But the manner in which it happened sucks. But I’m not bitter… 😂 The sad part for CFB is that given the timing, UW has to be hoping Fisch is going to gut his UA roster (particularly Fifita and TMac) after he comes. Which sucks for that squad. Wonder if UA gives Grubb a look?
  2. Jennings isn’t perfect but he’s streets ahead of Bialik. She was awful.
  3. Glad to see Colby lose. That guy is a turd and that was an awful showing. thankfully Tony didn’t win so he’d get another fight. Dana can’t possibly give him another, can he? The fact that Paddy couldn’t put him away and gassed out so quickly isn’t good. shavkhat is a problem. Can’t wait to see him in the upcoming 12-24 months. He almost looked like he had too much respect for Wonderboy and didn’t want to hurt him. Would love to see him end Colby’s career. Emmett’s KO was perhaps the cleanest, most devastating one punch KOs I’ve ever seen. Felt like you could see dude’s brain slam against his skull. Royval just doesn’t have athleticism to get out of control. looked like he had windows to explode and escape but couldn’t do it. Strickland - I like in other vid you can see him politely ask Gilbert’s kid to move out of the way. And then proceeds to go over the row to get at Dricus. Crazy.
  4. So catheter is bad, but not the nightmare I was anticipating. The real nightmare is taking a dump with a catheter in….
  5. Home from my radical prostatectomy via Da Vinci robotic surgery. Long day. Glad to have the surgery behind me. Surgeon said it went really well and the nerves were clean and able preserve a great deal. So very happy about that. Sore right now and full of air (as usual…), so that’s uncomfortable. This catheter is gonna be a problem… Thanks all for your support and willingness to share your experiences. Although I’m on the other side of this Sugar Bowl matchup (I think I found Hornfans prior to 2001 Holiday Bowl, made the various jumps and make the Surl a regular stop, although I don’t post much) this community is amazing.
  6. No updates in a while so thought I’d check in to see how everyone is doing. We had a lot of encouraging updates the last round so hoping to read more of the same. My surgery is scheduled for Monday, so prep starts tomorrow.
  7. Seriously. Danielson is gonna need therapy if Bama holds on here
  8. Has Kiffin’s name been brought up here? His Egg Bowl post game gave me vibes that he’s gonzo.
  9. Yes. But he is not good. And he’s soft. I thought the comps were Josh Allen? 😂
  10. This is consistent with what first surgeon I met with told me. Low dose of viagra for a year to help get things to normal. Anyone have Da Vinci single port (SP) robotic surgery? First surgeon said that’s all he does now. Second surgeon said it was complicated and stayed with multi-port XI system. First MDs recovery times, and complication rates were impressive (if accurate).
  11. Glad to hear that. How are you feeling otherwise? Woohorn - let us know how you’re doing.
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