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  1. So a double dose of sooner tears? Get the narcan ready.
  2. Guess I better hold onto my pfizer shares a little longer. Maybe grab a few more.
  3. We slept they spacecraft.
  4. And it wasn’t because dickables didn’t want to run the score up, either. He couldn’t. Okie isn’t great, KU is worse. We’ll win, but you can’t sleep on either one of them, nor can you sleep on the rest of the schedule. That’s how you get upset. That being said, I’m sure the staff will handle things appropriately, and not let them slip.
  5. Lucky. Mine is 24/7, and it fucking sucks. Thanks Uncle Sam, and your damn canoe club.
  6. As somebody that was forced to use okta, I too am chuckling.
  7. Good, we'll send them back unranked. Seems kinda like the polls are doing their finest Lucy impression:
  8. And to top it off, the other side may read 70k, but note there is no dollar sign. Could be 70k fire ants.
  9. I’ve been debating on dropping a few services. Disney: don’t hardly watch. Caught up on mando, and the others, and only keep it around for the occasional SW itch. Peacock: Have that mainly for golf. Not much of that going on over there til after new years. Paramount: Was on the chopping block, but will hold off since they have a series coming up in a few weeks I want to watch. The showtime bump for $2 was a nice add, which helped. Couple shows there I missed last year. Pretty much, YTTV aside, I really only hit hulu, espn+, amazon, and max mostly. Definitely 2x/wk at minimum. The others, maybe once a month, if that. Once fubo or sling finally gets my local channels, I’ll potentially give them a shot.
  10. They should be celebrating the fact we drink pineapple juice.
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