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  1. IIRC they cut away when Daemon was giving the instructions, and one of the goons asked something about if they didn’t find Aemond. Something like that, anyway. Last night others implied to Daemon that they figured he didn’t care or said take the next heir. Which of course he adamantly denied when talking with Rhy before he stormed off.
  2. I have probably a dozen of those type. Some I’ll probably never fully get the shad scales out.
  3. thunderlounge


  4. If it has tits or tires… Same thought here.
  5. Tom seems like a good kid. Seems other players like him. Sad for him, but he did well against Scottie. He’s got a bright future. But hell yeah! #6
  6. Scottie sitting at -22, up by one and on 16. Kim one back, with Bhatia back 3, and not gonna happen. Haircut grew in a bit this week, Scottie’s back on point it seems.
  7. So this was my morning… Painting the bathroom this weekend. Didn’t get to bed til after 2 this morning. Wife was supposed to pick up her sister at 1030 this morning to run up to their mom’s place to help get ready to move. I planned on painting instead (good call.) Well, she goes out to the garage to have a smoke. Finishes, waits a second, dumps the ashtray and came in to take a shower. This was about 5 after 9. I really, really wanted to roll back over for another hour. Thankfully, I didn’t. I wandered into the kitchen towards the coffee pot. I thought I smelled smoke, figured she probably didn’t get the door from the garage shut tight. (New seal breaking in.) Open the door to flames about a foot under my yak, smoke so thick you couldn’t see. Thankfully I had a brush soaking in water from painting. I had already cleaned it, but wanted to soak it over night. Chucked the brush, dumped the 3/4 gallon of water on it, which knocked it back enough to grab the fire extinguisher, and finish it off. Called the fire dept to check for hot spots. Another 90 seconds and we would have lost everything, maybe our lives. So pissed I’m calm. Not bueno. Needless to say, fixing all that is now on her. I’m not touching it more than I have to. She’s learning a hard lesson, and it better got damn stick.
  8. Was probably part of the plan all along. I hear good things about Sicily.
  9. Head him off at the pass? I hate that cliché.
  10. Depending on how crowded your spectrum is, of course.
  11. Ain’t gonna lie, they did a good job for what it is.
  12. Guess Scottie's saved for the main feed this afternoon.
  13. Fuck Bob Evans. Their shit sucks aids-riddled cum through a straw. Who in the goddamn fuck puts plain, BROWN gravy over a biscuit and calls it biscuits and gravy? What. The. Fuck.
  14. Ok, so Max was 4’2”, not ~10ft. Drained it. Jordan rims the hole and lips out on his par save for another bogey.
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