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  1. dirtonia

    Below Deck

    Jenna is the worst, fo sho. Camp getaway as the fulgiest cast ever.
  2. Just ordered a Sig P365. Can’t wait to put a few down range!
  3. Check out the UT Extension program https://extension.utexas.edu. They prolly have a lot of the Business Foundations program on there.
  4. Let’s make some meth in it, bitch.
  5. Lol, a teacher is working at 7am, and in the evening?!?! Isn’t that cute. xoxo, Corporate America
  6. What model ya got? Been trying to get a 590 a1, but not a good time to be buying a home defense shotgun apparently...
  7. Mandatory PTO was announced for us yesterday. I have to take 10 PTO days by May 15th. Guess I just won’t feel bad about day drinking on those days. I’m sure I’ll still be on calls, because what the hell else am I going to do.
  8. Still getting hit up for live games in Austin... hard pass.
  9. Big milk got some of y’all bois by the balls.
  10. I think you got into an internet pissing match with some other cunt, and that is what people didn’t like. Carry on!
  11. dirtonia

    Below Deck

    The boat is cool, but the crew... smdh. Lametown.
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