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  1. I think he will do well there, especially if he gets some good assistants. I don't harbor any ill will for Shaka, but he had to go. The Big 12 is a meat grinder filled with elite coaches and he was AT BEST middle of the pack. The Big East will be much easier sledding. He ran a clean program, graduated kids, navigated us through Andrew Jones and Covid. I'll root for him honestly. But we need someone much better.
  2. I’m about to take the family to the Mauna Kea hotel on the Big Island. It was running 50K per night, but $800 if paying cash rates. I thought that was an amazing redemption for Marriott. Not sure if they have suites. The SWA flight from Austin to Kona is 10 hours and includes a 1 hour layover in San Jose. On the way back we are doing a 1 night stopover in San Francisco.
  3. If he gets another year it isn’t an impossibility that he could put together another half decent year. It is VERY unlikely but not impossible. There are a lot of good players in the portal. He would need to wreck shop with the transfers and then convince Jones and 1-2 of the seniors to come back. Better to just fire him now and be done with it.
  4. Updated odds that players stay. Man this looks shitty. I'm assuming we are going to hit the transfer portal hard. Otherwise, this looks like the worst team in the Big-12 (and maybe the last 25 years of Texas basketball). Starters: Courtney Ramey - 95% - I can't imagine he would leave given that he will get unlimited shots next year Tamar Bates - 100% - Welcome to the starting lineup Brock Cunningham - 99% - I'm guessing we start him at the 3 and go "big" Kamaka Hepa - 80% - He should get a big up-tick in minutes next year and will be an important piece Da
  5. So.... maybe the Big 12 wasn’t actually that great this year.
  6. How many times did we throw it away or get it stolen on the perimeter before we could get it down to Sims? A lot.
  7. It is a terrible terrible loss. One that will follow me for a long time courtesy of my ACU sister and BIL. That said, I knew this was going to be a dogfight as soon as I saw Tech only beat them by 7. And Arkansas didn’t blow them out either. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they beat UCLA. They are so scrappy.
  8. Now that my wife and I have been double vaxed, life is back to normal. We are going to restaurants and bars and traveling. I suspect the crowds you see are largely composed of vaxed folks and those who have already had it.
  9. Man, I selfishly hope we get one more year from him.
  10. Good for Jacob Young. He has had quite a year, averaging 14.4 pts, 3.5 assists. If he were here, he would have graduated last year though. It amazes me how much better upper class guards play than freshmen and sophomores.
  11. I'm not saying Shaka is the guy. But I'm saying Barnes isn't the guy. Every year his teams jump out to a good start. Every year I find myself thinking, "maybe we should'a just kept him". Then every year I get a fun reminder like this.
  12. I haven’t had much of a problem with Shaka’s rotations this year. For the most part, the games in the Big 12 have been very close. A few extra minutes for Hepa or Liddell could mean the difference between winning and losing. At least with Hepa, he seems to have a great attitude through it all. He is always on the bench cheering for guys and encouraging. And when he actually got minutes against K-State he responded with 15 pts on good efficiency. I think we disagree on Shaka’s development of players. Sims, Coleman, Ramey have shown steady improvement in their time here. Kai Jones has impro
  13. Derka, what you posted is pretty much a worst case scenario for Texas next year and it is still vastly better than the 2017 squad with Tevin Mack and Shaq Cleare as the upper class “leaders”. Losing Taylor and Barnett killed that year. I can’t really disagree regarding Andrew Jones on whether he should come back. But I think he will. And as I’ve said before, I also think Febres will come back and would have redshirted this year if it was necessary. Losing Will Baker hurts a little, but he would have been a liability on this year’s squad. Let’s not forget he shot 27% last year. As a 7 footer
  14. I think we can all agree that if he improves on the success this year with an even better year next year, that will be a major accomplishment. Once again, I’m much more optimistic about next year than Derka. We will very likely be starting 3 senior guards, plus 3 more juniors getting big minutes. That is a ton of returning experience for college hoops. We have had good success getting value out of young bigs, so maybe that will continue. Who knows what we will pick up from the transfer portal or who decides to take advantage of the free 5th year.
  15. Came across an interesting trend today. In each of Shaka’s last 5 years, we improved on the win percent from the previous year. 2017 - 33.3% 2018 - 55.9% 2019 - 56.8% 2020 - 61.3% 2021 - 73.1% Maybe this just reflects the maturation of this group of upper classmen. Or overall better roster management as we finally get some upper class depth at the guard positions and a balanced spread between classes.
  16. I’m a little worried about a letdown after being up so much for the conference tourney.
  17. A lot of my family went to ACU. If we lose that game it will be my worst all-time sporting loss. Including all those OU beat downs in football, the Colt MNC, the Colorado 2001 Big-12 Champ game. All of them.
  18. I don't like how close they played Tech and Arkansas.
  19. Crap, I would have liked to be the 2 seed in this bracket.
  20. It would be nice if the Fire Shaka thread moved down the page a bit for at least the next week (and ideally the next 3).
  21. I haven’t seen it, but likely a contact tracing device.
  22. I can’t get over how dominant Sims was last night. His footwork in the post was just great. A lot of the passes down to him were high risk and he came up with all of them. He looked like a grown assed man playing with boys. And despite his FT woes, he hit a few big ones.
  23. The good free throw shooting by our perimeter players is a huge advantage over previous years. Coleman, Ramey, A Jones, Febres and Williams all shoot well over 80%. Kai Jones and Greg Brown are around 70%. That is huge. Coaches get grief when players suck at free throws, so I’m going to give them a lot of credit for where we are with this squad. Ramey was a 58% FT shooter as a freshman. The others were mid 70s. They have been putting in WORK to get to this point. We would have lost last night in previous years for this reason.
  24. We win! 4 more wins to go.
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