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  1. Just watched The French Connection for the first time. Not impressed.
  2. Txslnghrns

    2020 Drunk Thread

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  3. Co-worker of mine just got hearing aids due to hearing loss from his time in the Navy. These things are incredible nowadays and may have been for some time. I don’t know. But I learned that he can Bluetooth his music to the fukn things. He can take phone calls through them also. And oh yeah...he said there’s a function where he can touch his ear and turn the volume up and down or some shit. And you can’t even see them. Is he supposed to take out his hearing aids in this barista scenario?
  4. He did not take the best deal available. He negotiated his own contract which was incentive laden based on future performance. Meaning he was betting on himself to come back just as good or better than he was before the Achilles injury. Had he used an agent he would’ve been led to take “the best deal available.” https://www.businessinsider.com/richard-sherman-blasts-contract-critics-twitter-2020-1
  5. Pretty sure it was Abraham Lincoln who said that.
  6. Hadn’t sharted since about ‘12 and came very close today. Had some fettuccine Alfredo for lunch after church at a local Italian joint. The type where you can get a slice of pie for about tree fiddy, four bucks. Fast forward a few hours and I’m walking out the door to go run some errands and felt what I thought was a fart. Lo and behold it was not. Luckily I clenched up fast enough and made it to the toilet. But it was by the narrowest of margins. http://media1.tenor.com/images/8559ad2fe73b0bb65fbebe1f9f0978ce/tenor.gif?itemid=4867990
  7. Tone issues.....APPARENTLY!! http://www.netflix.com/title/81070659 BBC
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