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  1. Txslnghrns

    2022 Drunk Thread

    Just got back from the liquor store. In the spirit of the thread……It’s time to get drunk. Let’s do this!!
  2. Picked these up today. Never had the 114 but keep seeing it pop up and grabbed it. Love RB so I’m sure the rye is gonna be a banger. And I’m fairly certain I read a positive review on the Stellum. Or did I? The night is young and there is bourbon to be drank.
  3. Went on sale. Would never pay retail on these but sub $100 is agreeable. Luckily still had my size available. Im sure these are getting snapped up at sale prices.
  4. Maybe it has already been discussed but what’s the deal with these? Seems a little awkward to be knocking off 50% right off the top. https://www.panzera.shop/time-master-chronograph/?utm_source=Facebook_Ads+fb&utm_medium=USA+TM45C+LAL+PA40+Paid&utm_term=TM45C+-+Carousel+1+-+Copy+23849691942710178&utm_content=Facebook_Mobile_Feed+23849688863240178&utm_campaign=TM45C+PROSPECTING+LAL+PA40+23849688862980178&fbclid=IwAR3bza8zj-McoHh8XpS1px_70TUA86qic5IpixlrI4mM_gIYGPeVBOJXALg_aem_AeX1mO_Aw5jFOTgiX4Snar96IeHcuu8QoSxXixYuXoxV_LszKhc-eINfOFZ2lfAIOmcvPfTQm78gKX2-sjilJuq2DKbDji9eTEp0eaVlV9Rs2DD1BKSK6ahzcv-RfuEziZ8
  5. Username does not check out. Suggest changing it to Capt Obvious. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. When I was about 6 years old I remember my step-dad swatting my jumpers when we’d go shoot hoops out in the driveway. Suffice it to say that I’d utilize the other half of the table on this broad.
  7. Still fairly new to the game but I have previously purchased four bottles of Blantons. I was fourth place in a monthly drawing they do at a little mom and pop liquor store in my neighborhood. Unfortunately, the Stagg Jr I was hoping to snag was already picked. So I said to hell with it, picked the Blantons and figured maybe I’ll get one letter closer to spelling out BLANTONS. I opened up the box and was met with this sticker on the bottle. I know all Blantons are single barrel. But is the designation of “Distiller Select” anything of note? Or are they all distiller selects? I’ve just never seen this sticker on any bottles of Blantons I’ve bought in the past.
  8. Txslnghrns

    2022 Drunk Thread

    Now entering bourbon phase
  9. Mesero at Clearfork in Fort Worth.
  10. Latest pick up from Tavour. Went peanut butter heavy this time.
  11. Cross posting but here’s a great fried chicken recipe….
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