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  1. In commercial break right now. Next up they have a bit called “Aggy Jar”.
  2. Just purchased tickets in section 234 last night. Not sure what there is to do around the stadium pre-game. Sorry I can’t help out in that regard. Maybe others have some input or are better informed. I’ve only been to one other game at AGC. That was two years ago when Texas lost by 10. I do know that up to about an hour or so before kickoff, all beer vendors have what they call a “happy hour” where beers are half price. And beers are sold throughout the stadium, not just in premium seating. There are plenty of bars within 10-15 minutes of the stadium. 7th street and The Shops at Clearfork are two areas that come to mind. I don’t know that any of those areas open before 10 am and that’s cutting it close to kickoff. If there is a surly tailgate I’d for sure like to know about it. Expecting a much better outcome than I witnessed two years ago. Texas-56 TCU-17
  3. Txslnghrns

    2021 Drunk Thread

    Am I the only one here? Does anyone even visit this place anymore?
  4. Good game. Appreciate the link. Will use again in the future!!
  5. Jason Garrett’s play calling was impeccable on that last drive.
  6. Hiney-key looks like shit!!!! [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  7. Hiney-key looks like shit!!!! [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  8. Thanks. Appreciate it. I figured it out. Which is saying something. Edit: The link is working beautifully. Thanks again.
  9. I had ATTtv. Which was the ATT steaming service. But they (ATT) changed it to DirecTV streaming. This happened within the last couple weeks. So I don’t know that there are actually “packages” available. And I know there are no channel numbers associated with the DirecTV streaming service. Thanks for the link tho. About to check it out.
  10. DirecTv streamer here. NFL network not available on this platform. Anybody know of another way to stream the game? This Ohio-Louisiana game is about to get out of hand.
  11. Txslnghrns

    2021 Drunk Thread

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