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  1. I’ll be in DFW area next Thursday. Anyone wanna play an afternoon round? If not, send me a rec.
  2. Uh, what situation would that have occurred? Are you saying we should have gone for two even if we'd made the XP? The penalty on the KR where we missed the XP.
  3. Ok Surly, Long story, but looking for suggestions/advice. I’m from south Texas, but left 20 years ago when i joined the military. Never made it back. Now i live in Louisiana and me and the wife (she’s Cajun) have talked about eventually moving back to Texas once the kids are off to college. For now we have talked about buying some land to prepare for that potential move. This is where we (I) need your help. We’d like something that is about an hour or less from Austin. We want something where we can deer/pig hunt, potentially fish, enjoy campfires, grow old, and don’t have any worries. We are also not ridiculously rich, so something that isn’t crazy prized. Possibly looking at getting the land in the next couple years and just using it as a hunting camp until kids graduate high school and then we can sell our place here and move back, so that would be at least 12 years or so. By then i will have finally gotten the balls to retire from the Army (hopefully, its like a drug i cant quit). For now though we were looking for a place that I could hunt and just sit on till we are ready (if ever) to make that move. I grew up small town life, and I love the Wimberley, New Braunfels, Gruene area. My wife has never been to any of that, but she has to be within driving distance of shopping and city life. What does Surly suggest for an area to search for property, and where we could find a good mix of wildlife, small town everyday living, close to Austin, etc. Are we overthinking this? We only need a couple HDMI ports and a Best Buy to cash in our coupons. TL; DR -Grew up south Texas (Yorktown if you must know) -Left over 20 years ago -Never hunted or did much as a kid (Surly poor) -Military for >20 years -Live in Louisiana now -Wife from here, family here, small kids= we aren’t moving for a while -What should we do?
  4. “What a college football game. Running anything than four hooks is really really hard. Proud of our effort despite our coaching. Have to tip your hat to them”
  5. I love how the only pass route we can run is a curl. Run. Turn. Stand there. Incredibly difficult to cover it seems.
  6. Gatorade National PoY and we can’t find a spot for him? We must be super talented for him to see the field so little. Can’t blame him for looking elsewhere if he’s not gonna play here
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