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  1. The way this is written, it could be looked at as they also categorize miscarriages and eptopic pregnancy as murder.
  2. Good god… why were you in that terrible dot on the map?
  3. Apparently Clark County (Las Vegas) doesn’t have a contract with F1. A commissioner out there is asking questions and is not happy with the race. “It turns out that we never signed a contract — that was all with the LVCVA,” Segerblom said Tuesday in a phone conversation with the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “So everybody keeps saying that we’ve got three years. We never committed to three years, to my knowledge.” https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/politics-and-government/clark-county/we-never-signed-a-contract-clark-county-seeks-to-steer-f1-course-3001645/amp/
  4. Based on scenario 1 - poor directions were given. Clean this up vs clean this up in 4 minutes and the timer starts now. Scenario 2 - what action was not being done? He said they were doing the task - just really slow. I’m going off what was originally posted - asked 8 year olds to clean up. They were cleaning up but taking forever.
  5. It doesn’t say he told them 5 times. It says they were taking forever - which I read as the task is being completed. Also - directions were given, task was being done - why does wife need to be involved at all?
  6. I have not run across that. Most steaks are an inch think at most. I have 3 strips in for tonight. Set at 128 for two hours.
  7. You got mad that your 8 year olds were doing what you asked them to do, but not at the rate you wanted it done? Did you tell them you wanted it done in 2 minutes? This one might be on you.
  8. Merc combined the silver and black. Looks like a good car. Hope it’s fast.
  9. Depends on the kid. My son (7th grade) plays rec league soccer and I coach. It’s a hobby for him. If he’s legit tired, I’ll let him stay home. Why risk injury or turn the kid against the game over a practice here or there. I also have kids that miss one practice every week due to another sport or school activity. It happens.
  10. Goofyboy


    Look closer at the commercial - every oppressor is the one doing the Jesus like behavior. It was terrible from the get go.
  11. He had Ghetto Fab before. Same guy. Had to quit riding and bought a Vette. [emoji16]
  12. Being part of a wakeboard group was a saving grace when it came to people knowing inboards. Only met a few over the years (when I rode a lot) that had no clue what they were doing. We watched a guy take his brand new XStar (when the pickle forks first came around) out to hit the Trinity. He didn’t ask anyone how to get to the river. Hauled ass away from the ramp and parked his boat on a massive underwater tree.
  13. That’s terrible. When I helped start the wakeboarding group in Houston back in 2001 - we were on mostly used Ski boats with sacks and a tower. The nicest boat was a 2004 (I think) SANTE that my buddy got a deal on. Most were $30k Malibu’s or Master Crafts. I couldn’t imagine paying that for a boat. It would make being on the river more fun, as I would be terrified of hitting a tree and sinking it.
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