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  1. So.. still meat judging, equestrian and one of the track teams has trophies in their great hall?
  2. They don’t care. That baby had a heart beat and could be baptized into their gods heaven or whatever their cult bullshit states. Dead babies meant they lived and were saved from abortion. They do not give a shit about the pain to the parents or anyone else involved.
  3. The wife and I said the same thing. Then Danica popping up like a little annoying troll to talk to Horner made it worse.
  4. They are both terrible. Danica says some insane shit and Jenson looks like he’s about to die every time he’s with her. Nico is awful beyond his driver insight. He has zero personality and you need some to be a main commentator.
  5. Be all the religious you want - just quit trying to force it into schools, politics, etc etc. Go play make believe in their tax free buildings and fuck right off with bothering the rest of us.
  6. Today was awesome. My son and I built lightsabers and droids at Disneyland. We are both StarWars fans / slight StarWars Nerds. It was a really great experience.
  7. Goofyboy


    It’s Pride night at Disneyland. We’ve seen gay dads and their kids. We’ve seen lesbian moms and their kids. Everyone doing the same thing - fighting the fucking crowd and making sure your kids have the best time a the happiest place on earth. Also - the guys in the Disney Bear shirts are awesome. [emoji1591]
  8. I’ve stalled at 218 or so, but I’m still losing inches.
  9. My waist is 39”. I’m down from roughly 44” in Jan. I can finally button a pair of pants I used to wear three years ago. Slow and steady is paying off.
  10. Cool. We come home the 22nd…. Maybe.
  11. Skip the wipes and get a bidet. Your asshole with thank you.
  12. Based on those pictures above - this thing heads to Beaumont?
  13. Cartier Tank would also be a good choice. Classic / Iconic design.
  14. Poodle Room is a members only spot. Rough price for membership is $20k. I can’t imagine why it might go away.
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