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  1. Toyota Tundra for reliability…. The rest for luxury.
  2. Never forget the SCOTUS has said that “Protect and Serve” is a marketing line. The police do not have to protect anyone.
  3. That one parent did, didn’t they? Didn’t a mom make it inside?
  4. Same boat. Some damn virus knocked me out for a week and then lingering cough / congestion has killed any interest. Back on it next week.
  5. Merc over takes Ferrari for first loser. On to winter break.
  6. I was not impressed with Vegas. The race was good - but how much of that was due to the early safety car? Lewis moving through the pack twice was cool - but again - safety car got the field bunched up.
  7. But it’s not. All of that money is going to end of life care. Thats the next massive wealth transfer is boomers to retirement homes / communities/ companies.
  8. I’d love to see profits confiscated from companies that have too many employees on government assistance. You should not be allowed to be a welfare company and have record profits.
  9. After years of getting our asses kicked, we finally had a winning soccer season. My boy learned a new position and did really well at it. Super proud of him and his teammates.
  10. Where are they getting the money?? Doesn’t the aggy athletic department still owe the University for a massive loan? How is the University ok with approving this other than they are aggy??
  11. He’s teaming up with Romney. Nothing about that pair says liberal/ progressive / left.
  12. Nothing to bitch about… just joining to watch the insanity.
  13. That seems to cover it. And the. In non rumor news - Merc Chief Tech Officer has retired.
  14. Rumor from the paddock supposedly has nothing to do with drivers. Now I’ve seen Liberty has sold to Saudi (as the rumor).
  15. Silly season is getting fun.
  16. Insane rumors around the paddock: Stroll sold Aston Martin team and Alanso is leaving Riccardo to RB Sainz leaving Ferrari Wonder which one is legit. End of the season is going to get wild.
  17. I coach U13 boys. A few weeks ago, a ref let a game get out of hand. Goalie came out for a hard charge. Ref called a penalty on the goalie (outside the box). Problem was a kid on the opposing team ran up and shoved the goalie. Kid should have gotten a red. Things escalated and ended up with a mom hitting a player about 5 minutes later. Ref ends the game early.
  18. He’s not. You’re not willing to change the definition of middle class. Middle class no longer means you can afford a home in a nice area, etc. upper income is still upper class - just what we can afford comfortably has changed. I’m not dropping $200k on a 911 turbo. The middle is still middle.
  19. Lewis chasing down Charles was good. Lando, Daniel, Albon - were all good. I enjoyed the race. Lewis also got the fastest lap, so 21 points this weekend.
  20. I wear a smaller G-Shock daily or a tag I was given. I have a Tag F1 Gulf edition that I also mix in. I also have a cheap digital Casio for soccer practice because the numbers are big on the stop watch function. I need readers with my contacts or big numbers. [emoji16] I want a moon phase and I want a really nice dress watch, but I’m in no hurry for those.
  21. It’s in the messaging: white privilege. Two words that do not fully explain the whole concept and most people are too lazy / dumb to look past the label and understand the context. It’s right up there with critical race theory.
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