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  1. Opinions on Cartier Santos? I haven’t seen Cartier really mentioned much.
  2. Apparently Ellis is suing F1 Vegas for losses during the race.
  3. OK. Fine. It is usually not fine.
  4. This guy requires the guest bedroom and Big Bear when there is thunder and lightning.
  5. https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/biden-slammed-trumps-china-tariffs-now-building-analysis/story?id=110234482 I was really hoping he would roll those back. Instead, those tariffs are still around and they are costing end users money all over the construction world.
  6. What kind of man you ask? An evangelical Christian kind of man. God has planned all things and knows all, so any suffering is part of his plan.
  7. If I’m not mistaken, this lady is on my area. Her rep is that dipshit Nehls. She originally just had a huge Fuck Trump sticker. Nehls hated it. I’m glad she’s back.
  8. Wordle 1,054 1/6 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 Finally!! Now I have to find a new starting word.
  9. May update: I’m solidly in the 216 - 218 range and working towards the next step down. I’m down 3” in the belly since Jan. More important - my joints are doing much better this time around. I’m working out 4 days a week and upping that to 6 (only lifting 4). Basically, I’m adding cycling back in. For the gym, I joined the Ladder app. It’s working for me.
  10. Damn it. What race am I missing a what channel / /streaming service is it on?
  11. I agree - I’m just the messenger. Perez cost Sainz 2nd.
  12. I own crocs. [emoji16]
  13. He wears designers a lot of minority owned designers to promote them. The designs are out there, but that’s the fashion industry.
  14. You mean cut the track, run him wide and earn 35 seconds in penalties? Yep, brilliant racing. [emoji849]
  15. And the people in his gerrymandered district will vote for him again. This asshole is my rep.
  16. Wife and I will be taking our Gen A kid and watching from afar.
  17. Newey may just be done. I ran across a blurb that he commissioned a yacht in 2023 and it’s ready soon. He may just want to go sailing.
  18. While he’s dealing with this, the state of NY can start seizing his assets. His bond failed.
  19. Listening to Nico is a fucking beating.
  20. That’s what I’m currently using. It’s free, unless you want to pick a specific country.
  21. I’m down to 217 from 241 in January. Quit eating out on the weekends. Quit drinking too much on the weekends. Quit overeating in general. I joined The Ladder for workouts. My goal is 195 or so.
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