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  1. How is the family GS in Canada? Are there assigned seats? My wife, son and I have seats there.
  2. I still hate the sprint races. I love to see the top 10, one lap, all the marbles.
  3. Wife and I enjoy the morning coffee and a race.
  4. 2023. Mercs come back year. [emoji16] Ferrari has described their new engines for 2023 as a bomb… “in a good way” [emoji16][emoji23]
  5. Are they going for a RICO act type of conviction?
  6. I wondered that as well. I was going to register my AR with the state or county - not needed.
  7. Should we start placing bets on how long Perez lasts next season?
  8. All the people defending Mack talk about what he’s done for the city. Everything he’s done is for advertising. His rescue truck at the North store has his name plastered on it. There’s something in it for him with everything he’s done.
  9. I’m watching. Alanso is probably packing his shit and leaving. They failed him yet again.
  10. I’ve accidentally been 10yards in front of Smokey when it went off. It was my fault. It was LOUD. There was no reason to fire what ever cannon they have right at those guys. Completely uncalled for and could have easily damaged their hearing. Buncha assholes.
  11. Was I fooled by the interwebs? That receipt is not from these guys. My apologies if that is the case.
  12. Whole grid went to dinner to say bye to Seb. $167,000. The receipt
  13. Checo will do what he’s told or they will remove him for someone else. That said - I’m not sure who would want to drive there.
  14. So, Catholic priests will be breaking the law now??
  15. I disagree. Toto runs Merc and I think Russel knows that. Toto won’t allow another Rosberg incident.
  16. Where are my drama folks at?? Max’s mom just brought up Perez allegedly (?) cheating on his wife on Instagram. Max taking over Red Bull? Red Bull kicking out Perez? Looks like a mess
  17. Rumors starting that Binnito is on the way out at Ferrari. I’m not surprised if that happens
  18. I think it will be similar to Bottas. Toto will let them race until one has a lead. They will also go after as many 1 - 2 as they can.
  19. What happened with Yuki on the last restart?? Did they forget about him? Did he get lost?
  20. Perez was told to give Max the spot to chase Charles or Alonso (I’m not sure who was right in front of them). If he didn’t pass them, he was to give back the spot.
  21. Max being Max. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised. He’s always been like that. I hope next year Perez puts him in a wall if they are racing.
  22. Biden keeps a Dem Senate. [emoji15][emoji23][emoji23]
  23. Found this from September in the Chronicle: Now, following back-to-back years of sharp increases, the murder rate has begun to recede in Houston and the county as a whole. And each major category of violent crime — murder, rape, robbery and assault — has declined countywide through the first half of 2022 compared to the same point last year. Also, they said that murder in the unincorporated areas was flat at 5 per 100,000.
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