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  1. You think you'd get all the games for 15.99.
  2. Only to charge 15.99 at the start of next season.
  3. Yeah, but if not for a decision to resume the season, this could've been cancelled.
  4. I just didn't honestly expect it with the amount of fun we've gone through in the past 12 months. - Hazard out - Sarri out - Lampard in - Transfer Ban - CHO/RLC torn achilles - No proven number 9 going into the season - Tottenham, Liverpool, City, manure and Arsenal all looking strong at the end of last season, not to mention LCFC.
  5. Oh cool, Chelsea is in third.
  6. I think it's probably been Kepa
  7. Mentioned on the broadcast that rumors of Pulisic going out, potentially to Arsenal. I haven't been paying a ton of attention to transfers, is there any substance to this at all?
  8. And he apparently is wearing a Chelsea kit under his CP one.
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