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  1. Watch Hudson Card rewrite some records.
  2. Yeah that sucks. Granted atleast it wasn't as if the production was blown up by 'creative differences' or whatever. Seems Fincher is just absorbed in other projects.
  3. Nah that's more like Surly's Razor.
  4. Honestly anyone can diagnose in psychiatry. All it takes is the patient and this form. If you happen to check 5 of those, you get that personality disorder.
  5. Wow, so in essence the Panthers have done this if true. Baylor out a head couch LSU out an OC LSU out a DC #KeepPounding
  6. And some of them that aren't good are locks as well.
  7. Haha, awesome. Hope that McGuire moves on as well with them going after Fuente/Napier, but I doubt it.
  8. Ah so pulled his name out of the transfer portal?
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