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  1. Holy shit a keeper that catches the ball out of the air.
  2. Jesus and Dave tries to head it back to the Spurs for an equalizer with Zouma somehow getting his foot in the way.
  3. Fuck yes Timo!! Great work by Dave to set it up.
  4. Appears Emerson has surpassed Alonso.
  5. About an hour away On TV: Sky Sports Main Event (UK); none (USA); none Colors Infinity (India); SuperSport Maximo (NGA); elsewhere Streaming: Sky Go (UK); ESPN+ (USA); JioTV (India); DStv Now (NGA) The injury situation has improved slightly from the weekend, with both Ben Chilwell and new goalkeeper Édouard Mendy declared fit and ready, though it’s unclear if either will start. Christian Pulisic and Hakim Ziyech are still out, but the latter’s back in training, so he should be getting close. Billy Gilmour is making progress as well, recently seen lacing up some boxing gloves at Cobham and getting that literal fighting spirit back. G’wan, Billy G! From WAGNH - https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2020/9/29/21492696/tottenham-hotspur-chelsea-live-stream-time-tv-channels-how-to-watch-carabao-cup-online
  6. Didnt realize we had a griddle thread. From this last winter, will find more.
  7. The best thing about EPL is there are a ton of games. It isn't like watching Texas Football, where you entire season falls apart with a single loss. You hope to see ongoing improvement throughout the season knowing the team will have both streaks of wins and times were they are dropping points to the bottom of the league. You absorb one game at a time, look for ongoing improvement and when the team completely gives up, like the end of Mou's second run, it is beyond painful. You watch the same awful product each and every week. That isn't going on right now. The best part of this weekends game was the squad didn't give up. Players like Mount, Tammy and Dave all pulled everyone off the ground and started making plays. It's great to see. Tells me the team is close and is responding well to adversity. We out did ourselves last season getting CL. We weren't supposed to. We are supposed to now and like you said, the league has quite a bit a parity outside of the returning champs who look the part. We will see how the season goes but if there is one thing I can guarantee it's that manure won't finish second.
  8. I firmly believe the last part of the swapping at the back line was to get Rice and put him in the rotation. Unfortunately, West Ham is stead fast on not letting him go. We will see. The one part I'm having a hard time understanding is the Rudiger decision. I'm guessing that means we are all in on Tomori, who I think will be a stud, but I felt Rudiger was a much better option over Christensen.
  9. I wouldn't expect any less. Complain away. I do get annoyed when anyone on this board speaks with any certainty on something they obviously have little investment in. Goal 1 - Alonso inexplicably gives it to WBA in our third and a 40 year old Willy can't stop it. (You correctly call out Alonso) Goal 2 - Thiago pulls a Gerrard (any pool lurkers?) and they get a goal. (You state Lampard's decision to play it out of the back is at fault, I can't think of a top team that doesn't do this, the days of booting the ball to the center line and hoping you get control are over, and if Lampard started suggesting we do this I'd recommend he be canned) Goal 3 - Alonso decides not to defend his man, goal. (You quickly state you were correct when saying Reece James was crap. It was not his man that scored, he was appropriately within defending distance of his man. Alonso didn't even consider defending) You then go on to call Tammy a donkey, state the newly promoted WBA is trash who essentially are playing with the exact same team they played last season (essentially a disaster for a newly formed squad), have a fun back and forth with Rich, you consistently remark how Pulisic is great but he can't fix Lampard's/Chelsea's shortcomings. AND TO TOP IT OFF YOU STATE YOU FUCKING LIKE THESE PIECE OF SHIT CRYSTAL PALACE BULLSHIT KITS. Honestly, until I saw you liked the third kits I was going to let this all go, but you crossed the line.
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