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  1. God we suck at football.
  2. Yummy from Odell, very smooth. Pipework, pale ale and also smooth with a bit of fruity after
  3. 2107 Offers - Appears we reached for the top of the top and missed completely leaving good talent to head elsewhere. ILB Anthony Hines Plano East (Plano, TX) 6-2.5 / 222 0.9691 (aggy) Christopher Allen Southern University Lab School (Baton Rouge, LA) 6-4 / 234 0.9520 (Alabama) Gary Johnson Dodge City C.C. (Dodge City, KS) 6-1 / 225 0.9202 JUCO commit Tyler Taylor Lanier (Buford, GA) 6-2 / 230 0.9091 (LSU) OLB Baron Browning Kennedale (Kennedale, TX) 6-2 / 229 0.9940 (tOSU) Dylan Moses IMG Academy (Bradenton, FL) 6-2.5 / 235 0.9922 (Alabama) Levi Jones Westlake (Austin, TX) 6-3 / 215 0.9570 (USC) Kenneth Murray Elkins (Missouri City, TX) 6-3 / 225 0.8771 (OU) Josh Clarke Riverdale (New Orleans, LA) 6-3 / 225 0.8713 (Ole Miss) 2017 in state talent (Riko at 108 is lowest ranked) ILB Mohamed Sanogo Plano West (Plano, TX) ILB 6-2 / 239 - No Offer (Ole Miss) Riko Jeffers Sachse (Sachse, TX) ILB 6-1 / 236 - No Offer (Tech) OLB Buddy Johnson Kimball (Dallas, TX) OLB 6-1 / 210 - No Offer (aggy) Kenneth Murray Elkins (Missouri City, TX) OLB 6-3 / 225 - Offer (OU) Dimitri Moore Cedar Hill (Cedar Hill, TX) OLB 6-2 / 195 - No Offer (Vanderbilt) I don't remember the recruitment of any of these and all this could mean fuck all.
  4. Take that nonsense to the soccer catch all or even the celebrity forum.
  5. Eh, Pitt D has been giving me gold lately, I'll allow an off week.
  6. Oh cool, England is full of daft idiots, booing Joe Gomez... Apparently Sterling was clapping for him coming on, but as some astute redditors pointed out, he was probably clapping for the booing.
  7. Maybe ESPN will have their head up their ass and continue to allow us to use our PSVue login well past PSVue going away.
  8. Apparently her name is Elle Johnson. This is another SFWINWIAOWS (Safe for work if no working in an open work space) photo of her.
  9. Yup, was a guy that worked here in the hospital that made the drive 4 days a week, he's nuts. I hear stories from those who have lived here for decades about having to helicopter in supplies in the 80s due to crazy snow. You couldn't pay me to live up there in the winter, I'd go full on all work and no play.
  10. It's ok. Lots of shelves. It was really only meant to be a place for Fort Lewis and the Highschool to practice and blew up. I enjoy taking the 5 year old there because there is plenty of green on the mountain. It definately get's overwhelmed on Texas Spring break. Better skiing in the area is Wolfcreek (need 4wd) and Telluride if you have the desire to travel a bit further. Some of the crazies around here try to kill themselves in Silverton jumping out of helicopters.
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