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  1. So sounds like we have one more position coach on the defensive side? And LB or another secondary coach makes sense?
  2. Here's another random name. Was LB coach when Sark was with Atlanta, finished this season as the DC. Was on Pete Carroll's staff in Seattle, spent 3 years at UCLA as their LBer coach. Jeff Ulbrich.
  3. What's the Utah guys name that always comes up?
  4. Who was Alabama's DC in 2009 when Colt's arm died?
  5. Phbbt you didn't follow his career at NC State where he played Linebacker?
  6. Nah let's unretire Dean Pees if we are throwing names against the wall.
  7. It's all about getting the best players on the pitch. The 4-3-3 has been awful in the midfield and I think as such we need to try something else. the 3-5-2 would require James to be healthy or for us to use Dave or Rudiger in the back 3. As well, Chillwell works on one side of the 5 but who do you put on the other side? I did always enjoy watching the 3-5-2 under Conte, but I'm not sure it is right for the players we have currently. And with the 2 up top that means your are sitting one of Tammy/Giroud, Puli or Werner by default. The 4-4-2 might make a bit more sense, but I haven't a
  8. Out of curiosity I looked up the DC at Tennessee and it's Derrick Ansley, wouldn't fit well as he is a DB corch. No clue if he is worth a shit either.
  9. Just putting in my vote again with the wife attached.
  10. Dave and Werner putting the game away with shots off frame.
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