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  1. They were mentioning this on the broadcast last night and I'm glad you brought it up. Most of us don't think of gymnastics much except every four years but it appears to be a real thing in that sport just like golf, baseball, etc. I agree with this. Also agreed with it in regards to Osaka. I mean, it's not like Biles had never won anything and just pulled a massive choke job her first time in the spotlight. She's the defending olympic champion in four events and has won 19 gold medals in world championships over the last eight years. This isn't her first rodeo. If she says something's wrong and she can't compete then she deserves the benefit of the doubt. Edit to add this article: https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/olympics/2021/07/28/twisties-gymnastics-simone-biles-tokyo-olympics/ The "twisties" are what they call the "yips" in gymnastics. A good read for anyone who thinks she just "quit".
  2. she's talking about doing exactly that. if it's the yips then her career is over.
  3. Good breakdown of what happened. "The yips" can happen in all kinds of sports and manifest itself whenever. We normally see it in golf or baseball (Knoblach, Sax, Ankiel, to name a few). Can't imagine having that in gymnastics.
  4. the two big ones it resolves are Alabama-Tennessee and Georgia-Auburn. Don't think we'll have any "permanent" rivals moving forward just to save LSU-Florida.
  5. So if I'm reading this right, we owe two years plus whatever is remaining on the GOR which is only an additional year. Big XII distributed around $35 million this year per school ($37 or so million the year before) so the remainder of the LHN contract is more than enough to cover our buyout plus a significant portion of OU's buyout. Keep in mind that Tier 3 rights are owned by the schools not the conference and probably don't apply (depending on what the GOR says).
  6. it certainly is for the dumbfucks who didn't get their shots and their (vaccinated) leaders who cheered them on.
  7. and to be clear I'm not doing anything other than parroting Topol's take.
  8. Hey I could be misremembering. But the bottom line is their vax rate was really low and they still saw a major drop. This thing is so virulent that anything they did was too late IMHO.
  9. India has a much lower vaccination rate and didn't do shit and the same thing happened.
  10. conference affiliation isn't determined by Athletic Directors so it's moot.
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