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  1. This team can't even tank right. Out of the running for the #2 spot, so won't get either of the Vanderbilt pitchers. Seems like the team could use some young pitching prospects...
  2. Turned off replies to this tweet (wise). Can't imagine Aggy offer anything but glowing support for the "taking time off for my family and racial justice" move, right?
  3. Pitchers in MLB history who opened their careers with 2 straight starts of 5+ IP, no earned runs, no more than 2 hits allowed: Tanner Houck, 2020 Kaz Ishii, 2002
  4. A day after he hits 10 years of service, Mitch Moreland gets traded to the Padres. Damn. Best of luck to him. Keep mashing those 2-bags.
  5. Luka’s sad face makes me sad. It’s like looking at a 4 year-old who dropped his bowl of spaghetti-os. He needs to loosen up at half or something. Do they have Eastern European rub ‘n tugs in the bubble?
  6. dbecks

    2020 MLB thread

    The dude has innate comic timing.
  7. Fun fact: The Red Sox pitching staff has allowed more earned runs (124) this year than Pedro Martinez (122) did over a 3-year period in 364 fewer inning pitched Pedro Martinez (1999-01) 547.0 IP - 122 ER Red Sox pitchers (2020) 183.0 IP - 124 ER - 6.10 ERA
  8. This 2021 preseason is a drag. Watch this instead:
  9. Is this shithole of a season that totally doesn’t count (except for draft position) over yet? They’ve given up 8+ runs in five straight games. I hear some of the young arms are gonna start throwing with their opposite arm just to see if something will stick.
  10. Trey + the Roots. Good stuff.
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