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  1. Good news: We're going to Wembley for the semi-finals! Bad news: We're going to lose to City (barring a miracle Newcastle comeback)
  2. Wow, y’all mad.
  3. “Fear porn”... pretty sure that’s ripe for the politics forum.
  4. So donating money and doing the same actions as (just about) every other franchise means he’s not putting profits above public safety? Hmmm... It just seems a bit myopic to make such a revenue-centric statement right when things look worse in Houston & the rest of the state than most other MLB markets. Read the room, Crane. Might not be the best time to promote putting butts in seats.
  5. Holy fuck. Crane is such a greedy d-bag.
  6. Bring on universal DH! /ducks
  7. There's no way there's a full season this year. No damn way. If this many outbreaks (that we know of) have happened in the summer, I can't imagine it gets any better in the fall.
  8. Red might have been a bit harsh, but it was a clear penalty. He wasn't the only one looking rusty today, but did look particularly shitty.
  9. So about David Luiz's contract...
  10. Trump can just do no wrong in some people’s (or network’s) eyes. The last thing a fish would notice is water.
  11. Well, shit. Might as well be the season for it, apparently. They ain’t playing baseball until July anyways (per pure speculation).
  12. Aaaaaand after all that... Tommy John surgery for Chris Sale. They must be banking on the MLB season being dramatically reduced (if not cancelled altogether) this year.
  13. No TJ surgery for Sale, per The Athletic.
  14. The 'Verdugo + Pillar = Mookie' take is going to be a bad one this year. (Oh, and Verdugo might already miss the start of the season.)
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