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  1. Just watched this and thought it was average. Someone should have put a bullet in Bev a lot sooner. Kept saying the whole time that it was a vampire and not an angel and turns out the priest knew it all along. I think it could have been a lot better but there were too many drawn out speaking parts that would lose my attention.
  2. Randy, is that you? Not near long enough to be the Duke
  3. This is impossible, aggy told me that Alabama is terrible this year.
  4. Yeah especially the toddler terrorists holding their parents hostage over their fucking dinner.
  5. That sounds like an OPTP injury waiting to happen.
  6. How can anyone argue in good faith that the citizens of Gaza do not support Hamas when we have reports of civilians beating children and returning escaped hostages to Hamas? Add to it their history of fucking up every country they have been harbored in and consistently starting shit with Israel for decades. At this point the Palestinians are just assholes. That still doesn’t justify indiscriminately killing civilians, though I doubt that the IDF has done that. I think the civilian death numbers are very highly inflated and that in cases where the IDF does kill civilians it it because of them being collateral damage to the Hamas targets. Hopefully the IDF eradicates Hamas and can hand the Gaza Strip over to the UN to deal with.
  7. So another 2 way guy that he can run into the ground.
  8. Not even close. Conference USA shouldn’t even be FBS schools. The Big 12 will become the new AAC. A fine conference where third tier teams get to compete against their peers. It will be relevant only to those who root for those specific teams.
  9. I would prefer to play OU in the championship game because I think our players will come out pissed off against them more than anyone else. The players should be fired up against anyone they play but a chance to avenge their only loss of the year would be a little extra motivation.
  10. How was their screen pass not a penalty for illegal man downfield? The pass was thrown beyond the line of scrimmage and their entire offensive line was downfield 5 or more yards.
  11. Those players also have to make it to campus
  12. They will fuck around enough chasing big names that Traylor will have taken a job at Florida or Auburn or elsewhere by the time they call him.
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