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  1. My son also has the pass. He gets there 2 hours before most games and always has great seats. Your daughter should it. Basically every conference game she needs to be there early or she won’t get in the corral.
  2. The setup on this thing is so dumb. The home teams should not get their conference’s refs. It should be the away team’s conference refs. But really there should be no conference refs. Refs should be rotated around with a National group of refs for the top 6 conferences and a group for everyone else.
  3. My favorite part of this game was when Cunningham got called for a foul and they reviewed him for a flagrant. The review was so obviously against Tennessee that they had to switch it to an intentional foul on them. Then the broadcast just completely glosses over the whole thing.
  4. How the fuck is Campbell not preseason all conference?
  5. I know that it’s in high schools but it’s not mandatory. You shouldn’t be able to graduate high school without properly setting up a budget that includes the calculations of loan amounts and the interest that comes with them. You also shouldn’t be able to graduate without the ability to cook 3 or 4 basic meals. A lot of young adults eat out a ton because the simply don’t know how to cook. That gets them dependent on fast food and they are never able to drop that dependency. I know mid 30s couples that eat out 5 times a week because they can’t cook.
  6. I’ve always had the belief that the high school curriculum should be overhauled to make more sense for the vast majority of the population. A course on health and nutrition including how to cook healthy would be very beneficial to most students about to graduate. As would a course of budgeting and basic finances. These should be required to graduate.
  7. I hope Carr hits a game winning 3 as time expires to destroy your soul. But other than that welcome to the board.
  8. I just got 80k in points from Chase in December. Chase Sapphire
  9. You’re getting shit on for your take because you seemingly don’t understand that the fall off on defense has mostly coincided with playing conference teams. The worst team in the Big 12 would be at worse our 3rd hardest non-conference game. Yes there has been a fall off on defense but that was to be expected with or without Beard simply because of the increase in competition. Our ceiling has not fallen, it’s just become less likely to be achieved than with Beard. Our ceiling has stayed the same but our floor has fallen. We can still win the Big 12, Big 12 tournament and a NC. As always March success will mostly be based on the matchups we draw.
  10. We’ve seen your post history. You’re what brain surgeons are trained to fix.
  11. Anyone who gets in the 10 items or less line with more than 10 items should have their balls chopped off and shoved down their throat while simultaneously being raped by a rusty sword. Yes a bunch of the same item still counts separately. The only exception is something that gets weighed or typed in like bananas.
  12. I agree with you that he wasn’t in charge of everything, likely not in the case of hiring, but he was a producer which gave him authority over the set and most people there. That brings up questions such as did he participate in the after hours shooting range, was he the cause for poor safety standards on the set, did he instruct the armorer or try to cut corners? All of this could lead to him being negligent in providing a safe work environment for the crew. None of it do we truly know at this point, maybe the DA does, but it should all come out in a trial. If he was the cause of the poor safety conditions then he is absolutely liable for the death beyond having just pulled the trigger. That wouldn’t be surprising since we all know he can be a major asshole. It’s not absurd for him as a producer and the one holding the gun to be charged. Let’s see what information turns out to be true when the trial starts.
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