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  1. No way Holgorsen is on the hot seat
  2. Sleepygrad


    just put the pens in your dop kit and you're money. I've done it many times.
  3. What if everyone that doesn’t get their refunds from Gallery Furniture brought a class action lawsuit against Hinch for his game 7 management? They may have a case
  4. damn, that was closer than it needed to be
  5. do they have anyone warming up in their bullpen?
  6. ok, let's get esdrubal into a double play here
  7. Josh Reddick, man of destiny! Here is your moment
  8. that was so fucking sweet! Eat a Dick Rendon
  9. leaving too many men on base....fuck, that has been our issue every home game thus far
  10. We’ve missed some good pitches to hit
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