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  1. Sooo you don’t like the dead? But you’re in the Grateful Dead thread? I think you may already be a convert... I suggest you start with their ‘65 shows and listen to everything through ‘95, then report back here
  2. Love that song. One of my favs is from ‘81, NYC, March I think? I’ll listen to it 3-4 times in a row
  3. They couldn't find a better highlight for Jake? lol
  4. Just send him to the Patriots. If Belichek can win with Cam Newton, he can win with anybody. Cam Newton, of course, being the worst qb in the history of the league? lulz....plenty of worse QBs than Cam
  5. goddamn, Mack deciding to completely switch things up after our loss to Alabama in the rose bowl is still one of the most perplexing decisions I've ever heard of....especially given the offensive style suited to our current players at the time
  6. I'm curious about the tickets. Do fans get specific section/seat numbers based on the size of their party, or are they just given a section and you go find your own socially distanced spot within that section?
  7. Sleepygrad

    PJ Locke

    Good for him! We’ll see if he sees the field tonight
  8. it was refreshing to see us consistently attack down field....that's something we've sorely missed for a long time
  9. hate it when people hit my car and don't leave a note, forcing me to punch my own car in anger and break my hand going into the football season.....that's the pits
  10. will sportsurge.net be loading more games later if they're not showing them yet?
  11. this has been a really swell trip to Oakland
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