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  1. Sleepygrad

    Pink Floyd

    Gilmour is on my bucket list....I'd love to see him before he's done for good, if he's not already. Literally anywhere on earth.
  2. I love how much Scorsese loves the band. It's like he's seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and has more stories to tell about his favorite music. The Rolling Thunder Review doc about Dylan was incredible too.
  3. Danko was the fucking man too though
  4. A full line of marketing possibilities...spring fresh, summer humidity, etc What about a ‘yeast infection’ line? In
  5. thought I'd seen an update on some form of social media earlier today that said he's playing
  6. Those two met on Grindr....seems kinda gay
  7. I’m so proud of you...and yet I also hate you so so much. Carry on
  8. So who’s the guy she tells you not to worry about that you’ve been hanging out with the past 2 New Years?
  9. I mean, what are the realistic expectations for Watt today? He tore his peck like 8 weeks ago...I'm anticipating more of an emotional impact that anything else. Hope I'm wrong
  10. Sleepygrad

    Magic mushrooms

    Just got a quarter earlier this week. I put them in a food processor and ground them into powder to put in capsules for micro doses. They’re so much fun and add that perfect amount of excitement into any night. One little pill and any night is 10x better without going too far and being wacky in public
  11. We have a solid record against at Mormons. Let’s roll!
  12. I am both angry and happy with this hire. Trying to cover all my bases here
  13. this is the football equivalent of a faces of death video
  14. Few days late with this one....beef tenderloin that I cooked for the family Christmas night. I wasn’t sure exactly how I was gonna do it (grill or oven) Ana just sort of felt my way through. I’m really pumped with how this came out. Still eating steak sandwiches
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