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  1. You get a bigger desk, you'll get a bigger apartment.
  2. Fuck yeah Colt! Hook 'em. Beat the fuck outta that shit organization you just got out of twice a year!
  3. Great sweep Horns! Fullerton always shows up.
  4. I know the super bowl is kinda like an industry convention for players, so I thought Colt might be out and about. Just wanted to know if y'all had any insights. Me, I hope he gets out.
  5. Where's he going? What are his future plans?
  6. That pos is not a Texan. My money is on another california carpetbagging ass munch.
  7. Just found out my son(leo) was the first one into dam. He said it is an amazing structure with pipes and shit going every direction. He said they cleared it, but I said there must be a million places to hide in there. He disagreed of course, as he always has.
  8. With all do respect Mr Hookem, you don't watch enough amateur porn.
  9. Herman and Garrett are merely chancres on the rotting dicks of the infected teams. Both need a massive dose of penicillin at the top.
  10. Turn out the lights, the party's over!
  11. We should have worn those all season. And forever after, minus the 150 decal.
  12. DKR is spinning in his grave over the tackling(or lack thereof) in the game. Require the fucking defensive coaches to watch his film on proper technique. JFC!
  13. I'm offended by every post you make. Get outta the basement and get some fresh air.
  14. Clinton:Hey Donny, this is Bill Trump:How the hell are you doing Bill? Clinton:Not so good . Our good buddy Jeff is in a heap shit and we gotta him out! Trump: Don't sweat it. We have plan that will keep us all from hanging. Clinton: Man that's a relief! I knew you would come through! BTW, seen any good looking 12 years olds lately.
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