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  1. LebongJames

    Truck Nuts

    https://www.caranddriver.com/photos/g30188758/2021-chevy-suburban-tahoe-photos-info-gallery/ New Tahoe and Suburban. Interior is a huge upgrade and I like what the did with the higher trims on the exterior
  2. We have a strong lineup already. We need another starter and a top of the rotation guy would be incredible
  3. I would be more than ok with that
  4. If at HEb California Pizza Kitchen Newmans Own If at Central Market Table 87 Pizza Romana
  5. It was a take on a dish that they serve at Paesano’s.
  6. Braised short rib Jalapeno pesto Goat cheese cipollini onions pappardelle diced tomatoes
  7. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Buy the El Gallo one in the bag on salsa aisle. The green and the orange. Your welcome
  9. Varasano’s Pizza - ATL Full Service Pappasitos at Hobby Kenny and Zuke’s - PDX
  10. I no it’s not time to speculate but I wonder if he ends up at some SEC school that “clears” him. Like Jarvis Jones
  11. https://sagewater.com/nibco-pex-lawsuit-class-action-settlement/
  12. Install can be an issue but it’s pretty easy, that’s the main reason it has gotten so popular. It’s the water quality. The chlorine and chloride interact with the cross link polyurethane and causes chemical degradation.
  13. It’s completely taken over SF construction. CPVC is the standard on most commercial/ MF construction unless Unions are involved. PEX started as a piping for radiant floor heating in the US and is from Europe. They treat their water differently than we do. We add a ton of chlorine and chloride. There is some serious thought that PEX won’t be able to withstand those conditions in the long term just like the pin hole leaks in copper. Won’t even get started on water quality but it’s easier to install and we have no skilled labor anymore. There are going to be multiple class action lawsuits over PEX over the next 10 years but it all is being installed according to code.
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