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  1. If she doesn’t give me a good explanation of why she believed this, I might have to commit her to a facility. I think the Rona might have got her.
  2. I have completely dismissed it but my wife and SIL think there is something to it. My wife is normally pretty level headed but this has me thinking she is crazy for believing this. https://www.businessinsider.com/wayfair-denies-sex-trafficking-claims-involving-expensive-cabinets-2020-7
  3. I don’t care COVID or not. That place looks depressing and about the last place on earth I would ever want to be.
  4. Mask orders came a little later but bars were re shutdown on the 26th which was exactly 2 weeks from yesterday
  5. 440 new cases today in Austin area. Back down 300 from the last 2 days. Hospitalizations and ICU both slightly down as well.
  6. Good on JHills. I hope Corona doesn’t fuck this kid over one more time. I have friends who walked on at UT if they could do it this kid will kill it. Give him the flag and let him lead the team out of the tunnel.
  7. This makes me ragey. The gas station in front our hood always has jack asses like that. I’ve especially noticed the RR’s love to do it.
  8. I’ve got 3 deals pending that if they all go through I really can’t do anything else for a few months because our production team couldn’t handle any more. So I’m in a holding pattern, sorta phoning it in.
  9. O area is 11 county area surrounding Travis Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. A real outlined plan: More protections for small businesses. Some help for low wage earners. I don’t want to be forced to do something with no follow up or forward thinking behind it. Also what is this lockdown? Just adding restaurants, gyms and movie theaters? It just seems like March all over again with more cases now. In summary I’ve lost faith
  11. Because our leadership is taking the easiest solution to a hard problem. There needs to be a strong line. Without any stimulus for the people you can’t tell people not to make a living. There are huge ramifications for putting people out of work for another month now and then for another month in October and then another 2 months in January and February.
  12. Periodic resets will fuck over the entire economy. Adler nor Abbott have shown they can competently lead during this time. A local reset is not going to work. So Austin shuts down but Williamson County and Hays stay open? The hospitals are the only thing worth shutting down for. A local shutdown will just push people to do other things. People aren’t sheltering in place any more. If you shut down businesses you just create more issues. People will gravitate to each other, its dumb solution for a much larger problem. I’m all for a real plan but I don’t trust them to actually role something like that out. Their leadership is inept at best.
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