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  1. Can you be smart and horribly obtuse at the same time?
  2. Honest question. Was this really the case when the Republicans were last the majority party in the House? I seem to recall Republican leadership making the decisions and the committees rubber stamping their decisions.
  3. I’m not sure if it matters if any Republicans sit on the committees either.
  4. Honestly, will it make a difference if any Democrats sit on the committees? They can spend their time doing things that will actually achieve results.
  5. I’m going to regret asking this, but can the Senate “table” the trial, putting it off indefinitely? Democrats can wait until they have the votes for a conviction. If Republicans want to acquit, they will have to wait until they regain the Senate and then call for a trial themselves. In the meantime, Trump stays in limbo.
  6. Woland


    It’s not just Russian leaders who are involved in corruption. Corruption is engrained in Russian society and has been for hundreds of years.
  7. Woland


    Politically, Russia has always oscillated between authoritarianism and reform; militarily, between powerful and shit.
  8. Or maybe she just has a low bar to reach after her predecessor.
  9. I think we can afford to give him a days head start.
  10. Loser Ex-President 2021. No need to be redundant.
  11. If he leaves one and I'm Biden, I'm sending it immediately to the FBI lab for analysis.
  12. Needed to start the trilogy from the first film.
  13. Too bad there isn’t enough time for a threepeachment.
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