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  1. Maybe we need to outsource data collection to Cambridge Analytica.
  2. Up until today, I thought of Trump as a self-serving dick with psychological problems. Now I’m moving him over into the column of “lunatics who have lost all sense of reality.”
  3. Anecdotally, there are a lot of people who think he is doing an outstanding job. I don’t agree.
  4. I really starting to think there is the threat of a polonium cocktail hanging over Graham’s head.
  5. It would help if the Democrats had a foreign government to do the dirty work.
  6. Dude in front of OAN reporter knows he is on camera and trying so hard to keep a straight face.
  7. With pool cues. Someone else can post the GIF.
  8. from the Boeing board of directors. I know they will miss having her extensive aviation knowledge. She opposes federal support for the company.
  9. It was less a question than a prompt for Trump to whine about how the press is coordinating with foreign propaganda machines to make him look bad.
  10. Prepping for all the money about to flow to these companies.
  11. "Someone just go in and get him. Tell them we're ready"
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