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  1. He cares not for reality, only for perceptions he can control.
  2. Schools will have to forge ahead regardless of COVID spread within their walls. Imagine individual schools shutting down for cleaning every time there is an outbreak. Few people in educational administration think through things to their logical conclusion, and this is no exception.
  3. It’s logical that it would be dependent upon the company or division within the company. Employees with routine schedules and deadlines can complete those anywhere. I can see where a job in development would require more direct collaboration and supervision. My BIL, who works in IT, hasn’t had a physical office in over a decade. I don’t see companies completely giving up central space, but that space can become smaller and more flexible.
  4. I think this is a pretty sound prediction:
  5. I do love being a substitute because I like being around the kids, but $110 a day does not make it worth taking on the added risk of exposure, especially when I don't have to financially.
  6. I'm a retired teacher and work as a substitute for my fun money. They won't be seeing me in the fall. It's not like I'll need the money for travel or anything, and booze is much cheaper when you drink at home.
  7. Companies are going to figure out, if they haven't already, that productivity does not drop when employees work from home. The next step will be to save money by reducing office space.
  8. As a former teacher, I think this is a fine idea in theory. Also as a former teacher, I can promise you that school boards would be swamped with calls from angry mothers. It’s hard enough to enforce the kids picking up their own trash at lunch.
  9. They will even deny 1+1=2 if it doesn't fit their bias.
  10. If we are destined to become a dictatorship, is there anyway to request a competent dictator?
  11. I want to believe it’s not that simple, but we don’t always what we want.
  12. As soon as Biden takes his hand off the Bible, he needs to fire all Trump appointees to the DOJ. He can be late to the inaugural balls.
  13. Persona. I’ll mull on it for a few days before watching it again.
  14. Feel the same about retiring from teaching and building a media room.
  15. It's a good time to be a teetotaling atheist.
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