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  1. I prefer a fried fish taco, so a burrito would ensoggen the crispy fish, making it less than desirable. Tacos let it breathe, man.
  2. Sometime around like 2009? It's been a decade-long fight to recover from this stuff for OU, and that's even with some relative success.
  3. If it were an internal suspension, maybe, but the ones in question are NCAA suspensions, and so would result in forfeits if they tried to play around with timing.
  4. Reports are that he's recovering quickly and could contribute sooner than initially planned.
  5. I think some of it was disproved, but it's never going to go away now.
  6. Spray Tan is Murray. It goes back to when he was rumored to be porking Brennan Clay's wife. She supposedly had Murray in her cell phone under "Spray Tan".
  7. It's an interesting question, but the way we saw it was very much the opposite, at least through the Stoops era. Still related to refs, but we always believed that OU's offense was predicated around BigXII refs being very tight on PI calls, giving the receivers more free run in the secondary, forcing defenders to be too passive in coverage. Then, when BCS games or Playoff games hit, the much looser ACC or Big 10 officials would allow just about anything short of a full tackle downfield. OU's passing game wasn't able to adjust, and the defenses couldn't magically become more physical for one game to take advantage of the shift. Watch the Florida/OU 2008 game for a prime example of this, in my opinion. OU averaged 7.5 penalties a game that year, and got 4 called on them in the title game. Florida was taking heads off in the secondary with little to no repercussions. The second point tex makes definitely reflects Grinch trying to adapt our play to the national style and prepare for competition outside the BigXII. This is a wise move, and hopefully helps to address everyone's concern that OU for years has been content winning the BigXII and being pantsed in the postseason. I also want to be clear, this is in no way blaming refs for OU's failures. If this is something a fan notices, then a coach has to be responsible enough to realize the same things and make systemic change to keep it from happening in the future. They should have seen in 2003 things were trending the wrong way, but I believe Bob truly thought he had to play to win the BigXII first and let the dice roll for everything after that.
  8. This dude pretty much immediately got outed as a troll. He's posted from Alabama the same thing about not renewing Bucks season tickets too.
  9. (I'm a sooner, but attempt to be reasonable)
  10. I took the Roach quote slightly differently. I took it to mean that the LJ news wouldn't affect the timing of Wheaton's decision, not that it wouldn't affect the decision at all. Maybe I misread.
  11. This idiot Sooner agrees. KU, CU, NU, MU all did the same thing.
  12. Most are saying it's: https://247sports.com/player/shane-whitter-46055031/ https://247sports.com/player/justin-harrington-46085332/
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