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  1. A ref almost died in the Celina-Melissa game. No joking. With 3:17 left in the game, he collapsed post-play and the trainers performed CPR. They brought out the AED paddles and shocked him back to life. No ambulance was at the game, because it was called out earlier for a wreck. The ambulance didn’t arrive for 20 minutes. They transported him to a heart center, and he was doing well at midnight last night.
  2. Celina whipped the shit out of Paris 34-0, without throwing a single pass.
  3. Dan just texted and said the segment about him visiting our booth will be on at 1:55pm. I have no idea what angle they are using. There is enough material to paint us in several different lights.
  4. Yes. One very strong e-brake candidate. A lot of questions on his part.
  5. Not sure if it will happen, or when it will happen, but Dan spent Friday night in the booth with me at the Celina game. We had a great time, joked around some, got some very, very high praise from him, and I think he has a recording of me singing that may make the air. Quality dude, and I think that every time that I meet him.
  6. In the end, it was better. Way too many line outs lost. It just killed us. Macginty was not very good. We struggled on kick catch all night. My biggest beef with this team is the constant kicking away of possession. Tackle 30 times, get turnover, kick away possession, make 30 tackles, rinse repeat. I absolutely love Greg McWilliams (US attack coach), and I have a lot of respect for Gary Gold, but if our attack plan is to consistently give the other team the ball, I’m out. We aren’t good enough in our set piece to win a game like that.
  7. Yeah, that's a bloodbath. I'm still not sure why Cheika put so many "old boys" out there.
  8. It is. I like that you have to squad rotate due to the condensed schedule. It opens up more possibilities for upsets like this. Japan may not win if Sexton is out there the whole match. Australia/Wales was very entertaining. Scotland has a must win against Samoa now.
  9. Jake Smith’s longest reception this year is longer than any Duvernay has had this year and the two previous. Plus, Smith has more yards per catch. You are being obtuse.
  10. In my opinion, Scotland is down more with Italy. I think they are closer to Italy than England. Argentina is a cut above Scotland. France is up-and-down, capable of winning or losing any game.
  11. The new MLR has improved the quality of US players at the international players. In addition, we are starting to see the first players come through from EIRA, an age-based quasi national team for U14 through U18. Two players on this year’s squad were in their first international tour. Many, many more will be coming through. My son was on the U16 tour to Ireland this year that played Munster, Connacht, and Ulster. Should be a top 8 country in about 5 years.
  12. There are 7 teams in 4A D1 district 6. All of them have played four games. The top scoring team in the district (FW Diamond Hill Jarvis) is averaging 6 points per game.
  13. That was from his sophomore year. Weird that a quasi-recruiting site would tweet it now
  14. Opening game - Japan (hosts) vs Russia Japan looking the better team.
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