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  1. LOL you guys that don’t get Mac’s gig, it’s a smart strategy and he would have stopped doing it after a few years if it wasn’t working. Sheesh.
  2. Pretty sure this is Skelski’s 10th or 11th year, he’s been through it all with Clemson.
  3. Fucking bats, it’s like they all got bit by a monkey.
  4. Houston Westsiders, is Stratford legit this year or just a kind schedule?
  5. Goodness Bielema is a whale, sorry if that’s already been noted.
  6. I don’t post much, but get the fuck out of here with Rock Bottom. Miami Cotton Bowl, they basically made a production of what constitutes Unsportsmanlike Behavior and Personal Fouls, and laughed while they were doing it. 66-3, 60 to whateverasswippings early MB, Coach Potato era, Maryland losses. Shit. The kids will will be alright. We’ll get some OL in here and hopefully Arch and things will be ok.
  7. Born in Endicott, NY. IBM town. My dad started making trips to Austin in the 70s, they were investigating a relocation to this strange place far away. He’d always bring Longhorn gear back with him. A kid wearing a Bevo T shirt was pretty rare in upstate NY. I was bleeding burnt orange when I was 12 and we moved to Austin in 1980.
  8. I went to that game, it began the Shock the Nation season. I had “where the hell is State college” written on the back of my company truck. Got hammered before and during the game. Visited with Tom Penders while my buddy threw up in the bed of my truck. Got pulled over by campus police after the game and made to do a sobriety test in front of dozens of jeering pissed off PSU fans passing by. Good times.
  9. Was it Berklee School of Music in MA? It’s a highly regarded music school, she was a vocalist in the wedding, and a much more manageable drive from PA. Not sure, maybe I missed something as well.
  10. Average NFL RB career is slightly over 3 years. If you are a 4~5 star getting recruited by a Power 5, you are looking at your professional future. I think the math/analytics/whatever is more available to these kids and they are making decisions accordingly. It is what it is.
  11. My son played with a 4 star running back in high school in Houston, he committed to an SEC school in 2015 before his senior year. There was a noticeable dropoff in performance in his senior year, especially in a loss to a top 10 ranked school in the second round of the playoffs. With RBs tread life, it’s entirely possible that State U is telling all these guys to protect themselves senior year of HS. What do they have to gain? It’s the times we live in.
  12. OMG “let’s make lots of money” from the fucking hood ornament. Maybe save a few bucks, probably don’t. That’s not making money, commercial/song makes me want to puke. Sorry if this got discussed on much earlier pages, but fuck that commercial.
  13. I’m no Baylor fan, and their sordid past speaks for itself, but where did Scott Drew bury the bodies?
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