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  1. If Reggie Real Deal McNeal can recruit half as well as he played, consider Thompson a lock to Clemson.
  2. It really is funny watching what's happened with other sec fanbases over the last few years. I'm sure when aggy joined, they took the feedback from Texas fans with a grain of salt. Every flagship state school thinks their little brother state school is backwards and weird, so I'm sure they assumed it was just rivalry talk. Even when they released their hilariously and unintentionally awful welcome video, I'm sure most fanbases just said "ok...that was weird." But prolonged exposure will always bring out the truth, and I think most of them now understand why we said no takebacks. The fact
  3. Something has to distract the defense so that the tight end and rb get open.
  4. I love the fact that they're now relying on bama to win recruiting battles on their behalf, too. Is there nothing these idiots won't ride saban's coattails on? Don't answer, I already know. Also, rep x 1000 to texifornia for doing the lord's work in this thread. Glorious tears to behold.
  5. When I was on the urban hype train, the number 1 reason why was that our recruiting had imploded and it seemed critical to turn it around quickly. I was certain urban would, and my only real hesitation when sark was announced was whether he was a big enough name to do it. Then alabama absolutely schooled osu's defense, giving sark a nice sales pitch to offensive recruits. Then he hired this staff. I'm no longer concerned from a recruiting standpoint. Let's fucking go.
  6. I have confidence that Sark, who has put in an unimaginable amount of work to rebuild be his career and now has the keys to one of the best jobs in college football, and whose return to head coaching is going to be evaluated very closely based on how he starts this season, is not going to bench the qb who he believes gives him the best shot to win quickly because he's not from Texas. If Card starts, it will be because Sark thought he gave us the best chance to win. Likewise for Casey. Sark knows he needs to hold momentum and not lose it with a disappointing season. There's no time to waste
  7. Yeah, if he's opposed to starting qb's who aren't from Texas, he's making same strange recruiting decisions right now.
  8. Isn't it obvious? When a recruit jimbo offered commits to aggy, it's because they were coveted. When a recruit jimbo offered commits somewhere else, it's clearly bc they were offered but not coveted. Jimbo might not land every prospect he offers, but he always lands the ones he covets. 60% of the time, it works every time.
  9. What do I do if I do not respect their decision despite being instructed to do so?
  10. It is that kind of tub and faucet, and this makes sense. Is it just coincidence this happened around the freeze? Bizarre, if so. I'm not going to try to open up the tub to see, so will just wait until a plumber can come. I assume there's no risk from this in terms of leaking/damage, it just won't provide hot water for now? Thanks guys, I did a ton of searching online but the problem is specific enough that you find a lot of other, not applicable problems when trying to find answers for this. This is the only thing I've seen that makes any sense for the symptoms observed.
  11. Yeah, the block would make sense for pressure, but I couldn't figure out how that would impact heat. Just tried it again this morning, shower and both sinks in the same bathroom have hot water, tub gets none. To make things more confusing, it is a separate h/c handle faucet. Seems more likely that something could get messed up on a single handle, but this is a separate handle. The cold handle produces much stronger pressure and very cold water. The hot handle produces 50% pressure and water that maybe is not as cold, but definitely not even warm. Single tankless heater for the entire hou
  12. I think you're confused. Florida did not pay in a bowl game. Dan Mullen said so right after they got beat the fuck down. A team called florida, wearing florida uniforms, being coached by Dan Mullen and featuring many of Florida's players played in a bowl game, but Dan Mullen told me that Florida was a very good team and the team that played ou looked like warmed over dog shit, so it must not have been Florida.
  13. From a foundation standpoint, both are quite close (first floor). In terms of the city line meeting residence, to be honest I don't know. How would I figure this out? Maybe this helps answer the question, but we have a second floor and all pressure and heat/cold water is fine on the second floor in all bathrooms. It seems like no matter, all bathrooms on the second floor should be further from what you're mentioning than a first floor master bath, but maybe I'm missing something. What should we watch for, just in case our situation is similar to yours? I'm behind on the thread, so don't
  14. Ok, we were almost in the 70s here today, so I can safely say any thawing that needed to happen should be done by now. With that done, I've got a pretty strange situation going on with plumbing, curious if anyone here has any ideas. I was able to run water the entire way through the freeze, hot and cold from all faucets. Now that everything is done, every faucet in the house seems to have returned to normal...except two. In the master bath, the tub and shower are right next to each other, along an exterior wall. The shower has hot and cold water fine, the pressure just seems a bit low. T
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