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  1. Neutral court. Madison Square Garden, NYC.
  2. You fuckers better not jinx this. Game is not over yet.
  3. This officiating is so one sided. Not even close to calling it even on both ends.
  4. I’m going to age myself here. But as Brady was running I heard the sound effects from the Six Million Dollar Man when he would run in super slo mo.
  5. Wow. How did they let him have that?
  6. Agree. I’ve never liked Ole Miss and I think Kiffin is an arrogant prick. So this union works for me.
  7. I hate the patriots. With that said... NFL refs are worse than Big 12 refs. Prove me wrong.
  8. Clearly a fumble. The question will be is where they give the patriots the ball. In college the whistle would make it non-reviewable.
  9. Dear Oklahoma State: I implore you on behalf of all that is decent, right, and holy to prepare for this game like you’ve never prepared for any game before. Show the agroids no mercy. Eradicate their egos back to the underworld from which they came.
  10. Well with all the calls going NE’s way the scale has not yet come back to balanced.
  11. New England fans booing. What a bunch of entitled pricks. You don’t get to boo. Your team has had unprecedented success. When you have been what us Cowboys fans have had to live through the past quarter century, THEN you can boo.
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