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  1. Shut it down. Nothing to see here anymore. Long live the 2021 NCAA baseball thread.
  2. The NCAA better give every spring sport student athlete an extra year of eligibility.
  3. I'm also in the medical center right now and they are considering closing our building. Problem for me is I have two candidates for a job I'm interviewing this afternoon, and I'm flying back home tonight. Trying to figure out an alternate location to have them meet me. Any suggestions from you Houston locals?
  4. I seriously don’t know what has happened to ISU this year. It’s just bizarre to see them play this poorly.
  5. Holyfield is also having a nice game.
  6. Huh? You are up by 23 with 9:15 to play. You aren't blowing a 23 point lead at home to anyone.
  7. Okie Light had help. A lot of help.
  8. Fuck off Xerox U. Your entire school is a fucking joke and has to constantly steal other schools' traditions, and yes, the officials handed you the win today.
  9. These refs won’t call a charge no matter if it’s a textbook definition or not.
  10. Cylinder rule my ass. They aren’t calling that shit both ways.
  11. WVU player flagrantly elbows Tech guy in the face and they call the foul on Tech. Fucking bullshit.
  12. The officiating in the Tech vs WVU is ridiculous. WVU getting away with murder.
  13. Somehow I’m watching this without drinking.
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