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  1. This thread once again proving the off-season sucks.
  2. Meh. I hope Goodman is wrong (again). Grant has been a good coach at UNT, but in six years, I would not say he has lit the world on fire (as compared to what Beard did at Arkansas-Little Rock, a comparable position.) One NCAA appearance and two NIT appearances in six years. He has a career HC win% of .697 and a current win% at UNT of .667. His previous HC jobs were at Midwestern St. and Arkansas St. UNT this year was #1 in scoring defense, but #326 in scoring offense. I'm sorry, but that just isn't going to cut it (as evidenced by the fact they are in the NIT right now and not the Big Dance). I feel like Tech is settling with the "safe" hire.
  3. I find this latest from Wilner absolutely hilarious. First, he provides ZERO new information, but rather finally admits to what everyone else can see. Second, he's trying to give himself an out from the many months of his stance that the Pac 12 won't fold, it's better than the Big 12, it will get a great TV deal, yada yada yada. And to be honest, it still may...but it's just funny to finally see Wilner admit there's a possibility GK fucked this whole thing up.
  4. You have to buy it digitally ahead of time. Tickemaster. It's a damn racket. Hmm...what you sellin? Maybe I can be one of your potential clients.
  5. From what I read, yes. However, I would imagine it will be a giant pain in the ass to get the return Uber. Going Friday and Saturday. I just said "fuck it" and bought the outrageously overpriced parking passes for Barton Creek Mall with the shuttle...mostly because a round-trip Uber from Round Rock and back would exceed that amount, and because of the aforementioned pain to get an Uber at the end of the day. And as a client of enterprise software, I can assure you that your client probably would rather talk golf than software as well.
  6. I'm going next year (2024). Can't wait.
  7. No. I think he's either referring to back in 2010(?) when PAC-10 could have had UT, TT, OU, & OSU when A&M decided to throw their little tantrum, and/or then again back in 2021 when UT and OU announced leaving to SEC, the PAC decided they didn't want the likes of Tech, OSU, TCU et al in their treehouse.
  8. Although I think it would be great if only UA and CU came to the Big 12 and the rest stayed behind in their dying conference, there is no way ASU and UU could be so obtuse as to not beg the Big 12 to take them as well should the former happen. But stranger things have happened.
  9. The UU President chose his words very carefully in this interview. Maybe I listened to it with anti-PAC 10 ears, but even though he says they're all committed right now to each other, sure sounds like he sees the big picture and is not painting himself in the PAC 10 or bust corner like the ASU president and Utah AD seemed to do the last couple of weeks. https://espn700sports.com/utes/taylor-randall-gives-the-latest-on-the-pac-12-media-rights-deal-more/
  10. Anyone going to the Dell Match play this week? It will be my first time to attend in person.
  11. But Captain Dan, she ain’t got no titties.
  12. Ah, ok. I wonder if it’s because of the two stroke penalty Schenk received in 2019 when his caddy stood behind him when he was in the bunker to talk after he had already addressed the ball, violating the rule that had been introduced outlawing caddies aligning players.
  13. Anyone know why Schenk’s caddie has “Bunker” on his back instead of “Schenk”?
  14. Picture of Robbins when he was a high school football player:
  15. I think Robbins is just playing the CYA card right now. He's hedging his bets and trying not to say anything that would get the PAC up in arms against Arizona. Let the process play out, pretend like you are completely on board with the PAC and George K. and are optimistic an acceptable TV deal is done, and then when it's not, he can say he tried but they didn't deliver. Or...he's just a dumbass. Regardless, I've pretty much stopped caring. I see the PAC dying no matter what. Either they agree to a crappy TV rights deal and fall off the college football radar the next few years, prompting Oregon and Washington to sell their souls to leave and the conference turning into WAC 2.0, or they end up turning into WAC 2.0 now when certain members bolt to the security that the Big 12 provides. Either way, it's a dead conference walking...it's just a matter of when now.
  16. NCAA basketball tourney at 2:00pm on Friday: Lookin' like it's going to be all chalk today Iowa State: Hold my beer.
  17. Didn't know that...for some reason I thought they instituted one a few years ago. Confession...I haven't been back to a high school basketball game since that trainwreck in 1992 at the FEC.
  18. 1992 5-A High School Basketball Championship game. My alma mater, Victoria High, had a huge lead on Longview. Huge. So what does Coach Smith decide to do? Decides to milk the extremely long clock playing 4-square (no shot clock then). I watched as Longview stole pass after pass to whittle away at the lead and eventually take over the game and win it. If VHS had just kept playing the way they had been, they would have had the title and hoisted the trophy. But the coach turtled up like Mr. Coach Klein vs. Red Beaulieu. Ironically, I think a shot clock would have given VHS a state title.
  19. I could see the following upsets happening: 1. Pitt over ISU 2. NC State over Creighton 3. Providence over Kentucky
  20. Damn, it's like I was really there at TexAgs reading that. You speak aggy without even a hint of an accent. You must live amongst them.
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