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  1. Poker room in Dallas was raided yesterday by Presbyterian hospital, walnut hill and Greenville. Buddy of mine was in the area at the time and snapped a few pics
  2. The only person on the ticket that I hate is Norm. I can't stand him. I'll listen to the musers, than switch to Pandora from 10 to noon unless it's boom in the house, and then back to bad radio. Corby and Danny aren't my favorites but I don't hate either of them, but I guess I'm in the minority there
  3. That's a good looking bike man!
  4. I'd be ok with Sirois getting the hard line opening, I really enjoyed yesterday's show with him, corby and Mike. I'd prefer him over Jake or Dave lane
  5. The big announcement is that ticketstock is coming up
  6. It's on Fox Sports Southwest Plus for me, on Playstation vue
  7. Had no idea love has a Campisi's, wish I'd known that sooner
  8. That looks badass man, nice work! Such a good feeling to break out the tools and build something
  9. The Half Life Alyx game has me intrigued
  10. I need to learn to stop getting up to make a drink, they wait to score until I get up
  11. Listening to everyone on the ticket talking about it is giving me extreme sports regret about not being there in person. Not sure I'd spend the money if I could go back but I'd have given it a lot more thought, seems like it was a magical experience.
  12. I'm a few min behind but I went back and paused this one at the right second
  13. 3rd and 10, throw to the guy at the line of scrimmage
  14. Buddy at work has a rec tec and loves it, he brings in some damn good stuff from time to time. Another guy at work has a traeger and has said a few times that he thinks the rec tec turns out better brisket, that the smoke flavor is more pronounced. That's all I got
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