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  1. Twitter pumpers are starting to talk about MTNB, might be another pump n dump soon
  2. I just poke the probe through the wrap
  3. Keeping an eye on AQMS, seeing some chatter about them. Patents for recycling EV batteries, chart looks good
  4. Played this one back in early October, sold too early but still grabbed profits. If RadioSilentplay likes it then I do too. I'm not saying buy, I'm saying watch. If you do buy set stops, I'm looking to see what it does in the hour or two after market open
  5. Yup. Between IDEX, TANH, FCEL and SUNW I shattered whatever my previous best day was
  6. TANH trying to run, making up ground faster then I expected
  7. Holding up pretty well too, I was thinking it'd have a larger drop off than it did. Thought about selling at $2.75 but I'm going to hold onto it for a while, I don't think it's done yet
  8. Don't pull based on temp, pull based on probe tenderness
  9. If you like stonks this is the shit you look for, panic sell and catch the rebound
  10. I've been in and out of it over the last few months, was a steady climber. Several different segments to them including EV which I think was the catalyst. They had a direct offering and it plummeted, I grabbed a bunch at $1.21 and will hold for a few weeks to see what it does but I think it'll climb back towards $3. I have a stop set, it's a low risk high reward play imo
  11. Loaded a bunch of TANH after the offering, think it's going to go up pretty quickly
  12. EV is the future, hope y'all are getting rich off of BLNK, SOLO, CIIC, PLUG, AYRO, FSR and my guilty pleasure IDEX
  13. I used that one, it makes a lot. We did tacos the first day and then had leftover stew the next day
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