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  1. Of course right when I post that it begins its descent, going to keep an eye on this one
  2. Heads up on BLU. Had a massive drop due to poor results in a trial. I grabbed some after the drop just for shits n giggles and it's been steadily climbing
  3. Add SHLO, it's been running well lately
  4. I keep thinking it's time to take profits from AYRO and the thing keeps going up
  5. This was always my thinking, and I was under the impression that a water pan helps stabilize the temp and prevent big dips or spikes. But now that I think about it I don't fully understand why I use a water pan, I just do it because you're supposed to
  6. Bump the temp up after you wrap, no reason to be smoking at 240 after you wrap. Bump it up to 280-300
  7. Thinking IDEX is close to running again, bought to hop back on
  8. Been focusing on EV stocks the last few weeks and you can't go wrong with any of them lately. BLNK, AYRO, SOLO, SHLL, IDEX, doesn't matter which one go with they just run
  9. It's effective against mud daubers, yellow jackets and smaller wasps, aim for the abdomen. I tried once against a red paper wasp and it grabbed the gun, kicked me in the nuts and flew off
  10. It's not that bad, bug a salt to the toes from 2 feet away will sting, you'll definitely feel it. The closer you get the more alcohol you will need, I've never done point blank but I'd love to see a video of someone (you and your control group) trying it
  11. We played around with the 2.0 and 3.0, shooting our feet and it felt like the 3.0 stung a little more but who knows. Either way the safety thing puts the 3.0 on top imo
  12. 3.0 is definitely more powerful, the aim on mine was different from the 2.0 so I was missing everything at first but once you adjust and get used to it it's all good. And the 3.0 doesn't set the safety every time you cock it which is nice
  13. It's a massacre everytime I fire up the smoker
  14. Anyone in on DLOC? Holy shit
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