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  1. What about people like me that want meat, onion and japs?
  2. Yup. I was thinking about watching it but they've already burned me out on it and spoiled every possible twist.
  3. Day after cold brisket sandwiches never suck. Had to go with some artsy fartsy bread, checked 3 stores and couldn't find a single loaf of Mrs bairds. Dumbfucks hoarding perishables are dumb.
  4. Craig Miller is witty and fun. People like him and want to be around him, his personality is contagious, he's just a likable guy. No one wants him to die a slow, painful death from the covid. We'll never know why you decided to name your forum handle after him but you are his polar opposite, everything about you is a beating. You are to this forum what coronavirus is to the world.
  5. Oh look, another shit post by you. Abbott is trying to help businesses survive while he simultaneously tries to put out a hundred other fires. The TABC is the one that needs to quit playing over-excited mall cop and let the small shit slide.
  6. This is why we can't have nice things. The TABC is that guy on the Titanic scolding people for not strictly adhering to policy while all hell is breaking loose.
  7. It's fucking incredible. Attention to detail is exceptional, best use of VR I've seen yet
  8. What's the opinion on BetOnline? That's what I play on and like it well enough. I don't play much cash, I generally stick to tournaments and sng's but there seems to be plenty of people on at any given time
  9. I cashed out from ACR about a year ago but unless anything has changed all you need is a credit card or bitcoin
  10. I gave it a like but you were a little stingy with the portions, I'll assume you were working with limited leftovers
  11. I've been riding to work this week. It's been nice, weather is pleasant and much fewer cars on the road
  12. Just randomly too. Apparently Quincy put his phone number out on Twitter for some reason so they decided to call it to see if it was really him. Was a damn good segment, I think a weekly or bimonthly Quarantine with Quincy segment could work
  13. That impromptu Quincy Carter interview was greatness
  14. I don't know man, I've been enjoying the new bad radio lately. I'm not the biggest Jake fan but I think he holds his own and is growing. 1a. The Musers 1b. The Hardline 2. Bad radio 3. The entire weekend lineup 4. Spotify 5. Radio off 6. Norm and D invasion
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