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  1. So when a goalie gets a penalty how is it determined which player will sit out for the power play?
  2. Was 1-1 when I was on the way home, finally get home and turn it on and we're up 2-1 woot woot
  3. Love everything about the PJ Fleck story, been fun watching his progression
  4. 5 of the last 6, they're finally looking more focused
  5. Went from being too fucking hot to ride to work to too fucking cold to ride to work with very little middle ground. In the very early planning stages of a trip to big bend and up through New Mexico and Colorado and back to Dallas. Current bike is fun but not suitable for that type of trip, have an eye on the BMW R nineT, that's a sexy bike!
  6. Work in the preston royal area and went walking around
  7. Went for the first time today. Parked in downtown Plano and had a few beers at Fillmore and hopped on the train. Got off train and had a few more at Trinity Hall. Walked across Central, hit a food truck on Binkley and gratiously accepted a few drinks on the boulevard and then proceeded to watch Buechele break it off in Temple. Thought the stadium would be fuller but had a blast, SMU is fun to watch this year
  8. First time I drove through Hico I decided I was going to move there and open a texmex restaurant called Hico De Gallo. Then my wife told me it was pronounced hy-koh and my dream came crashing down
  9. Pork rinds, lousiana hot sauce and scotch for dinner
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