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  1. Yup, fuck me, Bob and Corby but yet here we are. This isn't the last time you'll bitch and moan about Bob and Corby, maybe next time it'll mean something to someone. We'll see.
  2. Sorry. A few beers in, didn't mean to rant. That said fuck all you motherfuckers that bring your negative bullshit opinions to this thread. We all know you listen and then come spew your shit all over the walls and ceiling of this thread. Sorry, didn't mean to rant
  3. I don't get the people that bag on this show or that show, if you don't like them then you don't like them and it's all good. But I bet you still listen. And you contribute to posts about them. I don't contribute to or post about baseball cause I don't like it or watch it. I can't imagine going to a thread about baseball just to let them know I don't approve
  4. Not bad but Davey, Sirois and Corby pulling double duty would be fun as hell. I like Sean but he'll be bringing up the rear
  5. Sirois needs to be there, all he does is bring it when he's around
  6. I hope that's right but HYG isn't the only indicator that things aren't good right now. Reverse repo volume is at unseen levels, margin debt is right behind it. Just saying be careful, it might get bad soon
  7. Big money is betting a crash is coming this week. HYG follows the market, no frills. If they're betting huge that it's about to tank then they probably know something.
  8. Big money has loaded huge puts on HYG. Something big is happening. HYG has repeatedly been the canary in the coal mine. They're betting the bird is about to die again. Be careful next week, meme stocks might be about to flex on us
  9. I don't like giving advice and all I care about are the technicals. Shorts haven't started to cover their positions, collectively they lost 3 billion yesterday and short interest has only gone up. Don't give two fucks about this dip, if you're scared go to church. It's up like 120%, wouldn't you expect a few red days? I don't know what's going to happen today, I just know a few billion shares is a lot to buy back and I got all the time in the world. I'm up $80k and this shit hasn't even started yet. Not financial advice.
  10. If I'm wrong I'll be back in a few months to eat crow. But I'm not even interested until shorts start to cover their positions
  11. They've shorted the entire float 3-4 times over at the very least. They created 3 billion synthetic shares back when it was at $6 hoping to drive it to bankruptcy and be done. It didn't work and we have them by the balls now. Be very careful with puts and shorting, the technicals point towards the biggest short squeeze in history. Not financial advice.
  12. Check the ortex data, this isn't the AMC squeeze, this is just fomo buying. Short interest went up today, they haven't started covering their shorts yet
  13. The only flavored seltzer drinks I've really liked are High Noon. Has real vodka, not malt based. I'm not a fan of the white claw/topo Chico aftertaste. I haven't tried the bud light or Corona ones but I'm sure they're malt based too
  14. I woke up late, didn't trim shit I just threw some salt and pepper on it
  15. Broke leg brisket turned out great. It's been a while since I've done one but everything went smooth. Probed like butter right at 200 and let it rest for about an hour and a half
  16. Son broke his leg and ankle during a wrestling tournament and had surgery late Saturday night. He's at home trying to figure out life with a full leg cast and crutches and his main request was brisket so I used a sick day and Kroger just happened to have them on sale. His dumbass insisted on me posting the video on youtube so if you're so inclined here it is for your viewing pleasure, you can hear his bones snap around the 40 second mark when he gets slammed. And that said he still got 3rd place despite getting blown up. He pinned the kid in the first match in 30 seconds. That video is up too.
  17. Leftover Mississippi Roast sandwich with grilled red onion and moneterrey jack cheese. Abundant cheese was added after the pic
  18. How the fuck have I never heard of Mississippi roast? Going to try this tomorrow. I was wanting to fire up the smoker this weekend so I think I might smoke it for 2 hours and then transfer to crock pot for 5-6 hours
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