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  1. I loaded up at $152... seems like a good idea to sell at least half. Of course it might just run to $200 because BRRRRRRT
  2. I have USAA and added a VPP line item to my other accounts. It’s $200 a year for wife rings (about $22000) and a few guns. Sounded expensive to me. I should actually review that with them since guns sit in a safe and unlikely to be stolen. I do have other jewelry but most of that sits in the safe as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I think you can get it with 1 line as well it's just a bit higher. Get More Unlimited includes everything (not just a trial period)
  4. Any tips on using the AMEX Plat travel rewards ($250 I think) when you are not traveling? I've been trying to justify this card this year where I'm not really traveling much. On top fo the Uber monthly credits you now have what $20 in streaming and $20 in wireless credits? I've found that through VZ I can take advantage of the wireless credits because to do that I need to pay with the AMEX which would essentially remove the already $20 credit I get for auto pay. What are the others I'm missing to try and make this worthwhile?
  5. You really have to stay on top of this shit. Through VZ Wireless I had a Disney+ promo but separately paid for Hulu Live and HBO Max. After doing some research the new VZW plans give you access to Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu for free (not a promo), plus I can get 50% off other device plans, Apple Music and 500GB of cloud storage. This will not cover my access of live content outside of E+ but the 50% off my iPad plan covers the cost difference and I now get Disney and ESPN for free. I also have AT&T Fiber for internet and while I'm on a old plan that does not get HBO Max I'm going to call and see if I can get on a newer plan that does so I don't have to pay that 15 a month. Has anyone had success doing this or is it only when you switch?
  6. Just sold my $SNVP lot at .0008... may sit and wait for .0004 or 5 again. Other than that I'm out of stock ideas...
  7. This. I have him as my backup but keep playing Wentz. Not the best matchup but is Tannehill the better start? I’ve also got D Henry in my lineup so hoping he bounces back a bit this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. $NKLA not doing so hot... Time to double down!
  9. Nah, no way putting in an out clause that keeps me from recognizing it as ARR... without that no reason to even entertain the deal.
  10. Had a guy take a look and thinks it's Cinch bugs that are doing this. Treated for them and a fungicide.
  11. I went ahead and bought a little more premarket to get my avg entry down. I'm still willing to see what happens.
  12. I just got an XDS. Not sure how much I’ll carry with it but it’s way smaller than my Sig. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Have you tried the schools or are you just basing this off the "Great Schools" rating. Keeling magnet is the top middle in Austin. LASA over here too. My kids are not school aged but from my research if you break down the schools performance by certain Demographics they perform very well. And traffic is bad for sure depending on where you live... if you choose Lakeway and complain about getting around in central Austin then that is on you. I'm in central Austin and I don't seem to have much issue getting around where I need to go.
  14. Maybe not true stocks but I'm watching $SUMO and $AMWL as they both started trading today. Maybe Sumo can cash in on the SNOW wave.
  15. I wish that I owned a house in Central Austin for the last 10+ years! I get the drawbacks but from a Financial ROI it still seems (despite the taxes) you are getting a better deal here than so many other places. If your job is totally remote I could see moving out farther but I appreciate being close to the things Austin has to offer plus all my friends and kids friends live here. Pulling up stakes and starting over on that seems like a hard thing to do.
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