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  1. I really meant that to be you are just trying to play and don't care who you are playing with. Post COVID our tee sheets are pretty full during the week but before that there were lots of tee times that no one was playing and you could go out on your own.
  2. You don't join a golf club because it makes sense financially. But if you are really just planning on going out and playing solo then you are probably correct in not joining. If you appreciate getting to know a group of golfers, being active in an MGA, playing the tournaments or enjoy the adult activities they have then it becomes a lot more interesting.
  3. Just like you mentioned... they asked if I was interested in seat relocation and just said they are waiting until they know more about capacity limits before offering this later in the summer.
  4. Manor is an absolute whip anyway... I've parked there a few times and unless you can just leave your car there or continue to tailgate for a few more hours post game you basically just sit in line trying to get out forever. But agreed on the tailgating scene, everything is under construction and all those lots of the past are gone. Saving grace for me has been hanging around the fountain and the LCL pre game if not the Alum center.
  5. Although Manor was showing 70 spots available yesterday I don't think you could actually select them as they were being saved... maybe for those that have accessibility needs? I used to get Yellow all the time as well but stopped in the last few years and instead just Uber back and forth. My confidence is low that the season will happen so even buying parking in a shitty garage to sell later seems like a fruitless effort. This is going to be such a beat down. Edit: A quick check on StubHub and people are asking $367 for Purple $400 for East Garage and $1500 for Navy.
  6. I've seen several clubs put tee times up on GolfNow as a recruiting tool and generate broader awareness when they do not have a full golfing membership. Once that does fill up I think that stops or is at least limited to just a few slots in the weekdays. Barton Creek does this by way of resort patrons except you also get to pay $80K for that pleasure.
  7. Waiters, Grocery clerks, food delivery folks. There are plenty of people who are at risk whose job would not have been considered “putting their life on the line” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Other than golf and being able to take into a variety of courses what else are you looking for? Active MGA? Tournaments? Family friendly activities? Dinners/Date night events. How old are you/kids and are you hoping to find people in those similar age ranges to hang with at the club?
  9. Lost Creek is $5K to join and $515 a month for Full Golf. If you are <40 then you can join for $2500 and dues are a bit less. If you want the ability to play other Club Corp courses it probably another $85 a month on top. RiverPlace, Onion Creek and Twin Creeks are all part of Arcis therefore you have a similar network of courses you can play beyond your home one. Arcis was going to put some money into these courses and the dues have gone up a little but I think they still might be around $5k to join RP. Twin Creeks might be a bit more as I've heard they have a very active golfing membership. Carts run a dollar a hole or you can buy a yearly pass upfront. No min on food/bev purchases. Other than Barton Creek the options above would give you the most access to other courses in the area.
  10. Paying extra for parking is new though correct? I thought i just got to select parking passes as part of the renewal Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Nickel and dime’d at every step. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. No doubt this is a big time cost savings for them. I like the idea of mobile tickets as an option but I still want the flexibility of paper ones for many of the reasons mentioned above (lack of service at game time leading to issue transferring tickets) Just as frustrating for me is getting an email with a link to download season tickets? Might as well just buy them off StubHub at this point.
  13. Was it pretty simple to just switch the wires from the old unit to this one?
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