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  1. Has the city council come out and said anything about this take over? East Chesar Chavez is a huge mess too. House prices in those areas are going up fast but at what point does this impact that desirability and stagnate the tax base for the COA? Would anything be done if people were camping in the median of Mopac now that we are going into wildflower season? Maybe sell some calendars of the homeless camping in the bluebonnets to raise money.
  2. Drove out E Riverside earlier this week and the camp in the median as you get close to Pleasant Valley (what a misnomer) has gotten terrible. Are permanent camps now totally ok? And some of the tents surrounding the parking lots under I35 and 6th look permanent as well. I would be so mad if I parked there for work and had to leave after dark just to get to my car parked in a homeless encampment. Are city parks going to be ok next? My tax dollars (or which these people pay nothing) pay for all that grass to be maintained and now we have filth living on it and destroying that those dollars were used for to beautify that area. I live in East Austin and I guess it's totally ok over here but no one is allowed to camp under Mopac or along Exposition?
  3. Opening something new tonight. Had an interesting story so decided to try it out. Doesn’t qualify as a pure bourbon but decent on the nose. Finished a little on the metallic side but not terrible. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I took it to mean that the underlying tax rate could only increase by 2.5%. For example the City of Austin tax rate is .4431%. That could go up only 2% but your appraised/taxable amount on your house could still increase from 500K to 550K. I also think that was only on City and maybe county taxes. It might not apply to the School District tax which is the highest rate anyway. (Austin ISD was 1.122% last year)
  5. Taxes rates can only go up by 2.5% without voter approval. I think appraised values on homes can still go us as much as prior years (capped at 10% for ones with Homestead exemption)
  6. The performance based fee is new as well this year. I think it used to be you got charged if they actually reduced your tax bill. Now it seems that just by reducing the market value (even though taxable value stays the same and you don't save anything) you will get charged a portion of that.
  7. T'Boo is Satoshi? 9.8 gave us a small reaction and I expect 10K to put up a fight as well. If we can break through that I'd be looking for 11K fairly quickly where I might start scaling out of my longs. I'm only about 50% and was waiting for 6Ks to put in the other half unfortunately.
  8. Need moar deductions! Just filed this morning, getting the jump on the IRS
  9. Late to the party it seems... hotels are getting booked up when I last checked. I'm going to request through the Foundation so I guess I'll just figure it out if I make the cut.
  10. I tried to be more diligent over the last two years but I'm still struggling with nut grass coming up, clover and other crap in certain areas and the Bermuda taking over the Zoysia so looking for some professional help. I know it's me because when I bought the house the yard was immaculate.
  11. I'm a grower not a show'r so this hits close to home
  12. Damn, all this makes me realize how much I don't have time for. Has anyone hired a lawn service that cares for your lawn (not just cuts) they really like?
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