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  1. I was convinced to go with a robot and can’t stand it. I spend more time cleaning out the impeller and unclogging everything then it does cleaning. There are some days I literally mess with it morning, noon and night and there are still leaves and small sticks on the bottom of the pool. And by messing with it, I have to take it apart, unscrew the covers and clean it out by hand. I have just decided it is better use of my time to clean it with a net and brush. If you have any trees near by, robot may not be the best option. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Thank you, this is just what I needed. I am processing an insane amount of information and everything you mentioned makes complete sense.
  3. Just found out our 10 year old son has type 1 diabetes this weekend. We will be out of the hospital Monday and I am wanting to find an outstanding pediatric endocrinologist to work with anywhere from Austin to Dallas. Due to his age and I would to prefer to work with someone that see kids develop through their teenage years and into young adults. We were very lucky we happened to be home when this occurred and were able to get him to dr, ER and to mclane children’s in no time. Hugs your kids tight and always be their strongest advocate. Thanks in advance Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I got to know more, go on...you will make every dad on this site a hero if we can replicate CFA nuggets
  5. Wow! I tried making this recently and it did not turn out like that. Any tips or links to the recipes your followed for the sauce and the pasta would be much appreciated
  6. PorscheGuy


    I would buy Quilt and Faust. Quilt is a really good deal at that price. Quintessa is a steal at $121.00. Which restaurant is this? May be worth a drive...
  7. St Germain is my go to instead of triple sec. Especially when using fresh lime juice. It helps balance the acidity. My go to ratio is: 2 oz Blanco Tequila .75 oz St Germain 2 limes freshly squeezed Serve over Ice or shaken / served up
  8. Surprised how good it looks. Saw one at Preston and NW hwy. Orange color. Thought it was a Mclaren at first. Great looking car. I actually think the tail lights fit the car and looks way better in person. This one had the over sized raised spoiler in the back, which I am not a fan of on this car. Think Chevy hit a home run on this one (as long as you don't order it with the raised spoiler).
  9. PorscheGuy

    Dallas | Burgers

    The Burger at Ellie's in the Hall Arts Hotel was really damn good. Decided to try it after the review came out in D Magazine and I happened to need to drop in anyways to pick up something I left behind when I stayed there last week. I would go back just to order the burger again. I am thinking they modeled it after Gott's Roadside in Napa Valley due to the fact the owner has a vineyard down the road. If you have had the chance to eat a Gott's burger, then you will clearly know the comparison is a good thing.
  10. PorscheGuy


    I wish I could give you a good list of wines in that range, but I rarely stray into that price range. Hopefully others will chime in. I think at that range, it is very important to know what you styles of wine you really like to drink and what your personal tastes trend toward in terms of flavor profiles. Nothing worse then dropping big bucks on a bottle that you could care less about. I feel like I am still developing that taste profile and not ready to go all in just to spend the bucks. My absolute favorite wines are in the $175-$250 range (retail-not restaurant) and come from many of the wines that I listed before. For example Odette Cab ($175) is outstanding. It was the wine that made the lights come on for both me and my wife and we keep a case in stock of different years. They also make Adaptation (from previous list), Cade Howell Mountain ($125) and Plumpjack ($150). Love Cade, just bought another bottle at Twin's Dollar days sale for $82. But I don't care for Plumjack at all. I really also like Barnette Rattlesnake cab ($200). I did not care for Shafer Hillside select, which I will most likely get blasted for. Next on my list to try are the Hall higher end wines and to start dipping my toes into Super Tuscan Wines Best advice I was given for selecting wine at a restaurant: If there is a Super Tuscan on the list you can afford, and you don't know what else to get, go with the super Tuscan. So far 4 out of 4. Can't remember what I got but they were all good.
  11. PorscheGuy


    Define affordable? Under $50, under $25? Reds, whites? What are you drinking now and like and what do you think you want to start exploring? My everyday reds about $20.00: Boogle Phantom ($16-$19). Aerena cab($20.00) Decoy cab ($20.00) Conundrum red blend ($25.00) Meiomi Pinot ($22) I recently had Brady Cabernet at a party and thought it was a well made value wine. My Weekend Reds around $50: Hall Cab ($54) Quilt Cab ($52) Austin Hopes ($50) Frank Family Cab ($48) Adaptation ($54) Prisoner ($50) Cuttings ($54) Walt Pinot ($50) Abstract ($38) Stags Leap Artemis ($58) I don't drink a lot of white wine, so can't help you there. I keep in stock Wycliff Champagne ($4.99). wife loves it, its cheap and good, plus it is resealable and last 2-3 days.
  12. I will clarify. I thought it was overpriced for the quality of BBQ comparatively to Guess Family. To me, Helberg is middle of the road at best. I think Guess Family is far better and worth the price for good que. I think we can both agree on the fact Waco did not have any decent options until the last few years and am glad they both are here.
  13. I agree Guess moved a notch down when they opened their brick and mortar location. But still best bbq in Waco. Did brunch there a few weekends ago and thought they knocked it out of park. I think they are still balancing running a profitable restaurant with still producing quality barbecue. Reed, the owner, knows how to cook. I was not overly impressed w Helberg when I went. Thought it was overpriced would not rush to go back. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. PorscheGuy


    Corison has been on my short list for a while, worth the splurge? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. It’s been a year or so, but Parliament was a cool spot we hit up for some great drinks. The weather should be great, I would add Saint Ann’s. There’s alway the Rattlesnake bar at the Ritz. Might Not necessarily fit what you are looking for but it might be the most entertaining people watching in Dallas. You can simultaneously get propositioned by a hooker while a 68 year old man hits on your wife all before you get approached by swingers who are PGA tour groupies. (All of which are actual events that happened the last two times we visited.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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