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  1. I have the paid version of acrobat and will do it for you. Simple as file > save as. PM if interested.
  2. What a serious breach in security. Hopefully this doesn't spillover into terrorism concerns and just becomes water under the bridge.
  3. Often a subcategory of the "hood fight" thread to be sure, but let's limit videos here to those that do something awful and immediately get what they deserve all in the same video. I'll start. https://twitter.com/i/status/1216018964310056961 Edit: don't know how to embed. Little help?
  4. Negged OP for thread title not containing "Megxit".
  5. Wife no pics wants some heated ski boots for Christmas. I don't know shit about skiing or ski boots. Any surly ski bums available to get me pointed in the right direction?
  6. 6 Echo Dots or Echo "Inputs" (cheaper). Line out from each one to a cheap multi-zone receiver. Create different "zones" in your house by clumping the Echos together in the Alexa app. Everything is then controlled from the Spotify app and you can connect to different zones right from the Spotify app as well. You can find Chromecast Audios on Ebay. I think they have a digital audio out which would be nice, but they aren't supported by Google anymore and I'm not sure you can clump them together to create zones like you can the Echo products.
  7. Where did the Cutthroat Chip King of Houston thread go?
  8. G500 (G Wagon/Wagen) or gtfo. Some say ugly but I love them. Very distinct unlike all the other jelly bean looking SUVs out there right now. The 2019s are a brand new rig unlike the previous 40 years of incremental upgrades.
  9. https://www.crutchfield.com/shopsearch/whole_house_amplifiers.html
  10. The writing was on the wall when Ed joined the show a few months back. You don't mess with a proven formula.
  11. If Jeff Ward didn't suck, he'd still have his job. Ratings are all that matters because higher ratings = higher ad rates. Clearly he was losing listeners. Produce or get cut, he should know that as a (former) athlete. It's just business.
  12. Are you a golf guy and want to do something because golf is your thing? Or do you think that mini golf is just a sound business idea? 1. If the former, a better idea might be a "virtual" golf club where you rent a small warehouse and have 4 or 5 Trackmans (Trackmen?) or GCQuads setup. Run it like a country club where it's all you can golf for a monthly fee. Keycard access, BYOB, online tee time booking. Hire a pro to manage the thing for free. His compensation is the luxury of giving lessons out of your facility. 2. If the latter, find some raw land and talk to the owner. Convince him to let you lease the land on a year-to-year basis for 25% of the revenue. You're in business for no land cost and your expenses are a portable building and setting up the course. The benefit to the landowner is his property is unencumbered and the "improvements" you've made are easily removed for when he decides to do something real with the land. Somebody alluded to this earlier, and he was correct. Mini golf just isn't the best use for retail/commercial property in the long run. I actually thought about doing the first one. DM me if you're interested in #1 and we can talk. It would work. ROK Golf is doing something similar in south Austin but it's more retail/hourly than golf club style. Check them out.
  13. Just went through this. 1. Visit Apple store, acquire Apple Watch with cellular and GPS 2. Visit AT&T store, add a line, take them up on the free iPhone 6 offer 3. On your phone, create kid's iCloud account under your existing iCloud account 4. Setup new phone using newly created kid's iCloud account 5. Pair watch and new phone 6. Put new phone on charger and leave it there 7. Give watch to kid 8. ??? 9. Profit This is enough to give my kid talk and text capability, but no internet. If they really need a phone on a particular adventure, you have it available for them.
  14. I tried those gizmos that screw into the jets and didn't get much from them. My pressure was too low/weak to make any real spray plus they look like shit when not in use and are easily broken by kids playing. Solution was a portable "kit" I designed which consisted of a submersible pump rigged into a milk crate with a couple of dumbbells inside to keep it from tipping over. Ran some PVC up vertically from the pump output above the waterline to a T fitting with another piece of PVC with holes drilled. Run it all night and get a -7 degree drop by morning. $75 all in with the pump being $57 of it. I run it once or twice a week during summer to keep it cool. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017TWW1PI/
  15. Bill Clay

    Pink Floyd

    Careful with that axe, Eugene. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bw4JdxQH34m/
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