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  1. Rick's was our spot back in the day since the door guys weren't too strict. Good times.
  2. Tyler Lee alumni checking in. The school was actually quite progressive in that they dropped the Rebels name and flag, and adopted the Red Raiders in the early 70s, long before it was fashionable. I don't get back much but still believe parts of east Texas are the prettiest that the state has to offer. Hwy 69 from Tyler to Jacksonville is beautiful. I just wish Tyler would ban franchise restaurants. Holy shit - enough already. Very few family owned joints.
  3. I think the county appraisal district and the county clerk will withhold/redact your information from searches upon request. Just ask the question. Solves most of your issues it would seem.
  4. Pump sits in crate and is strapped in using a motorcycle ratchet strap since the pump's motor is so "torque-ey" I didn't want it wiggling around underwater. There's also a 10 lb. dumbbell in the carton just to weigh the kit down a bit. 1.5" PVC coming up to a tee with another 1.5" PVC running laterally above it. About 50 holes drilled in the lateral piece that spray water up at about a 45 deg angle and outward about 15' back into the pool. I made the lateral piece removable with that rubber connector just to keep the kit more portable. Link to pump (1hp version): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017TWW1PI/
  5. Can you post more info on the Pentair chiller? Link or model number maybe?
  6. Same situation on trees for us. I tried the misters that you put on the returns. Didn't work well and I was concerned my kids would break one. I built a different one for about $75 that works off of a submersible pump. I ran it overnight on Tuesday and got a 6 degree drop the next morning. Will post pics if anyone is interested. Probably run it twice or week or so during the summer.
  7. Not sure if serious but if so please shoot me a PM.
  8. Any surlies deal with ocean freight? Looking to move a container of "product" from Brazil to Houston. On a container ship, not a submarine or cigarette boat.
  9. His takes are solid and I listen/watch him sometimes but something about his delivery was bothering me. I finally decided it was the over-cursing. It made me seriously evaluate the amount of cursing I do and whether or not people found me as annoying as I found him to be. Not sure that was the message he was trying to get me to absorb but that's what happened. But what if that was his plan all along? mindblown.gif
  10. Are we talking a focused non-terminal repeating phantasm (class 5 full roaming vapor) or something else?
  11. I did this homework project last year and came to the conclusion that I needed a Speed Queen TC5000WN. Then I never pulled the trigger. Look into that one and see if they made any updates/improvements for the 2020 models. Edit: please post your findings.
  12. I have eero and it's been great. But they just got bought by Amazon, which I wasn't thrilled to hear.
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