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  1. I did this homework project last year and came to the conclusion that I needed a Speed Queen TC5000WN. Then I never pulled the trigger. Look into that one and see if they made any updates/improvements for the 2020 models. Edit: please post your findings.
  2. I have eero and it's been great. But they just got bought by Amazon, which I wasn't thrilled to hear.
  3. None of the embedded Youtube videos are playing for me. I can see the "cover image" of the YT video but it never plays.
  4. Posting this one for the drivers. An older cut but still good. https://youtu.be/NaR3Muj2S_s
  5. It really is mind numbing how screwed up the medical billing process is. So much smoke and mirrors and you feel like they're trying to trickfuck you for thousands of dollars in my case with zero explanations available.
  6. Had to put a kid in the Dell ER 18 months ago. The bill comes and it has some charges on it for doctors we never saw and procedures we never got. Called in to Dell to attempt to get an explanation for the bill multiple times but nobody with a brain would ever talk to me. Was promised callbacks from a manager that never came, yada yada. Fast forward to today and we've been sent to collections. I understand how that game is played and I'm capable of handling a collection agency. My question is - are there any ramifications back on the Dell side? I don't want to show up with a sick kid someday in the future and be turned away because Dell now thinks I'm a deadbeat.
  7. Bill Clay

    Pink Floyd

    Just got an email about this. Brit Floyd tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am for a 6/14 show at ACL Moody.
  8. That's fine but don't be sanctimonious shaming pricks to us when we ultimately buy a dog from a breeder.
  9. We gave adopting/rescuing a golden a fair try but those people don't make it easy. The pound is great if you want a pit bull mix of some kind - not for our family though. The rescue groups are psychos about who is "worthy" of receiving their dogs (if they have any to begin with - very little supply). One wanted a financial statement lolnope. A buddy tried to adopt a lab and they DQ'd him instantly because his home had a doggy door, which in their opinion, was a form of neglect since you need to be attentive to the dog's needs 100% of the time. What? Spend a day a day or two trying to adopt, sure, but don't feel guilty when you ultimately get a dog from a breeder.
  10. I have the paid version of acrobat and will do it for you. Simple as file > save as. PM if interested.
  11. What a serious breach in security. Hopefully this doesn't spillover into terrorism concerns and just becomes water under the bridge.
  12. Often a subcategory of the "hood fight" thread to be sure, but let's limit videos here to those that do something awful and immediately get what they deserve all in the same video. I'll start. https://twitter.com/i/status/1216018964310056961 Edit: don't know how to embed. Little help?
  13. Negged OP for thread title not containing "Megxit".
  14. Wife no pics wants some heated ski boots for Christmas. I don't know shit about skiing or ski boots. Any surly ski bums available to get me pointed in the right direction?
  15. 6 Echo Dots or Echo "Inputs" (cheaper). Line out from each one to a cheap multi-zone receiver. Create different "zones" in your house by clumping the Echos together in the Alexa app. Everything is then controlled from the Spotify app and you can connect to different zones right from the Spotify app as well. You can find Chromecast Audios on Ebay. I think they have a digital audio out which would be nice, but they aren't supported by Google anymore and I'm not sure you can clump them together to create zones like you can the Echo products.
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