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  1. Sounds awesome, post some pics. I have to go to Chetumal in about 2 weeks and we may hop over to Ambergris for a couple of days if the price is is right.
  2. Yep. My buddy just got pulled off of it and he hasn't been happier in years.
  3. exactly...the worst part of this whole clusterfuck has been having to wipe/smear shit around with tree products like a goddamn animal
  4. Why? Mexico takes this shit way more seriously than we do. Let me know the next time you have to wear a mask, wash your hands, your shoes and get a temperature check before you can walk into a 7-11 in Texas. I've made 4 trips to Mexico since last March (5000+ miles of driving in Baja/Central) and I'm going again in 2 weeks. It's really not a big deal.
  5. We should all be acting like hippies right now. Yellow > Mellow, Brown > Down, etc.
  6. We are talking about pulling less than 100 gallons out via bucket to dump in your toilet tanks. That's not gonna make a dent in any pool bigger than a hot tub.
  7. lol, you have a pool right? Pool water works fine for flushing.
  8. Yes, Circle C/South Autstin area is having a problem
  9. Spectrum is down in a lot of south Austin. Good job idiots.
  10. Where is this available? Only online? Amazon has them, but I always just bring a bunch back with me from Mexico. They are less than a buck a bottle there.
  11. Don't sleep on Chimay Negra, it's badass
  12. Not required. Suggested. I'll be in Baja and QRoo for 3 weeks next month, I don't expect it to change.
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