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  1. No, I drove my Jeep down there and left it in front of my rental in Cozumel so I have a car to drive whenever I go down there. Tired of paying for rental cars. We picked up a girl in San Luis Potosi and had to buy a trailer because the Jeep was way too overloaded. Pulling a trailer with a Jeep through the Oaxaca Sierras was a fucking experience in itself. My idiot buddy kept driving like a tard and eventually broke one of the wheels. That was also fun. Loaded and leaving San Luis Potosi Sitting in front of la casa
  2. This is a continuation of the Book of the Ancestor series (same planet). I've read everything by Mark Lawrence, he's good.
  3. Had a great time. We were all over Mexico for 31 days. The "non-essential travel ban" with Mexico is a joke. You can drive across the border or fly into Mexico with zero issues, and thousands of Americans have been doing it since the initial travel ban in March. Mexicans are very happy to issue you a tourist FMM and take your money. I discussed it in the Isla Mujeres thread, but Mexicans are taking this shit way more seriously than we are. Mandatory masks everywhere, curfews, temperature checks, enforced social distancing etc. We went through 10 different states. A lot of crazy shit. Took some surfing lessons in Puerto Escondido, did a lot of diving. And drinking. This was our route.
  4. I flew from Cozumel to Dallas on AA last Sunday. All middle seats empty except for couples that were cuddling up. Everyone had masks on the whole flight except the idiot in the row next to me who had the mask loops around his ears but the mask sitting on top of his head. I took my mask off for a minute to take a drink and the FA reminded me to put it back on. Then she looks at the guy with the mask on top of his head and says nothing.
  5. 4 episodes of season 2 are out now. https://io9.gizmodo.com/doom-patrol-season-2-review-working-through-some-perso-1844209053
  6. Yeah, not uncommon to see them on the side of the road or in pools/ponds right now. The couple I dove with said they saw a lot on the golf course. We're driving on the east side today and I expect we'll see some. I've snorkeled with them in Banco Chinchorro so they don't really bother me anymore. You can see some croc snorkeling here:
  7. He was maybe 6-7 feet. They just caught a bigger one at Pancho Burger a little farther north. This is an article on the one we saw. https://noticaribe.com.mx/2020/06/19/militares-capturan-cocodrilo-que-paseaba-cerca-del-muelle-fiscal-de-cozumel/#jp-carousel-416799
  8. Mexico is taking this shit a fuckload more seriously than Texas. Literally every single place you go, from restaurants to OXXOs, the entrances have mandatory temperature checks, no entry without a mask, anti-bacterial gel stations, shoe wash stations, etc. Mandatory curfews, federale ran entry/exit filters to any major city, the list goes on. Yeah, it's not Austin, where masks are extremely optional and literally every fucking place is open for business and packed.
  9. We were in Puerto Escondido and Huatulco (the epicenter) last week. Luckily we got tired of the empty beaches and moved on.
  10. Curfew on Cozumel is now 9pm so it's a lot more back to normal. Dove with nurse and reef sharks, eagle rays, dolphins and speared a shitload of lion fish yesterday. Then topped it off by watching the locals catch a rogue croc by the ferry.
  11. All the east side bars are closed, but some will open Monday, including Rastas. I'll post some pics this week.
  12. No cartel issues but my buddy got hit with a seatbelt ticket in Chiapas. I kept telling him to put his fucking seatbelt on but he'd take it back off 5 minutes into the drive. We passed though an Estat checkpoint and the officers waved us to the side. As soon as they came to my window I knew it was gonna be some made up BS, but they immediately pointed at my friend and said "no seatbelt".
  13. Mahahual now. Tulum on Sunday for a few days then on to Cozumel.
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