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  1. There aren't any travel restrictions, unless you're trying to get into Mexico driving from Canada.
  2. Strange that they mention the butterfly effect, then pretty much dismiss it.
  3. 2nd vet visit. All the bells are to hopefully keep you from stepping on the little monsters.
  4. Cozumel puppy update. We were diving in Xcalak and some asshole abandoned two babies at the dive shop while we were gone. My friends decided to adopt the female. The male was so sad and scared, I would have been lower than Bob Stoops to leave him there alone. Xcla and Tigger:
  5. What the fuck was the impetus to put that shitty gif up in the first place?
  6. Come on down. The locals need your money. And don't fucking eat the octos, they are awesome.
  7. Trust me, people that are diving near Belize care.
  8. There appeared to be what looked like a young, attractive, fit female in that video. She is more than welcome to come get high and naked on my patio and in my pool.
  9. The golden mix we are babysitting is very, very jealous of the blab puppy. She takes all her toys, growls at her and tries to sleep in her bed.
  10. New Cozumel house dog. Elsie, half blab/half golden.
  11. We dodged a bullet in Cozumel but Marcos left us some nice sunsets.
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