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  1. The bigger you raise, the more you narrow their continuing range. Most players are not folding at least AA or AK to a standard raise there.
  2. I like Lurch's answer also. I will say that we do have true nut advantage since we can easily have JT and a "tight UTG" cannot. Obv he can have KK and QQ and we can't. But by far more combos of JT than of KK & QQ combined (16 JT, 6 remaining KK/QQ). I don't like calling here in our shoes b/c any T, J, or spade either kills our hand or our action. I expect people to continue with a reasonably wide range, as Lurch describes. I do think UTG's range is a bit snugger than Lurch does. I wouldn't cbet all pairs in his shoes. To me betting 77 or whatever into 3 opponents on KQ9 two t
  3. These are all great questions to think about and ask. The very difficult thing is you have to eliminate your opponents actual hand (but not range) as well as the subsequent runout when evaluating decisions. Most players can’t do that. For example, they will think “how could I have made this guy fold” just because he got there. In this hand I would not have made a standard preflop raise. You’re bloating the pot out of position with a hand that flops mediocre at best with short effective stacks. Jamming is +EV against a person who is limping hands like K3 but is super high variance and unnec
  4. Why do you think you could have played the hand better? What would you have done instead? He didn’t have the odds to call your flop bet or your turn jam. He also had about as good a hand as you could expect so you wouldn’t want to drive all the hands you dominate out of the pot just so he doesn’t get to make a marginally breakeven turn call here.
  5. Ah great got it. I assume you didn’t hold? [emoji35]
  6. Got my second Moderna at 515 yesterday. Through last night and this morning, just had sore arm and a little headache. Was supposed to watch a movie doubleheader with the kiddos this afternoon. Kicked in hard, second movie replaced by 150 minute nap. Just super sore everywhere, 101.3 fever, blahhhh. Nap helped a bit Wife got J&J yesterday morn, had chills last night and feels hungover with a miserable headache today.
  7. WSOP tentatively scheduled for Sept 30-Nov 23. Let’s goooooooooooo.
  8. His open limp is really bad. In your shoes I would generally lead the flop since there is no preflop aggressor and I don’t want it to check through. I would check raise a bit smaller to make him think he has fold equity and set up a slightly less than pot size jam on the turn. Once one player flops aces up and the other flops a pair plus the NFD and the effective stacks are less than 20 bigs, it’s basically gonna get all in. In his shoes i would just jam over your flop raise. I’m a bit confused what you mean by “dealing to the turn he had 24.4% and dealing to the river he had 39.6%”. He
  9. Wife got J&J at 9:20am this morning at HEB and is in bed with chills. She says she doesn't feel bad at all, just can't get warm. I got Moderna dose 2 at 5:15pm at Kelly Reaves through Family Hospital System after getting dose 1 at Lockhart HEB. Efficient process, enjoyed not having to even get out of the car. Nothing yet, but it's very early obv. Super glad to be good to go. I also got that city of Austin email. I figure with all the lists I got on, that the next several weeks will feature lots of contacts asking if I still need vaccines.
  10. Woooooo finally got my wife a J&J appt tomorrow at the Round Rock 1431 HEB. In under the wire in time for us to hit Vegas in late April. LFGGGGH
  11. For sure, shoving allin is always >>>> calling allin (arguably unless you have exactly AA, since every other hand benefits some from fold equity). AK def plays different in tourneys than in cash. AK plays best with shallower stack to pot ratio, such that stacking off with 1 pair is clearly correct, which is more prevalent in tourney than cash. AK also plays best all-in pre, though, exactly for a reason you mentioned above - you realize all of your equity. The problem with that in cash is that you are playing, usually, 100 BB deep or so, and unless you are in with maniacs, the
  12. Hey I’d had several drinks, I was under a lot of stress, and she said it happens to everyone.
  13. If 77 is calling, so is AQ, AJ, KQs, right? Also they only realize their equity if they call your all-in bet. And being allin also means you realize YOUR equity. What if it ran out J-8-3-T-Q and you would have folded flop? And since you have AK and they are morons, you have more equity. Don't be results-oriented about the order of cards. Once it came AK3, weren't you glad he was allin and that he couldn't fold and save the rest of his chips? He was drawing all but dead and got a miracle. But anytime you can get some buffoon to shove J8 into you with zero fold equity, you already wo
  14. Right, play your range. On most flops our range crushes that of a call station. Q73 feels bad for us but if he calls pre with T8, A5, etc he doesn’t like it either. The tricky stack depth is part of why I like 3.5x rather than 5x bc that does allow us a bit more wiggle room to play post flop if only BB calls.
  15. Sign up for Family Hospital Systems vaccine list. They will email you in about 48 hours with a list to their vaccine portal and you can book a second Moderna shot at Kelly Reaves.
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