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  1. You’re an imbecile. Does the flu typically result in people dying in hospital floors because there is no ICU space available? Oh no it doesn’t. Cool.
  2. My daughter also had a fever and dry cough and tested negative for flu.
  3. I would take the under on confirmed cases, because of how many asymptomatic/mild cases there will be, especially once hospitals are ransacked. But if you look at the data, the only reason to think that many people won't contract it is "just because I want it to be true."
  4. Again, people who have no clue spreading misinformation. The kids carry the fucking virus, they just don't by and large (though not 100%) develop the illness, especially severe cases. But morons will hear her and others like her say that shit and think HEY SHE'S A NURSE and that she knows shit from dick. Yes, this random nurse knows more than 95+% of all epidemiologists, virologists, the WHO, the CDC, Dr. Fauci, all the national and local governments who are making decisions. Not directed at you Parliament, just annoyed how many unnecessary deaths the stupid and uninformed will cause.
  5. Getting it under control though!! Fear-mongering!!
  6. LOL wow the crossover. My office was sending two people to Lifesavers (they had actually elected to not go the same day it was cancelled) and my ex-wife was doing TLA. She's super bummed.
  7. Not to mention Japan, South Korea, Singapore..... Freudian autocorrect.
  8. I mean, you really don't know that. Healthy 80 year olds die all the time. Biden is clearly declining now, and we have seen how the stress of campaigning and the Presidency ages people. You really to wager that Biden is alive, healthy, and at least competent enough for appearances in, say, summer 2023? That's 40 months from now. And again, this completely disregards rampant spread of a virus that kills about 15% of those in Biden's age bracket that contract it.
  9. Also obviously some have been infected but not discovered/confirmed bc no or slight symptoms.
  10. Lol at some of y’all saying VP is worthless. In a vacuum maybe, but what are the odds the VP becomes Prez when the nominee is a declining 80 year old in a world with a highly contagious virus killing off the olds?
  11. This. Now if he wants to say hand washing isn't sufficient, fine. But to say it isn't helpful, when we are talking about a virus that can apparently live on surfaces, is just false. I can pick the virus up on my hands, then touch my nose, mouth, or food, and get sick. To say don't worry about those things is just disingenuous and reckless.
  12. Literally resorting to wishing it away, and notice the things we need to protect. Citizens? Nope. Industry? Yep. I had vowed to not vote for Biden, but this lump of fuck is going to directly cause thousands of unnecessary American deaths, so I very well be voting for a benign senile lump of goo to replace this malignant senile lump of goo. Really appreciate the choice, America.
  13. Supposed to take the kids for their first trip to Universal Orlando in mid-May. Originally booked flights on SWA for $218/ea, have rebooked for $90/ea. Rebooked hotel for $60 cheaper total for 5 nights. Can cancel hotel up to 5 nights before trip. Only potential risk is got the tickets for the park through Sam's Club, which can only be used through May 22. I would anticipate Sam's will work with us in the event that things deteriorate to the point that the trip isn't feasible.
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