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  1. Hilariously you had more outs post flop than you did pre. What an amazing hand.
  2. Yeah I’ve been burned before counting on second Sat in October, it’s the second Sat of the fair which is USUALLY the second Sat in Oct, but not always
  3. You definitely need to add WR depth and have plenty of RB depth to trade away. I think you can probably do a bit better. Marquise has been really good but how will his role change when Hopkins is back? And Monty is really consistent volume and White is a really solid lotto stash. I'd shop around/counter.
  4. So close yet so far away from ace #1. My ballmark there obv.
  5. The one I got was off I-10 around Boerne.
  6. 50/50 either you get there or you don't.
  7. yeah just never folding given the huge chance that the newbs are putting lots of money in quite foolishly
  8. Chili Cheese Burger slammed and went hard. Strong recommendation.
  9. Hit up the True Texas BBQ in the Marble Falls HEB today. Pretty damn good! Isn’t Goldees or Truth obv but quite good. On left is the Texas Torpedo which is a sausage wrapped jalapeño stuffed with brisket and cream cheese. The jalapeño was hot! In back is green chile cheddar cornbread with honey butter which slapped. Brisket beans and Mac n Cheese were both very good. Brisket itself had good texture and really good flavor. Would def eat again.
  10. Waller is pretty useless in a league that you don’t specifically have to play a TE.
  11. The Dock which is home to Fernie's, is in the Embarcadero building, along with another food stand. We have spent many a post-game time sitting in The Dock noshing some snacks, watching some other games, and mixing in the occasional power snooze.
  12. I mean, why if she knows the cards/runouts would she have gotten it in on previous hands drawing literally dead? Just to set up her BIG MOMENT of getting it in with 47% equity, and also agreeing to run it twice, so whatever cheat she has would have to know the second card after the natural river? It just makes no logical sense whatsoever. My best guess is she has some sort of read/tell on Garrett when he's bluffing/semi-bluffing and obviously doesn't want to say that and give it away, so comes up with other nonsense. My second-best guess is she just decided "he doesn't have anything, I'm tired of him running over me/the table" and called without pondering the equity of her nothing. I've seen plenty of players call in spots saying "I didn't think he had anything" or "I thought he was bluffing" when they literally can't even beat a bluff. My THIRD-best guess is she was remembering the J3 hand she had the literal hand before. She said when she was looking back she was checking to see if the J was a club. I just can't find any reason to have an amazing elaborate cheating system set up and you only use it to get in on the slightly bad side of a coinflip.
  13. 2x defending champs in my dynasty league, started 0-3, playing the by far worst team in league and gonna lose again bc he is starting Geno, Burkhead, Robert Woods in 10 team league and also has Philly D. So absolutely dumb. He got 42 from fucking Geno!
  14. Most leagues/settings won't allow someone to add/drop in the same FA period to lock a player. Otherwise teams could just go in and pick up all the QBs or defenses or whatever and freeze the whole wire.
  15. It’s easy! The “lock everyone up til trial, if we even need one” only applies to brown criminals, not white patriots. For example, see how even a search warrant on a white patriot is surely example of the justice system run amok. And then the “guns always for everyone” part only applies to white patriots like Kyle Rittenhouse.
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