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  1. BTW, I'm using a Discord server to share tourney action, rather than Twitter now, thanks to Elon nerfing Circles. Anyone who wants an invite, holler. Playing one this Friday at The Lodge. LGLG
  2. JFC LOL at big stack getting in multiway there with that hand.
  3. True! Or one or both of them might also have a flush draw, likely with a pair or two pair or a straight draw, which could decrease our outs but guarantee full pay.
  4. A dude led $100 into 7 people and another called $100 with 5 left to act on the turn, they are likely to have hands that will payoff. Also possible that they both have strong hands on the board you don't hit on, and all 3 players put stacks in on river, and you and whoever wins the other board chop the 3rd guy's money up. Also you are closing the action. I'd say much more reasonable fold if you are, say, UTG+1, and may be forced to call off stack on turn with no implied odds helping your equity.
  5. $50 to win $250 and also those river bets yo.
  6. We hit that one a decent amount post-golf and it is good for sure.
  7. Sorry I missed the six post thread with the last post two weeks ago lol.
  8. Saw this with the wife and kids at Mueller Alamo last night. Phenomenal movie, drills the 70s vibe to a T, and a nice solid build while keeping great pacing. Really good performances, particularly the lead and the young lady who plays Lilly. I know there's some hubbub about 3 seconds worth of AI-created title cards that the people who worked on the film then edited, but don't let that stop you from supporting independent filmmakers who made an excellent picture. Streams on Shudder starting April 19 if you miss it in theaters.
  9. PhillyD has locked up a spot in the money. They will win overall with a Bama title or an NCSU win over Alabama in the title game. Can finish no worse than T3 overall, which happens with a Purdue title.
  10. $59 M-Th, $85 F-Sun. Love the course but that doesn’t look great. The GM has responded to reviews blaming a hard freeze in January and stating that the Bermuda will be emerging soon and drastically improving. Hope so!
  11. looking for a pair of tickets to the Friday night game next week against OU. The secondary sites are laughable. LMK if anyone knows anyone, thanks!
  12. Fixed. But also, fuck NC State pickers.
  13. Had more of the Cattleack pastrami brisket and hatch cheese sausage as leftovers today and would increase my evaluation of both.
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