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  1. I will be at Universal with the kids in Orlando so can’t go but someone should get these, Moreland fucks.
  2. Literally zero programs, including Texas, is suspending a player for traffic tickets dude.
  3. If you don't like sauce, you just, you know, don't eat sauce. People who insist on trumpeting the above are trying to make sure everyone else knows how cool and "BBQ PURIST" they are or whatever.
  4. People who make a big point of how they would NEVER EVER eat sauce and any plate shown with sauce or anyone having sauce with Q is some heathen akin to putting ketchup on a $100 bone-in tomahawk ribeye.
  5. The sauce absolutists get tedious sometimes with their virtue signalling. All of these things can be true: Good BBQ doesn't require sauce to taste good. Unless absolute bottom tier, BBQ is worse when it is served slathered in sauce. BBQ sauce is designed to complement the taste of smoked meat, and the occasional dipped bite, or sammich with sauce, is not some heretical crime against God's law.
  6. Leaving your opponent pinned inside their own 3 is worth as many expected points as making a FG. That's why, barring very limited situations like it's the end of a half or obv the end of a game and you are down 3 or less or tied, you should go for all 4th downs inside the 3. The BEST case for kicking is equal to the WORST case going for it.
  7. They don't bother making the Mi Tienda version condom-compatible, so that helps.
  8. We watched a game at Blondie’s in the Miracle Mile shops, it opened early, food was solid, good specials, decent crowd.
  9. Yep, same! It helps a lot. But sometimes it takes a weird bounce or is in some trees and you aren't sure where/if it hit one. It doesn't help that I'm not particularly good haha.
  10. #PushCartMafia but can't do it when it's 100+. Really enjoyed walking the courses at Bandon, walking really lets you take in the course more, evaluate the green as you come in, and process your shots. Only time I hate it (other than balls hot) is when you are trying to find a ball, can cover so much more ground faster in a cart.
  11. Help me understand the benefit of parking outside Gate 5 for $40 instead of inside for $20.
  12. This trades actual win equity for emotions and feelings of "being in the game." Coaches do this all the time to "keep the game alive" or delay the "play of the game" even when to their huge detriment. OU kicked a FG on 4th and 1 in the 2018 Rose Bowl down 3 in OT. It's VERY obvious that 2018 OU would MUCH rather the game come down to that offense gaining 1 yard and then converting 1st and goal to win the game vs needing the 2018 OU defense to stop UGA on a short field. Plus in the next OT, OU was going to go first, which is also a detriment. But they kicked, b/c going for it means THE GAME IS ON THE LINE RIGHT NOW, even though their win equity was DRASTICALLY higher to go.
  13. I like the analysis overall, but I think this part is aggressively silly. Gabriel played only the first half against Arkansas State. His last snap against Tulsa came with 3:23 to go in the 3rd quarter up 28 until they scored. Ewers' last snap vs Rice was with :30 to go in 3Q to go up 37-3. How is that different? Gabriel's last snap against ISU was with 8:41 to go in the 4th Q, but that drive started in the 3rd quarter. Literally no one is pulling their QB in a conference game in the 3rd Q up 27. In fact, Ewers took the field in a drive starting in the 4th Q against Baylor with the score 38-6. Ewers is also running for TDs with 5:00 to go in the game to go up 40-14 on Kansas. I understand injury risk to an extent, but you also need to ensure your offensive unit is cohesive and getting reps together. Also, why is Gabriel injury-prone? He had a broken clavicle at UCF and a concussion last year, in 5 seasons of ball. Why isn't Ewers injury-prone when he missed multiple games in a season and a half of action? Shouldn't Texas not put him in up 32 in the 4th or have him running the ball with 5:00 to go in a game that's over?
  14. The argument isn't specifically that he will make more next year at USC than he would in the NFL, it's that he would make more with 1 year at USC then a rookie contract at a franchise that maximizes his value vs. coming out and going to a garbage franchise. Of course, the giant hole in that logic is there is no guarantee that a garbage franchise doesn't get the #1 pick next year too and then what? I think it's more for leverage in trying to get a team he doesn't want to trade away the #1 pick rather than "risk" him not playing or whatever. It reeks of his dad. I have nothing but love for Caleb, his dad sucks a bone.
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