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  1. found a pair of CRT televisions a few months back while I was out running. Always down for a CRT television, so I scooped them up and have it in the corner of my home office. Hooked it up to a small computer through a series of converters, watching the game on it right now while working using playstation VUE. I can, ya.
  2. vintage baylor assfucking deserves a vintage picture frame
  3. Georgia should go for 2 from now on, and also go for the onside kick every time they score. And they should spit on Matt rhule during half time and call him a bitch.
  4. smoooooooooooooooooooth buttfucking
  5. There's only one fan base that spells baylor that way. aggy. Trying to make completely unrelated football games about aggy is aggy as fuck. Don't let those rednecks live rent free in your head like that.
  6. I love how often they've been bringing up how Texas stomped Georgia during this broadcast lol
  7. I knew baylol was gonna get smoked couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of rapists
  8. these announcers are so fucking stupid. No shit, you have a better chance of not being injured than being injured? That's fucking obvious, can you imagine if the sport had more people being injured than not? Throwing that out in defense of having an already injured player coming back to participate in a league where he can't get paid for his professional-level performance is so goddamn stupid.
  9. this 14 year old ref's voice just really cracked on national tv
  10. ABC is right, Tua would have to be HIGHLY regarded to come back after that injury.
  11. Hook em to this senior class. They inherited an awful, awful period of Texas football and turned the corner. They leave Texas in a dramatically better place than when they came in.
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