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  1. this kid must get so much ass
  2. This is the most badass email I've ever received:
  3. Maaaaan, I rolled out of bed today in an awful mood after last night, only for my cousin to call me early this morning and out of the fucking blue surprise me and my dad with world series tickets. Game 7 world series is some fucking bucket list shit here, I'm freaking the hell out. OMFG today rules so hard
  4. YOOOOOO I got game 7 tickets holy fucking shit!!
  5. My mom is at the game, just texted me pics from her seat:
  6. That new disney lion king remake went in a weird direction
  7. damn kids and their jive slang and rapping musics
  8. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 weeks ago. Tomorrow she starts her treatment. She's been a wreck ever since the diagnosis. I mentioned a few pages back how a friend of the family managed to nab us world series tickets back in 2017 after Harvey. Same person just came through for my mom, she's going to the world series tonight! Win one for my mom!
  9. My brother always brings that up, too. Apparently, "we were six outs away."
  10. For my brother, it was beating the Dodgers that mattered more than the Yankees. For literally decades, my brother would randomly bring up the 1981 NLCS and bitch about game 7. I'd always have to tell him that the game happened before I was born, lol. He literally never got over it. So facing the dodgers in the world series was some epic catharsis for him.
  11. A franchise that had loyal players like Biggio, exciting hitters like Bagwell, and even NOLAN RYAN, and my favorite astro of all time is a 5'5" dude who couldn't make a minor league team until he begged for a spot. He's Houston's Rudy, only not a piece of shit.
  12. To wash the taste out: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/mlb/columnist/bob-nightengale/2019/10/20/astros-yankees-alcs-world-series-mlb/4042257002/ "I still remember when we lost a 100 games three years in a row," Altuve said. "It seems like we were in the very, very bottom. So the only hope I had was to keep working hard because everybody keeps telling me, 'Yeah, we're going to win a championship, we're going to be a really good team. I wanted to be a part of that.’ Altuve is a fucking inspiration. I liked Jeremy Lin when he was Knick because his story was pretty inspirational, and Jose Altuve is the same damn way. Even if I wasn't an astros fan, I'd love the dude.
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