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  1. El Squared

    RIP Gale Sayers

    Does anyone know why Sayers didn’t do more endorsements early on? Seemed like a very affable personality.
  2. El Squared

    RIP Gale Sayers

    There is going to be more and more victims sadly of this great game who will suffer this same fate. Difficult to differentiate between the 2 but even worse, is that many will likely get significant contributions from both.
  3. If the backstory mentioned above on the doc is true wtf are the Chargers hiring this guy to manage their prime beef? Sounds like the GM needs a kick in the balls. there is no shortage of docs, particularly in SD, that would jump at the chance. Just need to be vetted. Seems like a very lazy and/or cheap front office.
  4. You obviously cannot conceive of more than one option at a time. Please don't chew gum and post.
  5. So yes, the injection can cause a pneumothorax or '"punctured lung/dropped lung/lung collapse", however, so can the trauma itself, and a broken rib. It can be delayed. Doesn't necessarily mean it was a direct result of the rib nerve block that was performed. In minor cases nothing else is done except observe and repeat xrays, in severe cases a chest tube has to be inserted to allow the lung to re-expand. There is no mention of a chest tube insertion afterwards, and that if that were done, he would not return to action this weekend in all likelihood, so i guess it was of the minor variety in terms of complications.
  6. First off, you also have to look at a country’s expected death rate, based upon population age. It’s not all the same. Italy for example has the oldest (and most vulnerable population) and early on had the highest death rate relative to neighbors. Then you have to look at what percentage of the population was tested etc. Also my point was that there IS NOT “overwhelming “ evidence to favor one approach over the other. If you have those facts, bring it. Additionally, as difficult as it seems for some to understand, the final event that takes a person’s life that is in a high risk group like immunocompromised individuals or end stage disease like cancer and dementia— is an infection. Pneumonia, , influenza, UTi , etc. relatively healthy individuals dying from COVid are exceptions. This is not the 1918 “Spanish Flu” that wipes out large swathes of healthy individuals at exponentially higher death rates, yet policy seems to be reacting like it is. At that time the death rate was massive. Lastly: Tell me what economy wouldn’t love to have only a 4.5 % contraction this year? The cratering of our economy has collateral health damage that Sweden isn’t going through— loss of jobs and therefore health benefits, so treating preventable diseases, health screening, etc, all goes backwards—- damage that goes way beyond even the tragic loss of life and health and costs of COVID directly. Since we have a shitty and expensive health care system based mainly upon employer supplied insurance instead of universal health care, we are killing people literally by allowing them to get other diseases, in order to prevent them from the theoretical and relatively lower risk COVID virus, as it relates to those not in the most high risk population. Heart disease, cancer , and diabetes are killing far, far more people, and for those that get laid off from this pandemic and lose coverage, many more will pay the ultimate price.
  7. Geography man : what is the population of New Zealand? BTW my point was there are examples on both sides. What does the population comment have do do with any of your comment? Just a numbers guy?
  8. I said nothing about masks not working, as well as not knowing which strategy was best, (which you admitted) ,and I talked about the goals, so keep working on reading comprehension skills. I called you out for being so absolute and inflexible in your views and for ad hominem attacks on those that disagree with you. Perhaps you should waste your time a bit more in this area of deficit. I called you out for being so absolute and inflexible in your views and for ad hominem attacks on those that disagree with you.
  9. Before you call everyone an idiot for disagreeing with your viewpoints, you should do a little research, on the “overwhelming science”. Masks are useful for some situations to help prevent spread of the disease, if that’s the goal. There is also the “overwhelming science” of herd immunity, which has helped in control and even elimination of serious viral illnesses. Are you a “herd immunity denier?” Or “anti-herder”. Ad hominem attacks don’t strengthen your position. There have been examples of successful strategies utilizing strict lockdown controls ( New Zealand, South Korea) and full opposite , (Sweden, South Dakota.) The best strategy will likely take a lot of time to unravel. Using masks around susceptible/ vulnerable populations appears to be useful, but allowing the development of herd immunity in the rest of the population also can control the disease. I wish people who use “science “in their arguments would use all science, not just those elements that serve their position or allow them to attack opposing views.
  10. Those fluorescent yellow vests are killing me. Defund stadium security please.
  11. It depends on what the goal is. Sweden says no, except for the most at risk. Number of cases is not the issue, death and serious illness is the point. That is relatively rare in those under 45. But we need to do either one or the other, either all in or all out. Personally, I favor the herd immunity approach since we have no vaccine yet. Cratering the economy has it's own consequences including loss of health insurance for many, and therefore inability to treat the rest of pathological illnesses that affect us. This is not a slam dunk "settled science" debate, again it depends upon the goal. Sweden has a lower death rate than the US. Fauci and WHO were telling all not to use masks a couple months ago. Its not straightforward. Flame on.
  12. Just win baby. The rest will take care of itself. It matters not how sucky the B12 is. It matters how sucky we are or not. Take care of our own business, that's usually enough, we just haven't been able to do that for a while. Win, including beating our chromosome-deleted conference nemesis, and let the chips fall where they may.
  13. True, but Sam was also getting the ball out quick on many plays and this succeeded because receivers were actively trying to get open, the TE was actually used and had to be accounted for, and there were few dropped passes. Being consistent with multiple weapons can compromise even the best defenses.Lastly, going out on a shaky limb here but there are not many strong defenses in the league .
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