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  1. One of Jean Shepard’s best works was the Phantom of the Open Hearth, IMO.
  2. The problem was never Garrett or Campo ....they are not elite HCs. It’s always been and alway will be Jerrah. Problem in terms of W/L. Not bank. His approach to coaches since the last Super Bowl the Cowboys won seem almost like he made a deal with the league NOT to win, as long as he made money. It’s just not rational what he has done with this team for 2 decades after their success early in his ownership. Most major pro sports though have some sketchy elements to them since it’s big business. Big business doesn’t rely on chance- in any field.
  3. He can put his head down and focus on Blucci’s crotch like the good old days.
  4. Coopers Droppers- those are nursing home tatas.
  5. The only thing worse is our last 10 in seasons.
  6. It depends on who the coach is and how he adapts. If you are stupid , or arrogant, or a douche bag, or some combination of these, you will continue to suck and drag “your” program to the bottom of the Marianas Trench, while cashing big checks. No incentive to change except ego/ will to win. The insanity rests with the ridiculous contracts and extensions accepted and backed by BMDs. Until there is a performance link, nothing will change.
  7. Dodged a bullet not getting Nick, he just lost to Barn. Whew.
  8. Agree to a point but the real decisions are not his since he is not paying the bills. The BMDs decide, he facilitates like a mediator. Sure he can take the cred for getting more sanitary napkins in DKR to enhance the "game day experience", but for FB I doubt he does anything but say"yes sir, thank you sir" when the BMDs have a question or want to make a donation or a change. Even extending Densa after Ga win was likely BMD driven. ADs are like university presidents, they do the bidding of those who hold the gold.
  9. Having been a child in Holland, though not Dutch, I can tell you that the Sinterklaas' assistants are not a racist jab or mocked for skin color. Today's revisionists however coupled w/PC recreationally triggered elements of society want to see racism in everything.
  10. That line was adapted I believe from a white South African comedian before Mandela was released, and it went like this: "There are two things I hate about South Africa, apartheid and the blacks"
  11. Could be a John Blake right around gooner corner...Karma.
  12. “aggys never quit....until halftime “
  13. I imagine LSU will be offering a similar lithograph memorializing this year’s game. It will have a slightly longer title: ” Tigers never quit.... stomping the shit out of aggy, 50-7”
  14. If what was posted about Ash and his personality/ mannerisms as HC walking into a new situation as mentioned above are true, then he is a Densa clone, which is just what we want for this team with a pre-toxic locker room. I don't buy the "let him hang himself" routine, not with good recruits in the pipeline and a covey of new Rig 12 Coaches that are seemingly competent, except for maybe Lesticles, who is very lucky. We still have a lot to overcome against ISU, Baylor, OSU, KSU, TCU, and the usual ou. Tech has better coaching than their record as well. It could be a brutal season next year.
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