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  1. Derka/Goo Punch, please don’t use the word “accountability “ in association w/ UT Sports. There is no such thing ....ever. What we want and what Bellmont does is completely different. Money and performance are disconnected.Optics and appearance mean everything. If we happen to land a coach that has what it takes , and performs well with all the advantages given, it will be a freak random accident, not some deliberate design...because we’re Texas!
  2. Being reining NIT champs helped us bully our way through the toilet paper OOC gauntlet. I am positive he will have this situation turned around for the NIT first round. That's really what matters to Bellmont.
  3. Very few if any high paid coaches resign, unless it’s for scandal. Too many dollars left on the table. Resigning for health issues ( real, not Urbanesque) or family ones like Chris Petersen happens occasionally. Trying to think of anyone in a major sport who resigned because of years of shitty results....not coming up with any right off.
  4. Its the "athletic department" ( an oxymoron) that is casual about hoops and a lot of other things except themselves. We not only have trouble making "The Dance" ( not top 68 worthy).... when we do it's greeted with extensions and pay raises etc. Really: Top 68 is so special? How pathetic for a school that says they are a "flagship", and yet we pay like we are performing at top 10 level often. People need to hold decision makers accountable and the BMDs need to wake up stiffen their tiny peni, because this is embarrassing on so many levels.
  5. When did Texas really have recruiting problems? We have/ had perpetual overpaid, under-achieving coaching problems in the major sports. Recruiting wars matter but only to a certain extent, coaching matters. See: TTU, Butler, early Florida, Davidson, etc. etc. etc. How many examples do the so-called "experts" in Bellmont need? One would think that 30-40 years history would suffice, but that obviously is ridiculous as multiple other "agendas" have intervened. We are not a program where at the top levels, decisions are made that prioritize winning. To those that say we are, please prove your point with other than emotional tirades and hearsay because the record says otherwise, not just the W/L record, but the hiring/firing record of HCs. What Bellmont has signalled clearly is that cash and optics are king. Winning is 3, 4 , 5 or lower on the priority list, after their own fat paychecks and benefits.
  6. What this all validates is the severely bloated and underperforming Bellmont that needs to be expunged. Start over with people that have performance targets not space occupying PC lesions (no CR).
  7. The only thing Hawaii has been under is a cloud of Maui Waui
  8. Nope. Wouldn’t help. It’s the new normal. We need a neutron bomb to keep the buildings but remove the millionaire losers, and those that enable this styrofoam strategy . Clean slate.I would rather take our chances with a bunch of randomly selected homeless people that the established cleptocracy that is Bellmont today.
  9. Yes optics and such will prevail as a strategy for Bellmont unless Shaka Strong commits a felony besides stealing cash.
  10. Can you imagine how many people would keep their jobs at Bellmont and other university sports programs or state government jobs in general, if accountability was linked to employment?
  11. This isn't 1970. Basketball and baseball matter to some extent. With what is being paid to coaches in the major sports, there should be an expectation of much better performance. But accountability is a hollow word on the 40 acres for some reason. Crazy.
  12. What "incentive" is there for CDC to "grow a pair"? How often do high level administrators walk back mistakes? He is playing with house money and has to listen to the house. The house is letting this shitshow happen. Its the BMDs call.
  13. FCB keeps pounding .....bad intel from bus station glory holes.
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