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  1. Critics are talking about its historical inaccuracies and talking extensively about all founding fathers and their thoughts/opinions on Slavery. Hamilton is taking shit for allegedly marrying a Schuyler who was a family of slave owners. They are also questioning whether he was truly opposed to slavery. The consensus seems to be that he was opposed to slavery, but he also did sell slaves working before coming to the US. So they take issue with glorifying that.
  2. Or at least come in second in their division once.
  3. The email they sent me was pretty targeted to its audience.
  4. Violates Trump's own ethics policies is definitely a line I never expected to hear this year.
  5. The Russia bounties on US troops story as well.
  6. I've seen Hamilton live but the Original Broadway cast is spectacular. Worth seeing if you haven't seen it before or did not catch the Broadway cast. It is a masterpiece and a huge part of that was the original cast.
  7. Aggies sure seem ok with all the cheating going on.
  8. Aggies do not lie or cheat or steal..... Sorry Jimbo. It's been a good run, but that institutions integrity is not placed ahead of wins. I suppose they wait until early next week to terminate him?
  9. Shocked to learn Nunes never brought suit.
  10. I have family members sharing links to satire sites aimed at Trumptards like at the site below. Not in satire - because they don't even read the article. FML https://dailyworldupdate.us/nobig/?fbclid=IwAR0bLT-lVGBPSgxDcHq12G9GTwlhQurxVJwA8FqEtnWfLVeYt8EgskKb-RY
  11. Trump needs to make it to December. Let him watch the election results roll in first and have him watch the margin of victory. Only then does he have my permission to die.
  12. Honestly its the first time I've felt I may be voting for the wrong candidate. Lol
  13. There is also value to the intimidation those towers can put on passive players and the carrot it provides those hyper aggressive types to try to win those towers from you.
  14. K-Pop trolls for the win. What an embarrassment....and that was before he admitted to slowing down testing because he wanted better numbers.
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