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  1. https://twitter.com/ProjectLincoln/status/1310386839426015232?s=20 Apparently you can't pay your employees huge quantities of money as consultants and then use those payments to consultants to decrease your tax liability. Who knew?
  2. deech

    Fire Tom Herman

    Undefeated isn't good enough.......Tough crowd. LOL
  3. This is worse than Charlie Strong special teams.
  4. It's OK we are supposed to be loaded in the state of Texas at offensive line with some legacies lined up as well. LOL
  5. I had Higbee and lost. FML. Thanks for nothing Barkley
  6. I saw the trailer and felt like it was going to be too weird and I've watched and liked Mr. Robot and Legion.
  7. deech

    Sam Ehlinger

    So the hosts were talking on Sportsradio so this may all be bullshit, but if Sam wanted - he could come back next year and play also due to COVID this year does not count as a year of eligibility burned? They said there is no clarity regarding scholarship totals from the NCAA, but was just curious if that was true.
  8. That cast is fucking ridiculously good.
  9. Fuck getting the hang of it....just use subtitles.
  10. You can tell it is by the response. First they used Melania to try to deny it and now they run out Nicki Haley.
  11. Fuck 2020 right in the ass.
  12. The exclusion of real genius and top gun was sufficient to destroy his credibility.
  13. Dano will get me in the theater. I think Pattinson is a good enough actor, but it's Batman. I don't know that it requires acting chops.
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