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  1. So Aggy trying to manufacture some attention with recruits that looked likely to head there way for a while or were silents.
  2. https://abcnews.go.com/US/claims-surrounding-malcolm-assassination-surface-letter-written-nypd/story?id=76031383
  3. Look - the night crew did some serious work this year in terms of all the various threads over the last three months. They clearly earned this commitment.
  4. Wait until the Hannity or O'Reilly babies get here.
  5. If they aren't going to bitch about Aggie pulling in three stars from across the country as needed, they shouldn't be upset if UT pulls in a few four and five stars from outside the state.
  6. They can't impeach the President because he's not the President anymore, but they should have spent weeks and months developing evidence. Love the stupidity.
  7. That description fits more than one juror.....
  8. If they would have spent months developing evidence, it would have been - "they spent months putting this together and there is still not a smoking gun" and "it's clear when they have to spend this long going through evidence, there is not enough evidence." It's all just bullshit.
  9. Honestly the more comical defense and having the 45 or so no votes he will get regardless just makes it clear that the GOP is Trump's bitch moving forward. Granted it probably was already and he is smart enough for that to be his strategy in this trial, but how weakened is the GOP if these clowns put on this defense and they still vote to acquit?
  10. Perfect time to eject. LOL
  11. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine? or Fassbender's Magneto?
  12. UT Engineering delivering the recruiting W. Cue Aggie cries about how they think their Engineering school is better than ours. (Surprise...It's not)
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