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  1. So new Republican talking points: The US inability to respond adequately is due to: 1. It's all a conspiracy, people aren't dying. 2. It's the WHO's fault. Fire that person. 3. It's China's fault. They should not have hid this from us
  2. With all due respect, who gives a shit? Someone from WHO ducked a question about Taiwan like a bitch. And? I mean I get that they are talking at times with praise at how China handled the crisis, but I could care less what anyone things. I just want this administration to do everything in its power to minimize the wave of deaths around the corner. When we are all on the other side of this virus, I'm sure I will give a shit about Taiwan and Hong Kong again.
  3. What does one have to do to sign up for ACR? Proxy servers? Some non-traceable funding like Bitcoin?
  4. How much does it rake?
  5. Just trust his treasury secretary to dole out all the money with no congressional oversight. he would never do something to placate Trump.
  6. Which is funny because you sign him to an extension before you trade away Dhop if you think he's the answer.
  7. I think turnout Tuesday is going to be very interesting.
  8. Was the House passing bills that I missed last month related to emergency funding testing/kits? Ordering the CDC to explain themselves regarding early restrictions on testing? Sure we all get how fucking stupid that is today, but three weeks ago if they could point to a tangible bill passed that was waiting Senate approval or White House sign-off? IMHO I've posted in here related to Trump slow playing testing to downplay crisis for himself, the economy, etc. We all know he did it and how dumb it is. Compared to Korea''s response the evidence is even more damning. I think the Democrats could have really killed Trump on the issue if a month ago they were everywhere talking about the virus, passing bills re: testing, etc.
  9. People legitimately buy the argument that his policies will struggle in a General Election and beating Trump is issue #1, #2, #3, and #292
  10. Any other President takes this head on sooner. Rolls out testing sooner. But this idiot is making every decision through the lens of his reelection campaign and not wanting to hurt the economy. It may be a brilliant political strategy, but it's pretty fucking stupid when it comes to coming to grips with a pandemic.
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