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  1. RIP Impeachment 2020. Brisket out front should have told you.
  2. I think I would have AOC take the point because she will get the coverage. Nancy should order her every day to make a public appearance and talk about the President hiding in the White House and call out every document he hasn't provided and talk about Obama would have testified because he's a Patriot. Anything she can think to goad him. Clinton produced documents to the House and sat for a deposition. Cowards hide in the White House, etc.
  3. I was in trial the last two days. Getting caught up. I mean let's openly talk about tracking a US Ambassador for a potential assassination and a co-conspirator in the Ukraine mess coming clean and implicating the AG and the VP. R's are like it's just your normal Thursday.
  4. How bad is the rake? Isn't it generally more EV to play at card houses v. raked games?
  5. I've never played legion. Need to. But not 20-40 limit. Lol
  6. Fuck all non-$1, $5, $25, $100, $500 chip denominations
  7. It's amazing to see them eat their own after a single principled vote. It's a lesson for everyone else. Step out of line with POTUS and you will get beat down. It's not even something that was even really anti Donald. Just a restraint on a Presidential power. But yeah the Maga overreaction and one of the Presidents most ardent supporters is now a lepper. Side note. Couldn't happen to a bigger cunt. It's why Brisket is confident when it's time to really vote, all Rs will stand in line on the side of no principles.
  8. He did. He faked a profile and gave out his real name. I don't think anyone knows.
  9. I'm praying our President takes the smart route and takes the deescalation proffer by Iran after these bombings of limited to no success..
  10. It blows my mind that a coach with zero head coaching or coordinating experience gets hired as a head coach for an NFL team. KK in AZ and this guy must be the two least qualified hires in a long time. They may turn out to be superb hires.... But they definitely aren't hiring the best.
  11. I use poker base to track results. Hand tracking I usually text myself the details immediately following the hand.
  12. I think hand history discussions are the easiest way to track results/decision making. If you are on a downturn, take extensive notes on your sessions. Then post the relevant hand histories in here or discuss them in detail with really good poker playing friends. It's' the best way to review your decision making. Look - we've all hit variance and have had some downswings. The question is whether those downswings are mathematical variance or the result of leaks (like confidence = looser play preflop = tougher decisions when put to the test all-in) that always occur in everyone's game from time to time or they could honestly just be shitty plays on your part. Hand histories at least give you some feedback. Post in here or in the 2020 thread when it starts because I've learned from posts from TXSooner or Lurch in terms of how they view particular hands/plays and they both play differently at times. The goal is that we all make each other better players. We've all made shitty plays that in retrospect or in a discussion were total fuck ups. It's how we learn.
  13. He's going pro this year right?
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