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  1. Eight seasons and Jon gets his rightful title..... Queenslayer. That has to be useful beyond the wall, right? Especially since he can't take a wife.
  2. Or better yet...... He knew Dany was going to go mad queen and kill thousands but hey.... It's OK. We can let that happen. So I can be king.
  3. There was no way to end it and not piss off everyone. But yeah those last two seasons werent the best. Still several good parts at times.
  4. There is no ending that will satisfy people. So looking forward to watching and then listen to several days of endless bitching and ranking this episode as a 2.3/10.
  5. Daily rate poker is fun or monthly rate poker until the DA and HPD raid Lions. Then what? It's over in Houston. Sooner they realize it the better.
  6. He was so spot on with his game of thrones opinions, let's hope his recruiting hot takes are stronger
  7. I never really felt that he was a fraudulent cocksucker who created false sources to disparage the University and its football team.
  8. Bronn kills Tyrion when Dany gives Highgarden to someone else and ending the Lannister reign by not paying their debt.
  9. He will be when the Queen finds out Jaime was let go.
  10. How many scorpions can Sansa build before Dany gets up there?
  11. Tyrion suicide so Arya can go faceless man and end it?
  12. Brienne stayed with Sansa in Winterfell. Tormund went north of the wall.
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