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  1. His raise makes the flush a lot less likely. I think after his $100 raise, he is sitting on: AA, 45, A3, A2, 22, AK maybe AQ, A4, or A5. Flush draw even the nut flush draw likely doesn't near min raise like that. They flat and hope they get more callers. They could also jam. Small raising like that indicates strength more often than draw.
  2. It didn't start with Pat. Watch the Roger Stone documentary on Netflix.
  3. Agree with Sooner. You got your hand heads up thanks to his raise. It seems unlikely he does that with the flush draw as he would want others in. Narrows his range I think. Nothing you can do if he was tricky playing AA or stumbled into the miracle 45. Any raise amount (other than jam) is going to make you come across as ridiculously strong due to the percentage that raise is to your remaining stack. So you may only get a 45 call there of your non-all-in raise. It looks much more like a flush draw if you try to rip it in. So vote 1 - flat, check raise turn all in. If you jam, I'm OK with it as well, but prefer the check-raise on turn.
  4. Fisher really playing with fire here doing that to a Texas High School kid.
  5. I guess someone at Netflix thought it was a good idea to put Ryan Reynolds in a Michael Bay movie?
  6. Or - fuck them and their bullshit faux outrage. Look I get the outrage about the paraphrasing. 1. It's Schiff, he's leading the committee. 2. You are making shit up on the very topic that you are impeaching him. It was dumb. Some witness saying that the President can't use his powers to get his son a royal title is a non-issue of the highest magnitude. She was not commenting or criticizing or talking about any characteristic of Baron other than he is the President's son. It's political got-you bullshit of the highest magnitude.
  7. This case gets better and better. Rudy contacts with OMB? LOL
  8. In Houston, there is only one booster that truly matters. Tillman Fertita. It's his world. SO perhaps Herman only had to dupe one booster there. I think Houston was so interested in keeping Herman because Houston had struggled for relevancy for a while in college football. As soon as they have gotten a decent coach that coach bolted for greener pastures. Briles and Sumlin were the first two. But they never got Houston to the level of competing for elite five star recruits like Ed Oliver or beating national powerhouse Top 10 schools like his victories over OU and FSU. So IMHO - their hot pursuit of Herman when the rumors started were likely solely the result of how thirsty they were for someone to stay. It's why Applewhite got a deal with a clause punishing a premature departure financially.
  9. That is brutal. Awful news for him, but hopefully he can focus on his education and get a great degree.
  10. I'm sorry, but as a lawyer I would love to try a case (every lawyer would) where the evidence of quid pro quo included: 1. I have the favor asked for by the executive of an organization in a written summary of the conversation that is detailed, accurate, and signed-off on by multiple people. and 2. The President and the person responsible with ordering OMB to withhold the aid (his Chief of Staff) both stating on national television that yes they asked for the "investigation" and/or yes on quid pro quo. and 3. The President admitting to his point person in Europe that the only thing that matters is the announcement of an investigation not an actual investigation (Pretext). I mean those are undisputed facts. We can say that's not an impeachable offense, but we can't say no quid pro quo existed or that a crime wasn't committed.
  11. Their schedule is so soft anything less than 10-2 should be considered a huge, huge failure.
  12. I don't get the attention span argument. We are impeaching a President. It should be done as cleanly as possible. I give zero shits for public perception or polling or the upcoming election IMHO. My only concern for timing related to the election is that this act related to receiving a favor meant to damage one of his political opponents in the upcoming election. As a result, the only concern I have is his propensity to keep doing it again and again over and over if it's not unchecked now.
  13. Republicans release their report early. Double down on everything. It's like what the witnesses said the last two weeks were irrelevant to their final conclusions.
  14. The problem is that the Dems have not figured out their end game especially in lieu of the general sentiment in the Senate and the likelihood there will never be a full legit trial.
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