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  1. That's a great video....and not just how it ends.
  2. It's not like he would book out of country travel months earlier and thus was never coming to the pool party.
  3. Lol. It's their standard excuse for why a team missed out on a recruit they said was leaning one way just a day earlier. They don't know shit.
  4. I can't even fathom the stupidity required to type that tweet out.
  5. deech

    Top Gun 2

    Enjoy Cats the Movie b/c that hasn't been down before.
  6. and of course it ends in the next two hands. LOL. Brutal heads up for Dario in terms of cards.
  7. Super Deep heads up could last another ten hours at this pace. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. When playing heads up, don't run second pair into third pair 30920382533 times or if you gett second pair to your opponents third pair, don't let him hit his second pair on the turn or rive.
  9. Dario putting on a clinic. Obviously it helps to turn second pair into two pair on the turn v. Overpair
  10. So now we lose someone on staff and don't get a recruit ? What the hell..
  11. Where were you last week when it was just rumors?
  12. The more I read the more troll like this all sounds.
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