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  1. I was in Kotzebue 20 years ago. Don't bother bringing caribou meat they should have plenty. Glad I could help. Re: groceries, what are your weight limits on luggage flying from Anchorage? My vote is to travel light the first time, and if/when you make a trip out to Fairbanks or something you can come back with the groceries you really need.
  2. Keep in mind I stayed at Holiday Inn, but this means y'all would have been asymptomatic if you caught the actual virus.
  3. I had covid this February, but was totally asymptomatic. I got the J&J shot yesterday, arm sore right afterwards but no other side effects. Except the weird urge to buy Microsoft products.
  4. It means he's a citizen -- not from another country or a foreign national, etc
  5. can't even get through the login on espn+, its frozen
  6. Are there any theories about whether the traditional vaccines like J&J, or the RNA based vaccines will provide longer immunity? Or is it too early to tell?
  7. So, what's the deal with baseball tickets and game attendance in plain English? There's nothing on the UT site about baseball tickets which seems impossible. Is the only way to get tickets, to show up on gameday? I'm sure that would work for Abilene Christian, but what about Tech in a couple weeks?
  8. Is the question whether she would upgrade us at tackle? If so I'd need to see her footwork before weighing in.
  9. Found a few more pics from south TX
  10. Found a scraper almost just like yours! Love artifact hunting. Can't wait to see what turns up on this thread
  11. Related: Who in Austin can help with purchasing a new windows laptop and android phone, and migrating files (photos, videos, etc) from a MacBook Pro and iPhone over to the new setup? In other words, are there personal individual IT consultants in Austin, or could a salesperson at a computer store help with that? Thank you in advance
  12. Many thanks for the advice. Does anyone know who I would go to if I wanted help buying a windows laptop and non-iphone, transferring files (mostly pics/vids), and making sure everything new is set up correctly? In other words, are there personal individual IT consultants in Austin, or could a salesperson at a computer store help with that?
  13. I just had cv19 a few weeks ago and was completely asymptomatic. So, my plan is to take my sweet time, let lots more data come out on all the various vaccines, and get it at some point down the road when its widely available and nobody is waiting for it. In the meantime, if the vaccine gets us to herd immunity and infection numbers drop to near zero, I may wait until if/when another outbreak happens before getting the vaccine. Any docs disagree?
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