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  1. ahhhh fantastic!!! Another great( looking)beer from Live Oak that I can't have. I love the brewer and favor the style... it's gotta be good, right? Enjoy, you bastards!
  2. That train might veer into my lane...
  3. Just realized this was put out by Foxnews. They must be polling their own viewers. Regardless of politics, that's right in the sweet spot for "pissed off at the world."
  4. 49. Kids are doing well. We're doing well. Never had more financial security in my life. yeah, i totally fucking hate it...lolz.
  5. One of the biggest challenges in years 3 and especially 4 is not just improving the GPA; but also not falling back in percentage of class rank due to dwindling numbers in the class itself. You're fighting 2 fronts...
  6. Jerry still drawing breath? I absolutely reserve the right to be disappointed in everything Cowboys...
  7. yeah, you're right. LSU was propped up by scheduling. Who beat more Top 10 teams and Conference /Division Champs this season? now shut the fuck up and move along...
  8. They beat 5 top 10 teams... and multiple conference/ division winners. Of all the SEC scheduling horseshit; LSU is hardly guilty of cream puffing its way to the title.
  9. And the Yankees can lead the way by vacating anything Aroid and Roger Clemens were part of. Rules were knowingly broken, right? your position is one of convenience.
  10. Barry Switzer of baseball? who is they?
  11. All of em who aren't in Philadelphia, PA?
  12. Well, you might have the inside scoop there, Chief. LOl. I loved the movie just like most on here. i just didn't see it as daring and taking chances like some folks make it sound. and Grossman did absolutely steal the show.
  13. the movie is 12 fucking years old. Stop acting as if it was Blazing Saddles in '74.
  14. We buy about 30% more vodka than US whisky? damn... Distilled spirits make up around 7% of the sales of alcoholic beverages. The largest sub-category of spirits is vodka with 34% of cases sold, followed by whiskey with 24% and miscellaneous specialty spirits at 12%. Wines make up around 11% of the alcoholic beverage market.
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