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  1. poutine sucks ass Go Chiefs!!!
  2. Tech version of the coaching hot seat:
  3. two 3 and outs to start the second half by the Tech offense. moving quickly to 3 consecutive scoring possessions by the Mountaineer offense in the second half. Halftime adjustments from hell, baby!!!
  4. yeah, the 45mph zone for 20 miles between Clayton and Raton used to be a beating. Would never see a truck or a worker...LOLz.
  5. I reread the initial post and then realized it was for Durango. I am so used to heading for Denver, that's why I ended up editing my post out. For Denver yes, the Limon route is great, it's just less scenic. For Durango, of course you wouldn't want to go that far north. the shot up to Boise City would indeed help avoid New Mexico if they are truly citing folks for driving through(?)
  6. Hypocrite. only the right protests count. Liberty, gotdammit!!! but through separate but equal songs. we disagree on something. Don't be a shithead. If that is possible...
  7. Why does that concern many people but Not me?
  8. They could solve a shit ton of wrong by restoring the Oilers' colors, logos, and records to Houston where they belong. Different thread, regardless of how offensive the Texans bullshit is.
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