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  1. 75-0 vs an 0-10 team. Ridiculous. This coming week is 5-6 Childress. Wow.
  2. Was making light of the broadcast showing him on the sidelines every 10 seconds.
  3. is 15 yards per carry good?
  4. Why have i never seen the Baylor Freshman tradition thingy? I mean, besides the rapes...
  5. Why is Matt Rhule wearing a practice vest?
  6. I'd root for the Taliban over Baylor. Go Sooners! ( puke!) Go Meteor!!!
  7. Iceman

    Uniform Pron

    Iowa State in all blacks... Congrats on the win. Wear your school colors next time. It looked fucked up.
  8. What is the intent of swinging a helmet at another person's head?
  9. The intense questioning on Satan and why Tua was in the game... not a particular poster on this board.
  10. The notion that the next guy up isn’t a stud in his own right...and that the rest of the team sucks. just LOFucking L.
  11. This. My WWII vet grandfather cussed like a motherfucker. I think it comes down to the individual. Besides that, profanity is hardly an indictment of character...given the circumstances.
  12. I have been researching Carroll Shelby, Ken Miles, et al and LeMans like a madman since seeing the movie. Carroll Shelby AJ Foyt Bill Whittington Don Whittington Price Cobb are all winners of Lemans who were born in Texas. That's 5/13 of the winning American drivers listed for Lemans.
  13. CSB. I went to elementary school with Mike Fuller. His dad coached my older bro... To be clear, it's 10 hours round trip.
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