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  1. The 2009 team deserved better. I was a "first-guesser" all of the way through the year. Probably most of us knew that because of Colt's injury history he wasn't going to make it through the year without injury. I wanted to vomit when I watched Gilbert hand-off game after game in relief of Colt. The golden opportunity occurred the week we played that Florida directional school, in probably November. We were up something like 35 to 0 at half. All GG needed was some real game time experience throwing to the first team receivers. That was the ultimate chance. Two or three series in the second half of throwing. That's all he needed. Bottom line, it should have been two NCs.
  2. new to this discussion; used to be a democrat, was a democratic delegate to the Collin County democratic convention one year, the year I saw the beautiful actress Heather Tom. Voted for Obama once. Biden's major weakness: Inability to speak clearly, inability to know where he is- just listen to parts of his roundtable with governors yesterday. Didn't know who briefs him for an hour per day. He tried to call the Doctor's name, gave up and said "Docs" He thought the country had lost 86,000 jobs and millions of people killed! And this was a roundtable he organized. How does the democratic party deal with Biden exposed during debates? Maybe they refuse to debate?
  3. Yes, this is one of the things that gets me in general, not just sports. How do you have a multi-billion dollar company and you let the face of your organization decide when he wants to retire, instead of making an objective decision that the skills have deteriorated to the point where it becomes a situation that hurts your product? The best example was Dick Clark. The man could not count down to 0 for his New Year's Eve special. I guess he might have been a guest host or something. But ABC wanted him to count down to 0 and he couldn't do it. I think he was a victim of a stroke previously. Dumbest move ever ABC. I like the philosophy of leave them wanting more.
  4. Shula was a part of one of the best MNF games ever, the year the undefeated Bears came into Miami, without McMahon starting. The game was huge. To say Miami was jazzed for this game would be a severe understatement. Marino, Super Duper and Clayton, wow! Bears were not the same without McMahon. One of the biggest what ifs in the history of the league. What if McMahon had been healthy his entire season? Would Chicago have been the second undefeated team? Probably yes. 15-1 and winning the super bowl, crushing the Patriots.
  5. The RB named Walker, John Walker, I think, from Killeen HS? He was very successful at Texas, late 70s, early 80s. He flew over the goal line. He looked like he had jumped on a trampoline in the backfield. He was almost a guarantee to get that last yard.
  6. Shaka agent is the best agent ever? Can’t believe he was top 2 choice for ACC team.
  7. I am pretty confident he can f this up by utilizing last years offense. He tells gb he needs to work on his threes for the next level, and keeps him out there on the three point line through end of January. He also has Baker and gb split time starting through end of February. March arrives and by then shaka has gb in a mind melt, not knowing his capabilities. Team finishes 10 and 8 in conference, gets on a roll postseason, makes it to round of 32, and CDC gives Shaka a 3 year extension. congratulations team, you won a tournament game.
  8. Woah, makes me think about that $70 million stadium I voted against in Mckinney couple of years ago.
  9. Here is a 100% guaranteed correct answer. We can all agree the physical life of a b-ball player is limited to x number of years, say average of 10. What should be number one is the development of the player. Which scenario gives the player the best development? 1. Limited practice with Shaka and company? 2. Limited practice with some other powerful college team? 3. Unlimited practice with G league team? If we can answer this question to a 95% or higher degree, that becomes the correct answer, because: a. If there is a college b-ball coach who can develop the player better than g-league, the player should move up in the draft to the top few spots, thus making up the 500k easily. b. If the player works for a g-league coach that is superior or equal to colleges, the player gets drafted and makes same money he would have made or more + the 500k. Player can always go to college later if he wishes. If there is not a 95% certainty answer to the development question, then the players family hasn’t done their homework, IMO. I don’t know anything about g league coaches, but I bet the Browns have done their homework. I also lay down money the Browns know which college has the best potential for development.
  10. okay, I'll play, with the note that my list is based on Did the player change the way the game is played. 1. Wilt 2. Russell 3. Jabbar 4. Jordan 5. Magic 6. Bird 7. LBJ 8. Shaq 9. Dirk 10. Dr. J.
  11. We will never know for sure it was the wrong decision in the super bowl, because there is no certainty beast gains the yardage. Could have been a fumbled handoff. What I meant was has there been any interviews with Pete to indicate his thought process?
  12. Holy cow! I never thought of it before.....Coach Pete’s decision in the super bowl was subliminally impacted by his negative outcome in the rose bowl? Really? How many years difference? Kind of hard to believe, IMO...beast mode had been dom8nating force all year, correct, but white was 2nd best rb on his team.....I don’t buy this 100%....maybe 60%. Any evidence?
  13. I just want to give this thought some real serious positive thoughts. Fisher had a gift given to him and couldn't try to work it to its potential. Did Fisher ever win anything worth a flip? The only weird part of this is that of the marquee offensive players - Bush, Leinart, White, Young, it seems to me that VY actually had the best pro career. Rookie of the year, I think.
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