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  1. .....CDC proves that 9 and 9 is our standard, and now Herman is up. Herman is probably feeling pretty good right now. He can go 8 and 5 and keep his job. We suck, we don't care about winning, we're Texas.
  2. Stock market is really interesting today. Expectation was the market would tank, because of unemployment numbers. Market is about ready to close and the market is up over 1200 points! I can see the question about shaka can become an economic measure. I am looking for the Dow to cross 25000. When that happens, the boosters should feel better about writing some checks. The market is going to rebound much faster than a lot of people expect, I think.
  3. I don’t remember many HCIW situations working. It didn’t work for the KNights or Sutton’s, but both of those were nepotism. Does assistant coach leaving make it easier for new head coach to hire assistants? After the crisis Coach B. Is still gonna be there, I think. There may not be any competition, $. Colleges will have reduced endowments, etc.
  4. Which means we should not hire anyone to replace the coach. Good. Now, let’s see if cdc remains consistent. No hires or fires until things settle down.
  5. So, do we replace him? No evaluation of Shaka yet by cdc, who is probably not going to evaluate while crisis is happening.
  6. yeah, I put myself through the torture, and here is somewhat of a summary. 1. CB doesn't have a clue, acts like he didn't even watch the OSU game, claimed Texas had momentum at the end of the season. 2. The other dude, Evan?, acted as if he were Shaka's agent, claiming Shaka could have been in the top two or three for the UCLA job last year, but really "wants to make it work" at Texas. 3. CB at the end offered a ridiculous "I know one thing. If there is no positive momentum a year from now, CDC is going to make a change." One of the dumbest things ever. a. You cannot possibly know what CDC is going to do a year from now. b. What is the difference between now and a year from now? 4. the Greg Brown recruitment. CB acted like the team would all of sudden be a physical, good defensive team next year with the addition of GB. My response is this: Why would GB want to come play in front of an empty Erwin Center and play for a substandard coach, who can only recruit? They did make mention of the finances, which is what I have been focused on. I agree completely that the boosters are going to be unwilling to open checkbooks while the stock market is down. That to me is the biggest potential difference between now and this time next year. I think this market is going to come back, but when is anybody's guess.
  7. Last mention of basketball team on cdc Twitter was March 8, before OSU loss. After corona crisis ends, does cdc hope we forget there was a basketball program? Or is he first out of the gate to go get coach B? I imagine his days are filled with trying to project how much money he has to work with, in various scenarios. One thing for sure. Somebody’s gonna get a heckuva coach.
  8. I’m actually coming around with derka on this. It’s not a buyout, never has been. It’s a sunk cost, one year at a time. Attendance for next year is pretty much set. Except for the people who want to visit the Erwin center one more time before it closes, we’re looking at avg of 8000 paid attendance, with the occasional embarrassing TCU style near empty look. Do cdc and athletics council willingly tolerate an embarrassment look? For another year? No matter how closely you follow basketball, it’s hard to stomach, at least it would be for me.
  9. I finally looked at Coach B. Wiki page. Unbelievably awesome. Coach of the year so many different places. I hope, wish cdc cares half as much as you Derka. Is this the easiest slam dunk of a basketball decision in the history of the sport, or am I missing something?
  10. but, the key words are "big empty new stadium". The new gym won't be ready until the beginning of the '21-22 season or later. Shaka probably gets a pass because the new arena will need a new coach to enhance attendance. Also, big? Nope, 10,000 seats a is pretty big reduction from the current 16500 capacity. I think this was the recognition of the powers that be that basketball is not gonna ever be really big at Texas. Doesn't matter. If the big money donors took a 30% hit in the stock market, nobody is coming to cdc with an offer to help pay Shaka's salary. Now back to the other thought. Shaka has earned a reputation as a certain kind of coach. Will he be content to keep his reputation, or will he do anything to try to get better? If he wants to keep making the big bucks somewhere else, he will need to do something in 20-21 to change the perception of him. I don't think he will. Depending upon the teams he can schedule, I can see 15-18 wins again.
  11. ESPNU literally talked about shaka and his job and the virus today. But also discussed seniors getting another year. Which is SMART because of, maybe, there may be something called freshman that may want to come in. congratulations Shaka. Took an act of God, but you are back for a sixth year. At least your agent won't be beating down cdc's door looking for an extension.
  12. counting down the hours, 36 to go. Gotta believe it is happening.
  13. Maybe they cancel NIT so we remain defending champs two years.
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