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  1. I’ll play...rural Alaska version....we traveled back late July....we both packed, and last time I saw my important red folder it was in her hands in Texas. I knew she packed it. Shortly after we arrive, her: I don’t know where that red folder is and I lost that other important binder with valuables such as birth certificates etc. that you told me to hide. she then gets on Facebook, asks her Facebook friends where they would hide a binder, etc. been married since 1994 to the lady, so I know better than to get upset. I don’t say much at all. Today, her: I found your red folder.....me : where was it? Her: in a suitcase. Me: so all you’ve lost is the binder? No, I found that last week, I didn’t tell you? me: did you tell our son, your sister, Facebook friends, etc. that u found your stuff.? her no. Me.. you know all your Facebook friends are worried about your binder. Small frown on her face. cant make it up.......have to give her credit...first time she’s lost stuff like this. Was bound to happen sooner or later.
  2. Today is the day...does this mean they vote tomorrow?
  3. I am getting my forecasted pick in now, gotta be Kamala. cuz it can't be Rice. No experience running for anything, correct?
  4. I just read the most bs ever suggestion, from Willie Brown, that Kamala should politely decline the VP job. Dude, are you on crack? She has a chance to be prez. in about 18 months. Who would turn down this VP job? Nobody, that's who.
  5. wow. Rice is out! see this https://www.foxnews.com/politics/susan-rice-trump-supporting-son "His mother said she believes, for both her family and the country, in respecting those with differing political views" Hard left will not respect people with differing political views.
  6. He should pick Demings, a former police chief in Orlando. Had no idea any of these ladies were former police anything. She would easily be the toughest on crime. I think he will want comfort, so he will pick Rice.
  7. Do you think Sullivan can make the case last through October 14?
  8. This, sort of. Let's say the en banc vote is strictly down party lines, proving a court can be just as political as any other politician or institution. Then Sullivan makes the case last long enough that the case is still going as the debates near. Trump will not want to pardon Flynn before the election. Flynn's attorneys appeal to the supreme court and the court rules for Flynn, just before the election. The supreme court hears arguments October 5,6,7,13, and 14. That's it before the election, unless you count the day before the election. Sullivan's objective is to make the case last in his court until October 14. I don't think he can do that. Maybe he gets sick and has to go on FMLA or something like that. So, my fearless forecast is that the supreme court hears the arguments October 7, 13, or 14, and hands down the ruling sometime before the end of October. Game over.
  9. no dice, dude. 3.4 oz is next to nothing. Apple pie was a great choice, because it was good as either a dessert or breakfast. The whoppers and pie covered dinner, breakfast and a good snack. Not bad for $10. I can go lower on price, but will have to spend time cooking. Good challenge, though. I spent $30 total during a 21 hour flight. Will go for less $ next time. Jam and Jelly Carry On Bags: Yes (Less than 3.4oz/100 ml allowed) Checked Bags: Yes Peanut Butter Carry On Bags: Yes (Less than 3.4oz/100 ml allowed) Checked Bags: Yes
  10. Rural Alaska. Am a teacher traveling back to the bush. The flight left DFW at 5:45 p.m. Had an overnight layover in Anchorage, can blame Alaska Airlines for that. The layover was from about 10 p.m. to 1:25 p.m. next day. The 2nd whopper lasted until I arrived in Anchorage late that night, and the apple pie lasted all of the way until about 9:00 a.m. the next morning. Only had to eat out one meal on the trip, the last meal in modern civilization for maybe a whole year, depending upon the COVID. That meal was an overpriced but delicious cheeseburger in the Anchorage Airport at about 11:30 a.m. Took my own plastic fork for the pie. Next time am thinking more along the lines of more protein. I like Kroger's and Anchorage has their own version of Kroger's, FredMeyer. I am thinking Rotisserie chicken, maybe two. I am cheap, no doubt. The pie and two whoppers combined to cost about $10 plus tax for the whoppers in Euless, TX. The cheeseburger, fries, and coke in Anchorage airport cost about $20.
  11. ok. so my bank account was low, so I took a chance on the 2 for $5 Burger King special on the way to the DFW airport. But first I stopped at a Kroger's to get a whole apple pie. So, I'm going through TSA with 2 whoppers and a full apple pie in the backpack. The TSA chick told me she would have to look at my food, and sure enough, "this is making me hungry" comes out of her mouth. I just smiled and said thank you. Whopper not bad. Kroger apple pie better.
  12. Holiday House, 2J's restaurant, GM Steakhouse, Mama's Pizza on Guadalupe.
  13. This is correct. I am sure I am in the majority who were NOT surprised at ALL, when Colt was injured in the NC game. Mack had multiple opportunities to mitigate the upcoming injury to Colt. How many times did GDGD ram McCoy into the line against KSU, resulting in an injury, in 2006, three years prior. I think I yelled at the TV every game squints played in 2009, yelling for Mack to have squints pass the ball, rather than hand-off for the entire time he played. Why? Because Mack was so cocky he thought he could win all the games and dictate the way the team won? It seemed his biggest fear was the players winning by too much, instead of having the killer instinct. Fear was his friend. Afraid of winning by too much, afraid of OU, afraid of his own shadow it seemed.
  14. great reminder of Fred. Freddie was completely 100% tunnel vision. Would put all of the best athletes on D....and it should have worked! If Edwin Simmons doesn't have one leg longer than the other, he doesn't get injured, and the 1983 team has an explosive back hitting the hole so fast, the Georgia D would not know he blew by them. The final score in that game would have been something like 24 to 3. National champs.
  15. I have used a chiro. in the past. I am older than you. Once every six months was plenty for me, but I don't have your issues. I just had a stiff back. My chiro. in the Dallas area did the needle trick once and it was very, very good. However, the very best thing for my back, and whole body was Ashiatsu. The lady walked on my back, front, all over. Unbelievably good. She is in the metroplex, so if you're in the area, her name is Brandi Vasquez. She was so good, I realized I was going to the chiro. less often. Sometimes when she walked on my back, it would pop. Not often but often enough that if I had to choose between going to her and going to the chiro. I would choose her in a heartbeat. Edit, misspelled her name....Brandee
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