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  1. I don’t post that often. I feel a strong urge to notify everyone that this is the dumbest post I’ve read since I started lurking 7 years ago. That is all.
  2. They’ve also won a lot of games. Does that count?
  3. It’s because he hangs out with 18-22 year olds. He’s gotta stay fresh.
  4. It must be the offseason. Everyone is hopeful that Coach can turn it around!
  5. We will not make the CFP with Tom Herman at the helm. Therefore he is a fraud.
  6. Add in not wanting to play for Fraud Herman.
  7. Princely sucks for a myriad of reasons. However, there was nothing false that he said about the current state of our program.
  8. So do we think Herman gets tired this season or next?
  9. It’s still embarrassing to admit you listen to the fucking Fan. I bet you’re a huge fan of First Take as well. It’s ok you’ve just got really shitty taste.
  10. There are two types of people in Dallas: (1) those who listen to The Fan and (2) those who listen to The Ticket. You chose poorly my friend.
  11. Pretty sad. Hopefully we only have 1-2 more seasons of Herman.
  12. What exactly am I going to be regurgitating crow feathers for?
  13. Saban is a dick too. The difference is that Tom Herman sucks as a head coach. Can’t wait for Herman to be gone.
  14. What was the story on McCree? Was he phased out by the new coaching hires or did he just want out?
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