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  1. I'm just so sick of this program being the suck.
  2. You can't change the narrative when there is so much rot at the top. I don't blame them for not joining a sinking ship. 2 offensive lineman are not going to overcome the arrogance of Tom Herman and right this ship. They see the writing on the wall. I don't understand the Luke vs. the "twins" argument. Luke had no options. He could play on scholarship for Rice or walk on at Texas. Might as well go play for your "dream" school. The twins had options. They went with the option that gave them the best chance of winning and getting to the NFL. You can't blame them for that.
  3. Care to pass along your dealer's contact info? I want some of this good shit.
  4. I remember similar things being said when A'Shawn Robinson chose Bama. Can't fault these guys wanting to be winners and get drafted early. Herman hasn't done his part so we are going to miss on guys like this.
  5. Hahaha you think Herman will be here in 2022? Possibly. Not a chance in hell that he’s the coach in 2023.
  6. “They’re naming it after a pot head? LOL” Just wait until they start naming things after Johnny 8-Ball.
  7. I follow a lot of these players on Instagram as well as Twitter. They are not social justice warriors. It’s just “cool” to be woke right now if you’re an athlete. The thing is they are just as big of jackasses as the rest of us were in college. Partying and chasing tail are still the priority with wokeness way down the list.
  8. Haven’t they already done that? We’ve sucked shit through a straw for the past decade and I don’t see VY walking through the door.
  9. They are not going to Texas. I've been saying it for a year now.
  10. Yep total bullshit. They should just cancel football and all this idiots will fade into oblivion.
  11. Or how about getting a degree that is worth a shit and start a career. Are you suggesting that we set up some sort of pension plan for athletes who failed to carve out a successful career in the NFL?
  12. Pretty sure I’ve said that all confederate and/or racist statues & buildings need to be removed. I’m worried that any money sent to BLM will do any good for POC in Texas. I’d rather see $ go to some local fund to better those communities. I’m all for the movement. There needs to be change. The difference is that the large majority of people involved in the movement are opportunistic carpetbaggers. Most are white liberals who are using an honorable movement to consolidate power. The Eyes seems like a reach. Banning a song that has no racist words in it because it was sung at these minstrel shows just falls short. How many harmless events has it been sung at? After some reflection, I don’t really care. If they don’t want to sing it then go ahead. But if the crowd does then that shouldn’t be banned either. Everyone has a choice. This team won’t win shit so won’t be much to sing about anyways.
  13. I guarantee you that most of the team had no idea. This is just the new flavor of social outrage. i can’t wait to watch this team go 5-7.
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