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  1. Texas/ou with no Fair atmosphere would be...interesting.
  2. I assume this was an out-of-state recruit so the chances of aggy recruiting a that school again were slim? I can't see the ncaa cutting off a Texas HS from aggy recruiting.
  3. Having a diabetic wife, yeah, I’ll take the first vaccine with a possibility of side effects.
  4. As Mary Weaver came of age her cries of “Hitler!” took on a completely new meaning.
  5. Is this how aggy is inflating their endowment numbers? I haven't read the entire tweets yet but looks like some good reading material while I'm taking a shit. And weren't they just recently crying to the Texas legislature for more money? https://westvirginia.forums.rivals.com/threads/why-is-qatar-funding-texas-a-m-a-public-university.203640/
  6. Hi Tate, have you met...(he's gonna fuck your sister too)
  7. He wouldn't have had enough bullets for the aggy football team.
  8. Guilty, and wasn't aware until you pointed it out. One more of AV...
  9. Audrey Hepburn Alicia Vikander And another vote for Audrey Tautou
  10. Avatar out front should’ve told you.
  11. I saw Pikachu for a moment, but the red and white ball didn’t pop up to catch him with.
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