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  1. Sure would be nice if a certain someone decided to announce a certain transfer about now.
  2. Could also shut it down at his source - whoever that may be - assuming it’s on the Texas side. Not that they’re real reporters, but what local news station would sit on a story just because it might be good for the town?
  3. There’s a decent sell to both. As a ‘21 croot, Ewers immediately competes for the starting position and helps sway additional talent. If he does well, maybe plays 2-3 years and bolts, then arch takes over. Reads like Texas fan fic but the timing could work. Making the team better before he takes over should be a + sell to arch.
  4. I laughed out loud when I read the first tweets last night. Now that the story has spread to mainstream media, it's starting to feel a little ... sad. Still, it would be much better if we were 7-1 and kicking ass every weekend.
  5. Fucking insult to those middle schoolers.
  6. Looks like Sark’s getting his picture taken as well and throwing up the horns. Either way, I choose to believe he’s bombing the cuck.
  7. I get all the FCB sentiment, but this was at worst a misunderstanding and not a misquote. Horns 247 posted the audio on Twitter, which looks desperate as fuck and perhaps sleazy but whatever, and it does sound like he said Baylor’s rape infested stadium ranked a 3 out of 10 for noise/intimidation. Joe Cook at IT, who was on the call, transcribed the audio and basically confirmed 247’s interpretation. Seems like JT misunderstood the question and FCB perhaps misinterpreted his response. Nothing to see here. Let’s go beat some Baylor bear ass.
  8. Thought it was interesting Sark was mentioned a couple times in the article.
  9. Need to get Money more involved IMO.
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