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  1. I feel bad for anyone with kids. This sucks. There's no decent way to raise them in this looney tunes environment.
  2. Every secret service agent is guilty of treason for aiding and protecting this enemy of the united states. A real patriot would have put a bullet in his brain the first time they saw him blatantly violate the constitution. Bunch of cucks
  3. I'm sorry sir, you must have missed the memo. Republican has been changed to "anti-intelligence, selfish, ignorant, sister fucking imbeciles". Please note this very important change in all future elections. Good bye.
  4. Watched that feed for a few minutes and only saw 1 woman who looked like she may be attractive. I can't think of a big event I'd want to attend less than be there with those redneck goobers even on a normal year.
  5. I thought the pandemic was God's way of telling Hard Knocks to take it's tired ass out the door for good. That show is terrible tv
  6. He's definitely a russian asset. He may be an unwitting asset but he's proven to be a russian asset. He flat out lied to cover up a foreign dictator's bounties contingent on the killings of American soldiers. His own people admitted that intel was in his March daily briefings. He's known about it but did nothing and full on lied to cover it up. Aiding and abetting a foreign enemy in killing US troops is treason.
  7. 65 percent of Americans don't know what scrupulous means
  8. Pain and suffering sounds like a $1.5 million issue to me.
  9. Which is why if I'm a teacher I've been looking at alternative income sources for the next year. You can quit your current job now and wait until next year when hopefully things are a lot better on this front and enter a job market with a major shortage in your profession from all the retirements and hospitalizations/deaths.
  10. If you took a sampling of society that has not had covid what percentage would show signs of brain injury? They aren't specifying if the believe the covid caused the brain injury or do many Americans have some level of brain injury from other environmental issues and other causes.
  11. When millions of teachers, admins, and students are suddenly exposed that 1 percent death rate and considerably higher hospitalization rate will take down a lot of people.
  12. At this point the well has been poisoned to the point even if they did reverse course and started doing the right things a massive part of the population would scoff and refuse. The country is broken and Texas is leading the charge
  13. Better believe China is watching this and putting R&D and serious $$$ into a much more sinister version of a virus to unleash in the US next time. This is so blatantly obvious the Achilles heel of the US and if the US gets uppity about anything can be set off to destroy Americans while the rest of the world successfully suppresses it like they have this one. No bombs or nukes required. American's blatant undisciplined selfishness will be their undoing.
  14. The fucked up thing is this will be just a continuation of the cycle of the last few decades. GHWB and Clinton both had horrible missteps and mistakes but both also accomplished decent things and it's believable both attempted to do the best they could. Since the start up of republican death cult in the 90s the country went to GWB who fucked everything up so badly that Obama was saddled with a nearly broken country in 2 wars. Obama did the best he could to pull things out then the country puts trump in and breaks it even further. Now best case scenario it'll be Biden who will inherit a flaming pile of divided shit country ravaged by pandemic and financial distress. At best if he manages to mitigate the damage and turn things around even a little the country will go right back to the next republican death cult member to further damage things later. It's a downward spiral that shows no signs of ending. It will keep getting worse. I'm trying to convince my wife to immigrate back to my home in England with our niece when this pandemic is controlled enough to allow it. Right now she doesn't want to leave her family but in time hopefully she'll see just how things only keep getting worse here. I've already told my dad he's a wanker for moving us to this shit hole and if he wants to die here that's his business but I don't.
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