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  1. Wanker Bob

    DMX dead.

    Did he turn comatose from a drug overdose? I know he had trouble shaking the substances
  2. New York Hill across the highway from Smokestack is better imo. Or at least just as good. Tried one on the way to get my covid vaccine and tried the other on the way back
  3. Herman probably kept hitting on his wife
  4. Texas being a basketball centric place was the only reason he kept his job as long as he did. He was hired one year after the football coach was hired. In his time that coach was fired, another coach was hired who had more success than Shaka did but was also fired before Shaka left. That said it was definitely the smart play to bail when he did. Texas Athletics has garnered a nation wide reputation for dysfunction and he was able to play off of that to land this other job
  5. When the opportunity came about, there was really three reasons for me and Maya [my wife] that we felt this was an absolute slam dunk. Number one, this is a basketball crazy place. This is basketball-centric department. Number two, it’s clear that Marquette is about family and that goes beyond sports. Number three, the alignment… there’s a common vision and it’s a shared vision that I have,” Smart said. Smart’s answer was mostly looking forward to his opportunity with the Golden Eagles, but he did say those three reasons were a “better fit” compared to Texas. https://www.kxan.com/spo
  6. Tbh that's what sports fans do. It's no different than what all of you have done with your football program hiring a washout alcoholic who rode Nick Saban's coattails and elite talent advantage to landing the job at your program. On paper based on his previous stops it's going to be a massive failure, but things don't always work out as they look on paper. He might be a success for you the same way Shaka might actually be a success in Marquette with different circumstances.
  7. Men regaling tales of beating up on women in sports. No wonder Americans are having far less sex these days
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