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  1. I highly doing that. Private interests are about profit. I know Musk wants to go to Mars but there's a profit angle there. Things like New Horizons or the (hopefully) forthcoming James Webb are about exploration. Right now we just opened up space for profit seeking companies and hopefully gave NASA a non Russian avenue to get back into space. Not insignificant but not a big step towards exploration in my opinion.
  2. It may just be me but I was far far far far more excited for unmanned to exploration opening up new frontiers like New Horizons than I was for yet another launch of humans to a space station that has existed for years. I was even more excited for Oumuamua info.
  3. Saw"Vast of Night" at the drive in movies last Saturday. Think it launched today on prime. Well done old school style aliens suspense movie. Not long at all but well thought out.
  4. You let your daughter attend an in person graduation right now? I'm sorry but of course there were people who were sick and went because "I can't miss little Billie Sue or Bobby Jo's graduation!". I mean this is America. Like 5 percent of the population gives a flying fuck about the well-being of anyone they don't personally know.
  5. Whoever moderates this... Can we get an automatic 1 month ban for anyone posting conspiracy theories? That's far more disruptive and dangerous than anyone posting politics in that other forum.
  6. With the way things are going in America these days how likely is this thing to blow up?
  7. https://www.google.com/amp/s/dallas.eater.com/platform/amp/2020/5/26/21270167/dallas-deep-ellum-photos-reopening-weekend-packed-crowded-despite-covid-19 Here's some pics of Deep Ellum that show, as easily predicted, they're in no way adhering to the 25 Percent guidelines and Abbott is not enforcing the restrictions at all. If there's a legit way to look at hospital and ICU capacity outside of republican control then we may get to see just how bad this can get during the summer in the next several weeks.
  8. Is there any non govt entity that is monitoring hospital capacity in the state? Or any other way to get actual real info outside of the lies and cover up coming from republican states?
  9. I hope this fucker gets put in the ground so I can dynamite his grave
  10. So now the fox news propaganda machine is going to shift to telling the idiots to wear masks? Did they finally realize this is killing off their viewers at a much higher rate than anyone else?
  11. They were crazy cheap from late March until mid May but for some reason now have shot back up. I usually rent for business travel for convenience and tax purposes but with things shut down haven't needed it. So the wife and I got a Mustang GT convertible for a week in April to fly around doing burnouts on the deserted streets for fun. Cost: $78
  12. That's the extreme political polarization taking hold. You have to be a special kind of stupid and brainwashed to believe hundreds of millions across the world, including countries that completely hate each other, are all in on a giant conspiratorial lie.
  13. The "it's just fake or like the flu" crowd, even though it's already killed over 100k Americans on American soil in a little over 2 months, will only change their tune if it kills or seriously hospitalizes them or someone close to them. We're already seeing that with the stories of people who didn't take it seriously then only when they spent 2 weeks in the hospital or had their relatives die they said they were wrong. Hospitals could be overrun and thousands of tens of thousands a day dying in this country and unless they are personally hit by it they won't acknowledge it. That's just where we are as a country. This thing is already probably over 30x more deadly to Americans as 9/11 but because there isn't some brown skinned enemy for the morons to latch onto it gets ignored.
  14. Both my grandfathers fought in ww2 and Korea. They'd be absolutely disgusted with today's America. This shit today just feels hollow when every day this country's citizens and leaders do everything they can to shit on and destroy the country veterans risked their lives/died for.
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