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  1. That's more than I'll probably make between now and 2031
  2. Dammit. I get those two confused. But it is sad that Charlie Daniels took great care of himself, was the picture of health, and still passed from an unexpected, unforeseeable issue.
  3. Are You Ready for Some Football? RIP Charlie Daniels
  4. Mixing bad habits with possible domestic violence since 1954
  5. His campaign seems to be going well
  6. Has anyone bothered to check out the Kansas State University Code of Conduct for Students or whatever they call it? I haven’t, but the dude agreed to it by enrolling. Did I miss where someone posted it on this thread?
  7. But I've been operating under the assumption that he was in Lubbock for some unknown reason and just happened upon the tournament, entered with a guy that lost his partner to the Covid, and won with some rented clubs
  8. I've just now become convinced that this is real. I have no idea what he was doing in Lubbock Manziel Wins West Texas Golf Tournament
  9. Sammy Morris just rolled his eyes and all of his buddies did the hands up shrug
  10. What does Reggie McNeil have to do with this thread? Not much, but it would have been a great post in the Tell Me About Texas A&M thread
  11. https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3120262 Reggie McNeal 1st round draft choice if Jimbo and not Fran Not kidding
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