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  1. As did Georgia. I saw the tweet and thought, "I've been too harsh on the Aggies. They wanted to show sincere sincere respect to a young kid playing for the opponent that faced something much bigger than an on field challenge. Much bigger than most kids his age deal with." Then I found out it was a complete rip off of an idea that they claimed as their own
  2. So aggie and their savior MBB coach are getting housed by Gonzaga in Reed. All things considered, that’s not a terrible situation. Third game of his tenure and all texags is already turning on him
  3. Shit. I was like the tenth guy to say that
  4. He probably already said no them. The “problems in his past” is used occasionally when a school gets turned down by someone who they think should be kissing their ass to get their open job
  5. Texags if Carruth was an Aggie: Cherica Adams wasn't murdered, she just ran out of heartbeats
  6. Joel Klatt's weekly CFB segment on TheTicket / BaD Radio is pure magic. I don't think that I've ever heard one that he didn't clown on aggie.
  7. Jahmi'us Ramsey May be arrested for murder by the Midland County Sheriff’s department after that dunk.
  8. That is the least diverse crowd at any sporting event that I've ever seen. And I once drifted into Utah Valley State-Binghamton baseball game
  9. Duffey the last few weeks is better than Bowman ever was. He has finally started taking care of the ball. That was his only real on field issue. Bowman is ready to play and can still enter one game and keep his redshirt. Next season, Duffey will be a senior and Bowman a sophomore and Duffey will be the number one and Bowman the top backup. Essentially, Duffey beat out Bowman because he is the better QB
  10. So I guess there's no chance of him being anything but a draft bust now
  11. So the third best program in Arkansas. It's not terrible to be the third best program in Texas or California or Florida, but not many states. Especially if you're supposed to be SEC
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