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  1. My W/L record in threeways is 7-0-2
  2. Tech wins at WVU, 5-2. John Denver doubles in a couple of insurance runs with one out in the top of the 9th
  3. I was told his life was going quite well until he made the odd decision to have a slanted “newspa” tattooed across his face and neck
  4. Tech on top of OU 8-2 in Norm, Mid 4, looking to take the series. And what if I told you Gavin Kash already has 8 RBIs for the weekend?
  5. You may need to cut your list down by one
  6. How far did that thing fly? Was it some kind of record?
  7. Was at the game Saturday and Sunday. If you asked me after the fourth inning today which Big 12 team was the best, I would have exclaimed OSU with great confidence. But the pitching seems to tail off sharply after the top five or six arms. The defense is a little suspect. Their offense is really, REALLY, scary. Maybe even the best in the country good. Lots of big, athletic dudes. Tech was fortunate to take the series. Also, Josh Holiday is petulant, petty, and kind of an a-hole. Not that it makes him all bad, but his act gets old after awhile
  8. Agent put that out there Texas? Wrong slicked back Italian with Kentucky past Notre Dame? Too sanctimonious to seem believable Georgia Tech? Too nerdy too seem plausible Texas Tech? They hired Bob Knight once. Lots of oil money in West Texas. Let’s put that out there to see if St. Johns will up there offer thinking they’re in a bidding war
  9. McCasland was actually a staffer for James Dickey. Left Texas Tech when Dickey was canned in 2001 and before Knight was hired, though that might not be any better
  10. I’m surprised this hasn’t received more attention Coach Mark Adams was a fraternal twin. His twin brother passed a few years ago. Mark Adams himself divorced his wife of over 30 years about the same time. Mark Adams and his twin’s widow began a relationship not long after those events. Allegedly, the two wed in Hawaii when Tech was playing in a tournament there in December. Yes. Really. Look it up
  11. Yes. In a nutshell. A big nutshell without punctuation
  12. No. I said that from the time I heard the news.
  13. Still 4-2 Portland B9 Still 4-2 Portland B9
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