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  1. Tech has no bullpen. Not much of a pitching staff overall
  2. FWIW, Texas Tech is up on the Hogs in Fayettenam, 7-0 in the fourth. So far, The Fightin’ Tadlocks look like Mike Tyson in his prime and Arkansas looks like Raj from What’s Happenin’
  3. T Texas State driving north up I-35 to end a dry spell
  4. In jail for not being white with under a gram
  5. Sideways for attention, long ways for results
  6. It’s currently 41 degrees in the Hub City. Game time temps will be only a little warmer. Saturday in the 50s. Sunday near 70. For whatever that’s worth
  7. It used to be the oddly named Dixie State
  8. Any football, MBB, or baseball game in Texas or a state bordering Texas that involves the Red Raiders will be taken over by Tech fans if you don’t fill your own venue Cheap tickets and a midday tipoff on a weekend day make it a breeze to see a game Allegedly
  9. Every tear that Scott Drew sheds extends my life one day
  10. If you win big or almost win big, the great atmosphere will follow. Cart, horse, push, pull and all that Hell, at Tech, even the sports dumb nerds and foreign students love going to games
  11. And Baylor. And UTEP, UNM, Rice, SMU, etc. If the game is at an away venue in Texas or anywhere near Texas and you don't regularly sell out your venue, Red Raiders will take it over, assuming that Tech is at least decent in that sport Tech has the odd situation where the vast majority of its supporters and alumni live in DFW, Houston, and big cities 300+ miles from campus. So when they get a chance to make an easy trip to a game, they jump on the opportunity.
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