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  1. In my 50 years of watching the Longhorns I’m not sure there was.a RB I was more excited about than Simmons. That fucker just seemed amazing in my 22 year old eyes. Not discounting Earl or any other great backs before but it seemed like we just needed a badass back at that time and he was the next Messiah of Texas football to me.
  2. Looks like storm really fizzled as it hit Comfort, really don’t want hail damage on my house in Spring Branch. Goes on the market Friday 😳
  3. Got sucked into Witcher over the weekend. Right there in the warnings for nudity and gore was fucking smoking. Pretty ridiculous, I’d personally prefer man on man sex as a warning but guess we’re past that. 😁
  4. Getting hammered in Spring Branch right now. And the rain is heavy as hell too, coming from the south.
  5. Damn you’re right, much farther south.
  6. Was the Snuffers right there too? Damn I loved hitting that place for a burger, loaded fries and mushrooms
  7. Finally canceled DirectTV today after contemplating it for a couple years. Customer service rep congratulated me on being with them 7 years and of course tried to get me to stay. I was a couple whiskeys in so it was easy to cut him off and do the deed. Took about 5 minutes. Monthly bill was around $206. Thinking about streaming YouTube TV, already watch a lot of Prime and Netflix. Damn I feel free!
  8. Started watching season 1 Sunday and almost thru 2 now. Storyline does seem to be simple and repetitive at times but as my own father dilligas of dilligas told me many times why fix a watch if it isn’t broken. pros: plenty of action and decent ladies. Alfreds queen is well played as a cunt but check her out in real life. Wowza Danish tag team brothers Erik and knifehand are enjoyable cons: ooturd could cut back the eye rolls a little. And the mascara a lot bruh overall enjoying it. And another vote for Extraction along with Dale & Tucker vs Evil
  9. Stopped in the Lowes in Sonora this morning and no one in store was wearing a mask, employees were wearing gloves. Last I heard there were no cases in Sutton county. But my buddy went to Del Rio a couple weeks ago and you got yelled at if you didn't have a mask going in a convenience store.
  10. Evidently avatar lives around Blanco and my neighbor works at H-E-B in Bulverde. Caused quite a stir with the ladies while shopping a few months ago. Some guys never lose it. Bastards!
  11. My thinking exactly
  12. I’m in ep 6 of season 3 and wondering why I’m still watching. Reminds me of the latter seasons of SOA, why the fuck am I still watching this shit. Everyone is a fucking idiot. maybe it will get better
  13. I was born in 1961, that must have been a magical time for you. I’m envious
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