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  1. God damn I’d love to plough through those motherfuckers and watch their limp bodies fly through the air
  2. I’m getting to the point that if in that situation I’m afraid I’d floor it. Guess that’s why I’m moving to the boonies. Fuck those road blocking idiots
  3. Did lots of acid in the 80s but only shrooms once. Picked them off cowshit near Dallas and brewed a tea. Everything was fine until my buddy started ranting and raving about the devil while I sat immobile in a recliner in his mobil home. Good times
  4. Tripped back in the early 80s to midnight movies. Dawn of the Dead and Song Remains the Same. was looking for zombies walking to the car after DOD.
  5. I'm trying to listen thru the website and getting nothing
  6. Ditto loved the Lion of Love performance and reading some backstory about the artist its based on it sounds like an accurate portrayal.
  7. Just talked to my neighbors who took a drive yesterday along River Road in NB. Said every campground was packed with no vacancy signs. Of course the spot at US 281 was nut to butt as always
  8. Agree, was surprised that I enjoyed it.
  9. In my 50 years of watching the Longhorns I’m not sure there was.a RB I was more excited about than Simmons. That fucker just seemed amazing in my 22 year old eyes. Not discounting Earl or any other great backs before but it seemed like we just needed a badass back at that time and he was the next Messiah of Texas football to me.
  10. Looks like storm really fizzled as it hit Comfort, really don’t want hail damage on my house in Spring Branch. Goes on the market Friday 😳
  11. Got sucked into Witcher over the weekend. Right there in the warnings for nudity and gore was fucking smoking. Pretty ridiculous, I’d personally prefer man on man sex as a warning but guess we’re past that. 😁
  12. Getting hammered in Spring Branch right now. And the rain is heavy as hell too, coming from the south.
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