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  1. Holy shit don’t watch minutes 33-34. Unless you’re armybrat Not sure what I think of this shit yet.
  2. Deleted a couple recordings on my dvr and canceled the series. Should have woke the young pope
  3. Dilligas

    68 Whiskey

    Didn’t do anything for me. Bailed after 2 episodes
  4. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph58e9565263751
  5. Yes you may have a sickness. But dammit I was loving thinking that was a SMU coach!
  6. SMU dude is like “Get your greasy Pluckers chicken eaten fingers off me Oscar!”.
  7. Got dam that burrow is a slippery fuck. Wish he would take a hard hit (not dirty)
  8. Yessir I have heard many stories from friends and it makes me sad to realize the situation now. But I suppose it’s just a symptom of what is happening nationwide. Guess that’s why I’m constantly shifting farther from city centers.
  9. Ah yes Beaver Hunt I believe was a focal point of young Dilligas
  10. Hey Schlong I’m right there with you, was hoping it was a blowout by half so I wouldn’t feel bad about going to bed. Now I have to hear about the “incredible finish” at work tomorrow.
  11. Both of those fuckers from Oz in a commercial would make me happy
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