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  1. Loved getting there when they opened Saturday mornings for the bacon egg sandwich and watching college football. Loved that place
  2. And a pretty damn good softball team in the late 80s early 90s
  3. Anyone watching Sweet Tooth? Found myself strangely drawn in, although I’m usually more into a graphic violence, profanity and sex themed series.
  4. Had a buddy in Caddo Mills get bitten on a finger by a small one a few years ago. From what I remember it wasn't a small deal.
  5. “The champion has beaten off the challenger”, not sure who won that
  6. Amen Fman! You are truly a savant when it comes to diagnosing the issues for the football team. Thank you!
  7. obligatory (not sure I did it right)
  8. Turd floaters in Bulverde, I will never say we don’t need rain in Texas.
  9. What can I say? I’m a sucker for thin mentally unstable women with fake breastesess
  10. Thanks BS! Can’t believe I missed all that on the old shag. Fills in the legend of Fitlump. And I still wood
  11. Me too. And then had probably 6 beers. Woke up in the middle of the night soaked and shivering like mad. Slept till 10 and now just feel like I have a mild case of flu.
  12. I might be screwed in 78163
  13. Lebron, maybe if your folks stopped killin each other and fighting/running from cops? Just a thought from a middle class white person. I don’t give a fuck, neg me to Bolivia, needs to be said.
  14. I’ve seen it on Discovery ID a couple times. Poor dude that died was not all there evidently.
  15. Damn it’s the truth, if this young man had accepted that he was caught and would have to spend a night in jail he would be alive today. Just the attempt to run amped up all the cops, including the shooter, and totally changed the dynamics of a simple arrest. Everyone is to blame for this one.
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