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  1. Wealthy people who pretty much pay most of the taxes, getting their own money back isn't socialism. Its called a refund. Try again.
  2. Belgians and Swedes? Yeah, let's fix this problem of minority vote suppression by bringing in more white people. Good call!
  3. Well at least this proves one thing, Democratic Socialism isn't for America.
  4. If Biden gets the nomination, its either Trump or Trump light. Does it matter?
  5. Minority disenfranchisement voting machines long lines establishment centrists. -- BT.
  6. Now we blaming the refs? The BIG XII is rigged! Is Zavala BT's sock?
  7. We've talked about this before and proven you wrong. That same study says that we will have to reduce provider reimbursement by 40%. And it also says that even after doubling income and corporate taxes and reducing provider reimbursement by 40% they aren't sure if they can sustain M4ALL. Here it is on Page 21: Why do you, Bernie and your ilk keep being intentionally deceitful or willfully ignorant?
  8. Yeah, like you I'm a glass half full guy. Almost there! But let's GTFO.
  9. Yeah I was going by memory and went with a random number 5. My bad.
  10. There were 5 unfilled gaps as of last Friday, we filled every single one of them. The only one left is the one I mentioned.
  11. The market needs to fill the gap between 2948-2972 with S&P, once it hits that you should be good to buy I think.
  12. He's building a wall around Coronavirus and the virus will pay for it.
  13. 3044.99 200 day MA. But it has to fill the gap between 2948-2972, so it will swing by it at least once.
  14. This is how it always is with VIX, I've done it several times.
  15. So those same VIX calls at 17 strike you bought, today are worth $3.5 X 10,000 = $35,000 Those same puts at 17 strike today that you sold, are worth $1.7 X 10,000 = $17,000 You sell those calls and buy back those puts. $35,000 - $17,000 = $18,000 At its peak that $2,500 is worth $18,000 in less than 2 months. This is why VIX works as a hedge.
  16. Only to issue you a new one. Right away. Or maybe you already have two cards or three or four. Fucking novices. LOL.
  17. Go read what I'm responding to you dumb fuck. Someone said its unimaginable how people can defend Trump to which I agree. But thats what jizz gobblers do, they accept everything done by their cult leaders. Like most of you with Obama.
  18. Ah, you're 4 years old then. I guess you were born post 2015 and missed Obama's involvement in Syria
  19. So you're going to ignore Obama's involvement in Syria? Like I said, it takes some mental gymnastics to defend your cult leader. But you're doing it right!!
  20. Calm down child. Enough with the hyperbole.
  21. And Obama didn't confirm his involvement in Syria?
  22. You mean like defending a president for dropping Depleted Uranium? Yeah nothing that large.
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