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  1. Absolutely. They are the reason we have a Republican House. Time to clean house, NY Dems.
  2. The House reeks of booze, fromunda cheese and cheap cologne. I can smell this photo:
  3. Watching cspan and wishing the House members were obligated to wear their special interest/corporate logos on their clothing.
  4. Looks like the 80231. It will be warmer in Denver today than it here in Clemson. I miss Colorado weather.
  5. Services inflation is the sticky wicket as we go forward. Goods inflation has peaked or will peak shortly. Services inflation remains elevated — and is reflective of rising wages according to JPowell. Monetary, not fiscal (politics), decisions are driving policy.
  6. I believe this will be the first engineered recession in modern history. There is no playbook to follow, only theories of how the animal spirits will react. “Demand destruction via unemployment” is the play called by the Fed. In a consumer driven economy like the US (roughly ⅔ of GDP is consumer spending), the Federal Reserve is meddling with the primal economic forces of nature.
  7. BOJ bends the knee. “Tighter BoJ policy would remove one of the last global anchors that’s helped to keep borrowing costs at low levels more broadly,” Deutsche Bank analysts told clients, noting the BoJ move had come as markets were “already reeling” from the European Central Bank and Federal Reserve’s hawkishness last week. Many economists now expect the BOJ to raise interest rates next year, joining the Fed, the ECB and others after a decade of extraordinary stimulus. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-12-19/asia-stocks-set-to-fall-as-inflation-fight-endures-markets-wrap?srnd=premium
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