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  1. I am sure it is not lost on FSU (and Clemson) they are hitched to a lower tier conference when compared to the SEC and Big 1G. The top 4 this year will be playing in the SEC and Big 1G next year. The power 5 is the power 2 next year. Clemson and FSU need their JP Morgan banker friends to scheme out a way to get them out of the ACC.
  2. Ann Arbor is a whore.
  3. Terrible job numbers - UE rate up, job participation down, wage inflation anemic, manufacturing and retail only added 1k jobs=bond rally and markets up.
  4. You are right—they are right wingers and anti-Semitic as fuck. The organizer, Nerdeen Kiswani, is a Hamas apologist. But of course, they must be commies . . .
  5. Repeated for emphasis. The horseshoe theory of politics is manure for mediocre moderate minds—and, unfortunately, emboldens the far right where antisemitism seethes as a catalyst for irrational hate. The fishhook theory of politics illustrates antisemitic reality more accurately.
  6. Example of our broken system. >We have an obesity epidemic in the United States. >Preventive or curative obesity treatment would save Americans trillions in costs associated with obesity. >New drugs that curb overeating are so effective that we now see food-associated enterprises revising revenue numbers to reflect a reduction in US obesity. Our broken system—charge overweight Americans more for the drugs:
  7. An enemy at the gate is less formidable than a traitor in the midst.
  8. Right-wing populism depends on the human reptilian brain.
  9. Delusional: Oprah pitching a White House run with Romney; Manchin trial balloon as third party candidate; Nancy “let me tell you about my husband trying to raw dog me before this prayer conference” Mace suggesting she is a perfect VP for Trump; Cenk “I was born in Turkey” YoungTurks announcing his pretend candidacy and dumbfuxks this this opens the door for Elon Muskie to become President. This nation has a celebrity hubris epidemic.
  10. The Pete Peterson debt cult scaremongering has poisoned any serious conversation regarding public investment in this nation and her people. Household debt ≠ US Govt. debt As rightfully pointed out by bozo cass for decades, there is massive mal-investment by the US Govt. Those who own the legislative process ensure the Spice continues to flow to these poor investments—much of it to bad actors pushing the Pete Peterson narrative. tldr-the call is coming from inside the house.
  11. The hike in interest rates has added trillions in interest income—which is making its way through the economy and contributing to job gains. The rate hikes juice the economy. The Money Velocity of the interest income juicing will determine its inflationary impact.
  12. Much better speed and stability. Thank you.
  13. It appears Space Karen plagiarized the 1980 Citroen Karin concept car (but swapped the front for the rear)
  14. Both the Senate and the House have the Constitutional right to expel any member. It requires two-thirds of the members (in the respective body) to agree on expulsion. Democrats don’t have the backbone to do the right thing. Repubs would never consider expelling a corrupt Repub-since corruption is a feature not a bug for the modern Republican Party.
  15. A sterling example of how far right Repubs have moved:
  16. Krugman is intentionally trolling the rubes on Elon’s message board And—somewhat technically—disinflation slowed last month, which indicates inflation slightly increased its pace tldr-disinflation is not deflation; disinflation requires increasing inflation, but at a slower pace. Krugman buried the lede to bait low information readers. Bad form by Krugman.
  17. “The Sound of Mucus” now streaming.
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