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  1. So the data they're collecting in the survey will be shit data. "See, no one wants to return to the classroom"
  2. I think there has to be a tipping point for the teacher to switch and start addressing the people physically in the classroom. But it'll take enough people to elect to come in even if the message is "zoom in the classroom" Eventually, teachers will resort to being teachers and start teaching to the physical kids with a camera broadcasting to the physical kids. It'll happen naturally as long as there are kids in the room.
  3. My text from Emily had no link. I feel like sloppy 85ths. She didn't text me until 12:55
  4. smoky

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    This is fine.
  5. The City/ County is currently using 7 day average hospitalization rates as their metric to either ease or restrict activities. Many other organizations use that same Staging Levels to determine when it can do things. Scouts, Little League, Schools, Libraries... all of these things can be done in safe ways, but as of right now everything will be on hold until we move to the next level. To get to Stage 2 in Austin, we need to be well below 10 hospitalizations per day. That's a small window. Agree with Brad that every metric is looking great currently. We need to use that momentum as advertising that what everyone has been doing over the past month is working and to keep it up. Carrots need to be dangled in front of people to keep them moving in the right direction. We need to be marketing this situation as "You want that? Keep doing this."
  6. Have we figured out what counts as a covid hospitalization? Meaning if an asymptomatic, expecting mom comes in to deliver a baby and tests positive, is that a covid hospitalization? Or just a mom and her newborn? That situation is going to be a fraction, but I don't see those situations going away.
  7. I keep thinking no fans will be the norm, but we keep getting closer to the 12th without many of these announcements.
  8. We were under the hospitalization threshold for Stage 3 for weeks before it was official. Even if we hit the under 10 hospitalizations metric, don't get too excited. I wouldn't be surprised if the metric changed as Dr Escott recently cited positivity rates for some school metrics.
  9. I thought we had moved to the more nebulous "positivity rating". edit - yeah, the reason Brazil is thinking of 5, is that it's 5% positivity rating. Atom was remembering the old metric of less than 10 hospitalizations per day for Stage 2. also, travis county wants to make sure that it's under the metric for all ethnic groups before moving stages. So we could be under 5% positivity rating for a while before they officially move.
  10. You send K-5 back in person and middle and high schools stay virtual/ hybrid for the next couple of weeks and see how the phase in approach goes. High School can be done virtually for a while, 1st grade can not.
  11. They're already ahead of my coworkers.
  12. Texas Tribune has that for the state. https://apps.texastribune.org/features/2020/texas-coronavirus-cases-map/?_ga=2.228915034.775902359.1598031928-1390640648.1598031928
  13. According to the graph, we should be in stage 3. I get that we have to be under a threshold for a good period of time. But we've been under 40 new admissions since the start of August and trending downward. Or am I missing how to interpret that graph?
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